Pregnancy pictures

First week:

He was the first day of your menstrual cycle, the first day to calculate the pregnancy with you are not pregnant after Given that women produce eggs, not menstrual at different times and on the basis of dates of menstrual cycle, the registration gestation Bhmaalaslob gives a clear signal about the expected date of birth.

# # There is a saying (to determine the sex of the child and is if you want to increase the opportunity to get the bitch was born from sexual intercourse until the week of bleach and you can have intercourse on the day of ovulation only) g everything in God's hands, of course.

# # # If you want then you have sexual intercourse between a daughter and another day after you stop your menstrual cycle and up to three days of bleach before the 3 days of ovulation and is usually in the middle of the month (mid-month for your course).

Your child:
1 - your child is still expected and there are things you can do to hold me the health of the child ..

2 - There is a good program and a balanced diet with the use of 400 ml g of compound folic acid daily to avoid the case of mushroom spine.

Second week:
"Starting eggs"
If your course full 28 days, you Stantgen eggs at around day 14 (whatever the duration of the session), that Bweidtk remain alive for a period of 12-24 hours after being released from the ovary and for this, any fertilization must be done during these hours
Process takes place rapidly as after sexual intercourse, the nearly 250 million sperm (sperm) accelerated to reach the egg and is lost down the fallopian tube

Your child:
1 - Can you Eden Challenge sex of your baby? There are people who make vows themselves to eat carbohydrates and dairy products in order to be born a girl. While eating fruits and meat to be a boy
2 - Researchers and specialists say that if your husband had intercourse shortly before placing the egg, the more likely is that to be born son.

* Contain foods rich in folic acid on a variety of B vitamins.
** Eat their leaves green vegetables and legumes and beans, yogurt and brown rice, eggs, grain-rich folic acid and vitamins.

Third week:

"Ante now pregnant"
# Some women say they know they are pregnant from the moment of conception and with that it is not likely to be hormonal changes may have occurred at that speed, to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy. And supposed to get pregnant after two weeks of the last menstrual period.

# # That sperm sperm go its own way with a large number of sperm that more than 300 million sperm and egg to reach the goal that you wait for enrichment and then begin life in Ahachaik, and here is determined by sex of the fetus.

Your child:
1 - after fertilization changes occur on the surface of the egg that will ban the entry of any other sperm. Here to lock onto the reproductive material in the sperm reproductive article in the egg, the resulting 23 pairs of chromosomes (strings are accurate and that carry the genetic traits), and these determine the character and identity of the child who Stldenh.
2 - at this stage be Bweidtk fertilized cell is divided to 46.

If you feel that you are able to take the pill Vatalbi from your doctor that describes your vehicle vitamins and minerals and A_i_erih because sometimes consists of vitamins to be harmful rather than beneficial.

Fourth week:

The package of cells fertilized (fertilized egg) Tohz way down the fallopian tube to embed itself on the Jaddararahm and grow to form an integrated unit.
# # Uterus begins to expand in size and in its expansion and to Ionth while the cervical and texture change.

Your child:
1 - during the week before becoming an egg cell, consisting of a ball covered with hundreds of cells hollow and full of fluid.

2 - in the fourth week, these cells grow to form a hollow disc of three layers of membranes are living inside the bag Amenyuni infinitesimal.


* In order to frighten and if found drops of blood bleeding may happen when the egg begins to take its position on the wall of the uterus.

** Here baby depends on you 100% of your diet to grow healthy and reduce the you drink coffee and adherence to a healthy diet and integrated.

Week Five::

We'll give you the beginning of the symptoms of fatigue with Alec simple in the breasts and maybe she felt something different in your feelings.
And unrelenting wall of the uterus while the valve consists of mucous surrounds and protects the uterus.

For your child:
1 - is now half a centimeter long and with that it produces a quantity of placental and gonadal steroids this is enough to stop the menstrual cycle.
Here we must quit smoking, diversification and regular meals

The sixth week:

You start feeling nauseous and some dizziness and nausea in particular morning as a result of hormonal changes. And may not crave to eat certain foods.
# Increased hormones make you want to frequenting the bathroom more.
Continuing pain and tingling in the breasts and nipples begin to emerge.
Weight gain in the waist. :

As your child
- The heart pulse starts small, with an umbilical cord, and the beginning of a finger and nostrils and ears and eyes.
2 - the fetus is a length of 2 cm and the movement begins with you to Atcharin his movement.
3 - can you hear your baby's heartbeat
4 - the head shape.

* Eat ginger biscuits and bananas to relieve nausea, check with your doctor if increased nausea.
** Avoid all Mayardk of infection or disease.
*** Avoid eating undercooked eggs of others and by avoiding the following foods and eggs are mixed with mayonnaise and sandwiches, which provides a way).
***** Avoid eating cold foods already cooked.
****** Avoid eating the liver and its contents because it contains a high amount of vitamin A and animal is a threat to the health of the fetus.

Seventh week:

Do what you feel is feeling dizzy or inaction?
# There are tired and feel reflects the sternness and is a key member of the Child, which calls for caution and careful in your movements until Avoid projection. God forbid

You happen to mood swings and nervous and a difference in the sense of smell and taste ................!!!!
Why ??????
No one knows why, but some theories say that the reason is due to increased hormone levels and low blood sugar level and due to fatigue and exhaustion.

Your child:

1 - What is formed here, called "villi gravidarum" outside the protective barrier that surrounds the fetus and amniotic sac.
These villi infiltrate into the bloodstream of the mother to form the placenta for that reason you feel nauseous.
2 - here the fetal heart is divided into two parts, right and left.
3 - the size of your baby is between 11-13 mm.

* To decrease the nausea and dizziness eat Eat a few meals and the number and more.
** Avoid eating fat, and are filled with spices to make you feel it burning (heart burn).
*** Eat ginger biscuits when you feel nauseous and bananas.
**** Increase the taking of wheat bran and meat free of grease and grains rich in vitamins.
***** Fatty fish (such as sardines, salmon, mackerel) contain amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids and these are essential to the growth of the baby's brain and eye growth.

Eighth week:

Here notice
Increased pulse rate, while heart rate representation organic by 25%. And here such that you need to relax and Rahpo this feeling fades after 12 weeks.
The waist begins to stretch when it is now you need to check with your doctor to confirm pregnancy.
Here the size of the uterus the size of a grapefruit.
Maybe I felt muscle spasms, and this is normal at this stage that the bleeding should consult a doctor when it occurs.

Your child:
1 - completed its members and major internal organs and limbs.
2 - now the body such as Jenin, a young child in its infancy.
3 - length of the fetus approximately 20 mm.
4 - receives nutrition through the bloodstream from the placenta and then to the baby through the umbilical cord.

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