Location and Area

Syria is located in the western part of Asia and the location of the average between Asia, Europe and Africa between longitudes east 35-42, between the latitudes north 32-37, containing the terrain variety Mountains and Desert and the oases and the plains of the highest summit in Syria in 2800 is to the south of the Lebanon mountain range east, the number of 18 rivers and larger rivers, the River Euphrates and the Orontes, Euphrates 600 kilometers inside Syria, 55% of the visible area of ​​Syria. Ghab most fertile plains along the 80 km and 12 km View the rainfall: 1400-1200 mm


The total area of ​​Syria

Area: 185,000 km 2 or 71,000 square miles or 18.5 million hectares
Area of ​​the Golan Heights in 1860 km 2 is mostly occupied in 1967, part of which was liberated in 1974 after the Yom Kippur war and attrition, and the remaining 1260 km 2 occupied




Total mid-year 2004: 18,200,000 registered mid-2004, 20 million
Population growth rate: 2.6% in 2003 expected growth rate of 2.4% in 2005, the global rate of population growth of 1.57%, rate of population growth in Europe almost zero
  - Average density of population in Syria, 99 km 2
  - Marriage rate males 30 years old female 26 years old
- Age structure: 14-0 39.6%
                           64-15 56.8% or more than 50% less than 18 years old
                           +65 3,6% of the total population


Population of each province (city and rural areas of the city) Total after rounding to whole number
Damascus and rural Damascus 4 million
Aleppo, Aleppo Province 3.8 million
Homs, Homs 1.5 million
Hama, Hama 1.5 million
Lattakia Lattakia and Rural Areas 1 million
Idleb and Idleb 1.2 million
Deir ez Zor Deir ez Zor and Rural Areas of 1 million
Hasakah and Rural Hasakah 1.3 million
Tenderness and tenderness Reef 750 thousand
Endosperm and endosperm 350 thousand rural
Tartus Tartus and Rural Areas 700 thousand
Dara Dara and Rural Areas 800 thousand
Kenitra, 70 thousand

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