Women going out to work ..

• literary expression of women throughout history, is mature battles for freedom, freedom in love, freedom of action, freedom of thought, freedom of participation, freedom and a female mother and a human being. 
• The women are like men with reason and intelligence, as if responding to Muslim Talaat Harb that women less than men, and a sense of recognition (Mohammad Talaat Harb - The virtue of the speech in the women and the veil - Cairo - Press who have risen --1,909). 
• The women need to work, it is important to prepare for all crafts, not just the home or depraved them, and says: 
"Do not Egrna what we see from the difference between the brains of men and women as long as they bring them up is different, and strive to their education and educated one, to know that they like other animals do not differ only in matters of reproductive confined". Also strongly supported the cause of women's work leading from a simple premise to the effect that women need to gain strength on their own because the reality is always different from say, the theoretical, which recognizes that women have a one to support (AP Vzoj Fuld) and wonder: "Are we to die era .. Vogz our faith it is not snatched the spirit of Muslim unless his daughter is married, and then secure forever after that Flmna that is no excuse to divorce after marriage, a girl becomes not support her, or die young husband and children in need of dependents. " They are held comparisons between the case of rural women's simple, and the status of women in the city to highlight that women in rural areas went to work, do not wear the headscarf, known in the cities, and with that there is no one refuses to work no one accuses Balsfor, because the guys out there know that women work Iqmn outside the home, while the civilians Vitohmon only work for women outside the home, if they saw the way they think they are going out to play and helped them to that belief Tbergha Vigkon them, work is a means for the suppression of corruption is not the propagation 
Hard work of peasant women, which are allowed by the ultra-Orthodox community does not allow the employment of women in the city and tell them to return to the house, "We ask these gentlemen in their ivory towers, why did not occur to them that ask themselves," Do you work or not farming? What will be of an order of the Egyptian countryside if we spent on agriculture that does not lie in the backyard Nbarha not involved in the plowing and sowing, collection, irrigation and harvesting, grazing and livestock management? Is not the work of Agriculture more than fourteen hours a day along with her father or her brother or her husband? Is prevented cruel traditions in the countryside without permissible for women to work 
Have been admitted to the phenomenon of writing women's literature, which Obdath received generally positive, while magazines got literary and scientific, such as "extract" and "Crescent" and "Al-Manar," which had editors trends in the interests of the cause of the advancement of women in general, were you view the women's business and the positive comment by the 
This was not the period from 1919 to 1945 in all of Egypt orbit about the role of women political educational news - although most likely that this period of this role to consider the role that started to do for the community - but the owner of Renaissance Press Renaissance literature as well, given the strong link between them, If the production of women in the literary field in this period - especially in the last stage of it - not much, but he proved its existence. The trend has been clear to the French women's work in view of the study, which received most of them and the environment surrounding them 

I have tried to prove that the soldier not be in the field of war alone and are not clothes military, alone, was relying on the moral courage and firmness, fairness and generosity, temperance, History has shown women's share of these qualities, and victimization on women to claim that was inconsistent created with these qualities, and _khasalha limit only on the tenderness and softness, and soft, for example, hit the smart from the heart of history, "If Adam was created from clay any Lin, Vhawwae have created from solid bone sticks to bending, is the rib of Adam," p. 11 
And hit the many examples of women to endure pain and hardship, which is generated by the same man, because the functions of womanhood is not no big auction of cruelty, pregnancy and parturition is not possible Ahtmalhma viability but to absorb the pain and bear patiently. 
They consider a more holistic approach to the question of the system of equality between men and women, and believes that the wisdom in having a "harem" is the wisdom of natural itself, while prevented that for existence is for the yard, what is it what is not its lack thereof, and voluntarily to this law to dismiss about equal to the female is noteworthy, because the system is presented in life on everything else, even being so, the year of equality "and the fact that this change was dressed dress injustice, any society - whether in the communities of animals or communities rights - divides individuals according to social function, soldiers are coming where they are needed urgently, and doctors are coming in spreading the epidemic, the need them urgently, and parents are coming, where the spreading epidemic, the need is to create job, so do not see in the countryside, maker of hats, though the risk for one of those that reside in the village went bankrupt or died of starvation, But at the Kasr El Nil Street complain glut of too much work and the large number of money, it is not equal to prepare for a career fighting means must be licensed professionally that profession Kalak who has this readiness, the existence of such progress on everything else, also love to stay submitted on each claim of individuals, and the interest type and the interest of the group are the basis in the organization and the distribution of competences and functions to both sexes, the argument of equal talent do not play a support for equality in jobs and business; because the specialization required for the survival of the total and survival of our species ... not the palm of women's career has fully prepared her for abuse of men, it is in the interest of type, which are subject of men, as women are subject to both " 

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