When you love the ancient Egyptians

Said ancient pharaohs of love that love is a gift from heaven pouring cup of life in nature Tlatifa
Mzagaha to the bitter, the Pharaohs celebrated love by three thousand years

The ancient Egyptians better than Sorora love in my name and pictures _ _ Akedsha In pictures
The inscriptions and statues depict the timeless couple is not seen one of them to the face of the other, as do others, but
Isorunhma always looking at them together to a common goal and sit or stand dear to his left expression
For its proximity to the heart

The ancient Egyptian was faithful to his home and was one of the attributes of the ancient Egyptians, as confirmed by the evidence
Pharaonic antiquities and manuscripts of respect and reverence beloved wife and attention to the needs of women.

"I love your wife that are sincere and have your pet as it is your duty. Aksha a wedding and wide to
Bring happiness to themselves as long as you are alive. "

Romantic love in the time of the Pharaohs

Do not scream at me when you come from the market, it has been wary to bring you the goose, do not scream in
Her face and tell her where I left this and where I left that,

Xie and her back and her body paint
(Kind of perfume was sold in the south has the smell of attractive and beautiful)
And fill their stomachs with food (invitation to be the cream with his wife)
Romantic words to tell her, tell her you're my cow Favorites "

All of the above was the commandment to the wise of ancient Egypt's famous "Ptah Hotep" during one of papyri,
Which gave the researchers the idea of ​​a comprehensive treatment of the husband to the wife in ancient Egypt.

Spinning Pharaonic

You are a lotus flower in its glory in the beauty feel of softness in the fragrance of your skin breath drops of dew
Falling on Zorgaha farewell tears are converged on the cheek Frhevcha to keep it ..

That we meet you to repeat them tears of joy Ballqa baby a long and Vreetp Kalnkhalp swaying in the developing
Walking flower stems of papyrus, which flirts with the sacred lake breeze and her face as Koptsamp flower
Lotus When you receive the morning sun rays on her cheeks red and her eyes Rdtin Nadhartin Mfhtin
Halmtan STARS shining watchful light of the dawn When you receive a Shining ....

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