When Jasmine cries

When Jasmine cries ~

Words get stuck in the throats ... Pens and tremble over the lines.
.. And the wavering heart of memories in their graves ...

When Jasmine cries

Migrating birds, the hope of forever .. And falling from the horizon Alon life .. And wilt and Rod Love in silence circus

.. When Jasmine cries ...

Multiply black crows to obscure the light of the moon ... And fade innocent laughter of a child .. And travels through the tears of nostalgia train from sleep

.. When Jasmine cries ..

Rise time, beats the end of the unspoken dreams ... Broken branches and joy
Of the tree of peace ..
The universe is of Batmp deaf

... When Jasmine cries ..

Irritates the sea from the large number of grief ... Confused and heart to live in the remains of illusions ... And scream the mountains after a long sleep ... Today and become trapped inside the bubbles of the mirage

.. When Jasmine cries ...

When Jasmine cries changing standards of life and migrate past our longings and joys of the present and the dreams of the future

... You do not weep O Jasmine ...
Nor grieve üzeyir Fate ...
Life as they were prepared ... Fbk life is beautiful ...

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