Yasser says the young man with the 19-year-old: I think that life is capital abundant and comfortable bed and a luxury car and women Lovely, without anything else, I have no willingness to understand is one of what I see.
I do not deny the good heart of people swear by it, not really talked to the evil one, I did not mean to harm or abuse to a one, but at the same time I also do not deny myself a lot to mispronounce.
On a Friday I sat with a group of fellow road on the beach, a group loved them and loved me, regardless of this love, it is important I heard the prayer and I am on the beach and I was at a distance of two kilometers and a half kilometer from the city and the muezzin says: "Come to prayer .. come to the farmer." . I swear I heard a prayer in my life, but I did not even knowledgeable day meaning of the word peasant I do not think I prayed for years but then left the prayer.
I do not deny that the devil may reprint it on myself and my heart until it became the words of prayer that I heard if I did not hear her.
There was a group of us sleeping on the ground close to the beach .. They went to pray .. As for us we used to prepare several diving and air duct in the midst of laughter and joking .. The day was beautiful and everything was fine until we started our journey toward the water, we have borne several diving and entered the sea, farther than the beach, so we are all in the belly of the sea but one.
There have been a surprise!
In the midst of fun and after a quarter hour of the trip under the water of an event can not expect, I've been torn piece of rubber which engulfed by tooth and lips, which prevent entry of water into my mouth, and Tmdni air out of the tube, and it was closed drops of salt water duct In moments began wrestling with death.
Lungs began to cry and rise up like crying and says: I want to air, no air. Took impaired .. Dark sea .. My friends are far away from me and I approached slowly from the dead.
Swallowed salt water until it started falling apart my soul .. I said: "I believe in you, O Lord, save me, O Lord ..". Then pronounced the certificates and then cried: "My Lord God Orjni Orjni .. .. and I swear to you I will not be as you are."
Then began to lose sense of everything, even took my darkness, strange I did not know anything then, but the mercy of my Lord were broader .. Suddenly, the air began to seep into my chest again, lifted the darkness .. I opened my eyes; If one of our companions prove air hose in my mouth, trying to life support system, and we are still in the belly of the sea .. I saw a smile on his face I understood them fine .. Then cried my heart and my tongue and every cell in my body saying: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah .. Thank God .. Praise be to Allah, my Lord, it seems to me that I went out at the same moment a person other than you.
Changed my view of life like I did in life .. I asked myself honestly What if I move from this life
After days!
After this incident a few days decided to visit the same place that we did not forget .. I wore the new suit, diving, and turns to the water alone without the person even got to the same place .. Worship God prostration long as I remember it like I worship in my life, in a place I do not think that a man prostrated before me have it .. The Dot and sinner in the first time and promised to obedient and repentant at this time hoping to see a place for me and forgive me, Lord of time and place.

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