The human psyche

We will see human qualities contained in the Koran; in an attempt to understand ourselves and our knowledge and we can treat pests .. Those qualities are in the same each and every one of us but from the guidance of Allah, can not be replaced attributes valid only faith .. 
The first attribute: Poor .. 
He says {.. The man was created weak} [women: 28] 
Poor basic principle is that you will not be able to take any decision and implemented Bholk and strength, but you have to overcome its God and ask him to assist and provide you with strength .. If you want to give up the guilt, must be left to God Almighty; to draw strength from the strong, the Almighty. 
Second character: denial .. 
Man denies the blessings and forget, and that it has been since Almighty God created Adam .. Says the Prophet peace be upon him that when he came Adam, the Angel of Death ".. said to him, Adam: You may hasten I had written a thousand years, said:" Yes, but you have made for your son David sixty years. Fjhd Fjhdt his descendants, and forgot and forgot his descendants one day ordered the book and the witnesses " [Narrated by Tirmidhi and horses, it is true of the Whole (5209)] 
Allah says {and if it affects the human distress has called us to his side or sitting or standing when We will harm him over if he had not let us touch to harm as well as Zain, for those what they do} [Yunus: 12] .. If your over any trials strive to pray and you are heartbroken Mbt God, if God has revealed about you forgot what was the harm you and your Lord is blessing you Jehdt. 

The third character: despairing .. 
Allah says {While We make man taste mercy from Us and Nzaanaha him that he is despairing, thankless} [Hood: 9] 
A man quickly slipped into the same frustration and Qunoot, says God Almighty {whom We bestowed favor, and if the rights offer and kept him and when evil was Iiosa} [Isra: 83] .. If God blessed human grace and joy of the show from his Lord, do not thank him and remind him .. If God tests him illness or poverty or so, the desperation of good and cut expectation of his Lord. 
Fourth character: KFOR .. 
, One of the qualities that set out in the Quran about rights, he says {.. And surely if We make man taste mercy from us joy in it, but evil befalls what their hands have the rights KFOR} [Shura: 48] .. Ie: the nature of grace, the former ingratitude, and Altscht to the other person ill. 
That must taste the bitterness of this sensation in your life, you will find the well done to them and extended them a helping hand to you respond charity abuse .. If you feel difficulty ingratitude of others you your right .. 
Who are you, O man, even snobs on earth and atone yes bestowed by God to you?! 
Capacity V: Verily, .. 
He says {And He giveth you of all that ye ask for and become the grace of God ye can not reckon the rights to reckon} [Ibrahim: 34] 
Man is much injustice to himself, knows the way of truth and guidance, which may with him that God desires, however the same beat and make him walk in the way of temptation and misguidance. 
The sixth character: ignorance .. 
He says {We offered the trust unto the heavens and the earth and the mountains; but they refused and shrank from bearing rights that he was indeed unjust and Jhollohzab: 72 
Whatever is given from the knowledge of human remains and Foolish .. As in the verse {.. But most people do not know (*) They know an outward life of the hereafter they are heedless} [Roman: 6,7] .. This does not mean not to seek worldly knowledge, but the more human note in the world should be more knowledge of our Lord .. 
And the greatest ignorance of rights:: ignorance of God and his ignorance of himself .. 
There lies the problem in your life, however, cause:: lack of understanding about God Almighty, 
Seventh character: adversary .. 
{He says not man seen that We created him from a sperm drop is a clear adversary} [Yasin: 77] 
He created man from water, however humiliating himself and forget the extent that it is not worth anything in this vast universe, and whenever he came to him from his Creator, it is argue and argue like a demanding evidence of his Lord .. With that he must comply with the laws of the Lord and say: We hear and we obey. 
Adjective H: calves .. 
He says {created man from a hurry I'll show you My revelations, not to hasten} [the prophets: 37] 
The creation of man calves initiate things, and rushing to have occurred .. The rush to harvest the fruits, if not find the sweetness of faith in worship tired and stop it .. And the wheel may lead to negative results in a lot of things, he should take a step back. 
Allah says {and let his prayer human evil with good, for man was ever hasty} [Isra: 11] .. This ignorance of the rights and hastens where calls himself and his children and his anger at the evil and hasten so as pray hasten to pray in the goodness and kindness, but God responds to him in good or evil is responding to it .. {If precipitate God for the people of evil Astajalhm spent them well for them ..} [Yunus: 11] [Tafseer al-Sa'di] 

Capacity IX: Guetor .. 
He says {Say: If ye possessed the treasures of the mercy of the Lord, if ye fear of spending, for man was Qtura} [Isra: 100] 
Man is printed on the stinginess and miserliness, miserly distract Yes God Almighty be upon him to please .. If God was with him cabinets that do not run out to hold the fear that runs out. 
Character X: controversial .. 
He says {and Kdsrva in this Qur'an, for people of every kind of man was the most controversial thing} [al-Kahf: 54] 
Ali bin Hussein, that Hussein Ben Ali told him: that Ali bin Abi Talib, told him: that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him rapping and Fatima girl Prophet on the night, he said, "Do not prayed?", I said: O Messenger of God, ourselves, however, God if He wills that Ibosna sent , went away when we said it did not come back to something and then I heard a Mall hits his thigh and he says, {something humans have been more controversial} [agreed] 
Thus, the human always, argue and justify his actions and talks a lot without seeing it acts. 

Capacity Eleven: arrogant .. 
{If he says harm the human touch, and if called on us We have blessed us a blessing but said Ootih aware it is a temptation, but most of them do not know} [Az-Zumar: 49] 
Arrogance is one of the fundamental human lesions, sees himself into perfect and if God has blessed it is calculated that the dignity of God which was originally poor. 
Capacity XII: paranoid .. 
He says {And indeed We created man and We know what his ownself whispers to him, and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein} [s: 16] 
Anas: that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, "what images of God left Adam in Paradise, God willing, to leave and started to Satan Spectrum by what is seen when he saw a hollow knew that it was not created to create composes" [Saheeh Muslim] 
Making it easier for Satan to be implemented to the soles of rights and self whispers to him interviews .. But when marching rights and seek refuge in God from Satan the tags, will protect him from the whispers of Satan and guarding his heart. 
Capacity XIII: seize panic .. 
{God said that man was created Hluaa (*) when evil befalleth him (*) and when good diverse} [Passages: 19.21] 
And panic several meanings, including: 
It is very alarming .. When they fall ill, evil does not stand for it, and if God has blessed it was diverse miserly .. 
Including: the intensity of attachment to the world .. Ka'b ibn Maalik said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, "What hungry wolves in sheep Bovsd sent her one of the keenness of the money and honor to his religion" [Narrated by Tirmidhi and horses] .. A: The care for wealth and honor of religion more mischief from corrupting Alzipin hungry for sheep. [Qadeer] 
Including: permanent boredom that .. Tired quickly, even when his acts of worship, he finishes his heart by looking for a change. 
Capacity XIV: immorality .. 
{God said, but he wants rights to blow it (*) asks Ian Day of Judgement} [Resurrection: 5,6] 
It is reprint rights violation and that he loves Almarwagp .. Accelerate the sin and repentance Yassouf. 
Capacity Fifteen: conceited .. 
God says, {O man Greco is thy Lord} [Infitar: 6] 
Deceived by the dream of his Lord, holy and conceals it, and does not know that the punishment may come to him suddenly. 
The sixteenth character: Naughty .. 
He says {Verily We created man in the liver} [Country: 4] 
Life world is the misery and fatigue, but do not rest in paradise .. As in the verse {Then We said: O Adam! This is an enemy to you and your husband is not of Paradise, thou art landed} [Taha: 117] 
If you are struggling with adversity for the sake of Allah alone, you'll find the Lord thanks .. 
But if he is to others, and He is Lord Vstlqah Aziz,, 
Capacity Seventeen: tyrant .. 
{He says both the rights to overshadow (*) that saw him sacked} [leeches: 6,7] 
Man out of ignorance and oppression is calculated that it is capable to dispense with his Lord Almighty, Aftgy punk and an award for guidance, and forgot to reactionary to the Lord. 
Capacity of eighteen: Many forget .. 
He says {that day and brought hell that day that I recall rights and his anniversary} [Dawn: 23] 
It is basic human qualities that many forget, begins to forget the commands of his Lord to him little by little until surrounded by the negligence of walk everywhere in the land lost will not wake up from such negligence, even after the Day of Resurrection, and show the facts to all creatures .. 
He says {And warn them of Iomal_husrp, when the matter they are negligent and they do not believe} [Maryam: 39] 
Such nineteenth: Knud .. 
{He says that the rights to his Lord ungrateful} [Antiquities: 6] 
Alknud and calamities that is longer, and forget it .. Yes Lord He is always blamed on the ability of Itscht and wonder about the reason for his calamities, and benevolence, does not exceed the same. 
Twenty-capacity: loser .. 
He says {and the age (*) The man is in lost} [age: 1,2] 
Man would lose whatever is given of the worldly gains .. 
Only has three conditions for peasant life, namely: 
Science and work and a call to God .. 
{But those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, and enjoin truth and enjoin patience} [age: 3]  

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