The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates 

In the second of December 1971, it was announced that the United Arab Emirates, as an independent federal sovereign, comprising 7 emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, consisting State authorities of the Federal Supreme Council of the Federation and the President Union and his deputy, and the Council of Ministers and the Federal National Council, and the federal judiciary. The Union is part of the great Arab homeland with which ties of religion, language, history and common destiny. And its people are an integral part of the nation and his religion is Islam, and Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation and official language is Arabic. 
Arab Emirates is located Almathdp southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, stretching from the Gulf of Oman in the east until the state of Qatar to the west and bounded on the north and north-west Persian Gulf, and West, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, on the east by the Gulf of Oman and the Sultanate of Oman. 
And extends the coast of the UAE bordering on the southern coast of the Arabian Gulf a distance of 644 miles from the base of the Qatar Peninsula in the west, and even Ras Musandam east and spread by the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah, while extending the coast of the seventh emirate which Fujairah on the Gulf coast of Oman along the 90 km, The State operated so the area between latitudes 22 and 26.5 degrees north and longitudes 51 and 56.5 East Greenwich line. 
The area of ​​the state with the exception of islands with about 77.700 square kilometers. Constitute the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the largest part with an area of ​​67.340 square kilometers which is equivalent to 87% of the total area of ​​the state. It occupies the UAE ranked third in terms of area, after Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman. 
As a result, the occurrence of the UAE in the arid tropical zone, which extends across Asia and North Africa, and subject at the same time to the effects of the ocean because it is located on the coast of Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, explains why climate which is generally accompanied by high humidity, high temperature in summer, and the average temperatures during the summer from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius and humidity of up to 100% sometimes .. In winter, the weather is very nice tends to moderation, and the temperature in winter 18 degrees Celsius. 
Is the United Arab Emirates in the continent of Asia in the Persian Gulf, where is one of the Arab countries overlooking the Persian Gulf and the running state so the area between latitudes 22 and 26.5 degrees north and longitudes 51 and 56.5 East Greenwich line .. It is located the United Arab Emirates South East of the Arabian Peninsula, stretching from the Gulf of Oman in the east until the state of Qatar to the west and bounded on the north and north-west Persian Gulf, and West State of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and east by the Gulf of Oman and the Sultanate of Oman .. 

 Of the highest mountain peaks labor in the Northern Emirates, to the arid sand dunes in the Empty Quarter and the low coastal plains, characterized by the UAE as a land of diverse terrain and variations that range from scenic to a wide range of different natural ecosystems. He also helped the multiplicity and diversity of contributions to the human and technology in Eselgp and the formation of new environments and modern cities, and industrial and residential areas, and areas of high agricultural productivity, forest green and ripe Oarvp shadows. The natural variations that we observe today, for example, between the commercial centers growing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and sand dunes vast Empty Quarter is reflected in the temporal evolution, the State of the UAE, which in memory provides a picture is entirely different from the modern era, and lacked all the elements of life and well-being enjoyed by by the person in the UAE currently. 
The variation and change is part of the factors that make the UAE a country captivating, and the center of attraction for visitors and residents alike. 

Said Sheikha Lubna girl Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of Economy during the Economic Forum in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, that the contribution of non-oil sectors in GDP rose from 46% in 1990 to 63% in 2006 despite the surge in oil prices, and predicted the growth of national economy by more than 6.2% in 2007. 

The bulletin of the Emirates Industrial Bank, which was finally released that the economy of the UAE will continue to make further progress and growth in the year 2007. Despite the fluctuations in world oil markets and political and security tensions in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. 

The bulletin pointed out that the economy of the UAE has seen remarkable growth over the past year, 2006, weighed down by higher oil prices, which set records nearly eighty dollars a barrel in the third quarter of last year, before stabilizing at a roadblock $ 55 in the month of December last. 

The bulletin issued by the Emirates Industrial Bank, and dealt with economic growth and the GDP of the UAE in 2006, it coincided with the continued non-oil sectors to grow at high rates, driven by rising domestic demand for various types of goods and services on the one hand, and the high volume of exports on the other hand. 

The bulletin pointed out that apart from providing domestic liquidity resulting from high oil revenues, which led to pump more investments in various economic sectors, has increased the importance of the UAE as a magnet for foreign capital, so that was ranked first in the Arab world in attracting foreign investment in 2006. The bulletin pointed out that the sum of these domestic and external factors in the provision of appropriate conditions to stimulate growth and achieve high rates in all sectors, as it sought the Emirates Industrial Bank to follow up and analysis of these developments, and put on the light of estimates of growth of output of salt total in 2006. The bulletin said that the results of the analysis indicated that the gross domestic product at current prices to the UAE rose by 14.8 percent, reaching $ 177.5 billion in 2006 compared to 154.6 billion dollars in 2005. 

The bulletin noted that due to the higher average price per barrel of oil last year by 20.4 percent, compared to 2005, reaching $ 59 a barrel versus $ 49 in 2005. Rising oil sector's contribution to the gross domestic product and that despite the high absolute value of the contribution of non-oil sectors. 

Also increased the contribution of the oil sector to reach 60.16 billion dollars in 2006. Against 48.9 billion dollars in 2005, an increase of 23.1 percent, as the contribution of the oil sector rose to 33.9 percent of the total components of GDP in 2006. 

And on the growth of non-oil sectors bulletin pointed out that apart from rising prices, higher oil production in the UAE, which stood at 2.45 million barrels a day, to the high oil revenues and hence a marked increase in the value added of the oil sector in 2006, at the same time has other economic sectors is oil high growth rate reached 10.9 percent at current prices, to reach the contribution of non-oil sectors combined to 117.3 billion dollars in 2006. Compared to 1058 billion dollars in 2005. 

The bulletin added that the non-oil sectors achieved a growth rate high despite the significant decline in the local stock market, which exceeded 70 percent, it was not affected by the performance of various economic sectors such a retreat that is a positive sign on the ability of the local economy to deal with negative phenomena which may affect One of the economic sectors are active and influential. 

With regard to the manufacturing sector, has achieved significant growth as well as for the third year in a row due to the increase prices of manufactured goods, including petroleum products, aluminum and steel, building materials and construction. 

As a result, the value added of the manufacturing sector by 11.8 percent to reach $ 21 billion last year. Compared to $ 18.8 billion in 2005. What constitutes 11.9 percent of the total value of GDP in 2006. 

The bulletin pointed out that despite the expectations that pointed to the possibility of low value-added of the financial and banking sector due to the crisis the stock market in the UAE in 2006, the performance of this sector was generally good, and managed to overcome the negative consequences of retreat Albroosp local communities, which has been affected by the financial sector and banking, but the projections indicate the capacity of this sector to improve performance in the year 2007, and overcome the disadvantages resulting from losses in the stock market in 2006. 

The construction sector has continued its strong performance and distinctive, and announced the implementation of more projects Urban and size of investments of cumulative undeclared exceeded the 299.5 billion dollars, as it coincided with the growing demand for residential and commercial units, and rising rents are in turn contributed to the high contribution of the real estate sector in the GDP product, has also led to the revitalization of all economic sectors related to building and construction sector in the UAE. 

The bulletin said that in the current year 2007 Atkhaddt further action, such as the planned implementation of the Law on Commercial Companies, and re-examine the system of commercial agencies, and open financial services market for investments, including in the banking sector, what will attract more foreign investments and increase local investments in general. 

The cultural tradition of the United Arab Emirates on the genes of Islamic and Arabic, and reliance on historical skills in the face of the life of the arid desert, and agriculture in the oases, fishing and diving for pearls. 
And enable the country to develop a pattern of adaptation and flexibility, sharpened the difficulties of life in the period before the discovery of oil and monitoring of and below the number of travelers, such as Wilfred Thesiger, known as (Mubarak bin London), who managed to cross the Empty Quarter in the trip legendary help of guides from the people of the UAE. 
Today, these cultural traditions are ancient and full care at the highest levels, and has become a framework, and a source of strength and inspiration to the people witnessed one of the fastest changes in the patterns of life in the modern era. The equestrian, falconry, and Alyoulah, camel racing, racing sailing boats, dhows, the arts and popular music, and Poetry, a part of this heritage, and became a distinctive feature of the celebrations of national and family, reflecting adherence to the country and its people, with all the pride, heritage, ancestors, a confirmation the idea of ​​His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Chairman of the State's famous (if any nation has no past, no future or present). 
Accelerated pace of development in the UAE to keep pace with the times giving rise to modern cities, highways, and bridges, according to the latest infrastructure, and the country has become a magnet for tourists and visitors, was mixed with the finest Arabian hospitality services in the modern world-class hotels. The industrial sector witnessed tremendous developments, and flourished oil and gas industry, manufacturing, and service sector, using the most modern techniques, including the agricultural sector where the use of biotechnology and tissue culture in crop production, which contributed in achieving self-sufficiency in many agricultural products as surplus has been exported to many countries. And the availability of airports and seaports finest services and facilities for passengers in the area of ​​shipping and handling, also received the media and broadcasting and telecommunications in the country world acclaim for the development level of their services have with the completion of marine cable, optical fiber, which is the longest cable system linking Europe, Asia and the Far East, as well as Al Thuraya satellite which will enhance the effectiveness of the communication network and its coverage of the area. The achievements that are larger than the countless, but in spite of the UAE, the man remains the active element and the focus of attention to all these big development projects because the goal is to always provide a decent life. 

Saw the UAE during the past three decades, an unprecedented development boom, with the establishment of the Union State in December 2, 1971 was no education available for only a few residents, mostly males. Today, it is free education available to all girls and boys, but the numbers of female graduates has become the largest in the universities and colleges. And education is enormous with an estimated value in society, and succeeded more than 80% of secondary school graduates to enroll in public universities and technical colleges in 1999. Also saw the spheres of social life and service of other developmental mutants Mmatlp rose, for example, the number of health centers in the country from 12 centers in 1971 to 98 centers by 1999. 
As the average human lifespan of 55 to 75 years during the same period, one of the highest rates in the world, comparable to developed countries. 

Al Nahyan, Al Maktoum, Ameri .. Virtual .. Kaabi .. Al-Shamsi .. Naimi .. Canadian .. Ghafli .. Ariani .. Hassani .. Ghaithi .. Hamli .. Mansouri .. Khaili .. Ahbabi .. Rumaithi .. Alibdwaoi .. Zaabi .. Dari .. Baluchi .. Badi .. Swedish .. Junaibi .. Afari .. Military .. Karbi .. Hosni .. Almkabbali .. Al-Hajri .. Neyadi .. Dog .. Ma'amari Tamimi .. .. .. Marri Qubaisi .. Muharrami .. Almrbuai .. Persian .. Azzani .. Menhali .. Ghaferi .. Surayhi .. Mso .. Agricultural .. Almchgoni .. Shaali .. Alsaili .. Harmoudi .. Rumi Tunaiji .. .. Esayi .. Top .. Anzi .. Khulaifi .. Khoury Humairi .. .. Azizi .. Mazrui .. Khatiri .. Saadi .. Hinai .. Arterial .. Shafei .. Shahwani .. Albdiyoi Shehhi .. .. Al-Ali .. Jarwan .. Otaiba .. Sharif .. Ghailani. Wahaibi .. . Kuwait .. Darmaki .. Salami .. Alhadwi .. Ketbi .. Kilani .. Rashidi .. Zubaidi .. Alimi .. Rashudi .. Salmi .. Gabri .. Hulami .. Alhodaifi .. Saadi .. Allbeckri .. Owais .. Alzbahi .. Attar Awlaki .. .. Nowais .. Fahim .. Al Ghurair .. Aboudi .. Obaidli .. Al-Awadi .. Al-Ghamdi .. Surayhi .. Highway .. Loud .. Judge .. Al-Mutairi .. Hammadi .. Al-Futtaim Falasi .. .. .. Aljbhnni Riyami Russian .. .. .. Muhairi Matrooshi .. Alkhmbshi .. Khmer Sinani .. .. .. Saidi Almshahuri .. Buraiki .. Dosari .. Shibani .. Khalili .. Araimi .. Mukhaini .. Tendinous .. Naili .. Chkili .. Shanqeeti .. Khazraji Waahidi .. .. .. Jaidi Ajmi .. Aqili .. Sabousi Wahaibi .. .. Khalidi .. Alaidroosi .. Awani .. Alkatiri .. Mandoos .. Bani Malik .. Bani Hammad .. Alabbar .. Shafar .. Governing Body .. Hebrew .. Abidi .. Alhahyari .. Cuneiform .. Lavender .. Alanawi .. Alagamani .. Almcefoti .. Dahmani .. Naqbi .. Rashidi .. Kassoni .. Rostamani .. Tarifi .. East .. Maala .. Al .. Al Habtoor .. Etc.

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