Women in the Pharaonic era

Women in the Pharaonic era

Egyptians celebrated every year Z 21 March, the "Holiday motherland." What many do not know that the ancient Egyptians knew of women and of Krmoha best honored in ceremonies similar to those held in the Holiday mother these days.

If the world was considered modern in 1975 as the International Year to honor the women, the ancient Egyptian civilization woven yarn this honor, since thousands of years. The women occupied a unique place in ancient Egyptian and enjoyed the social rights and economic, legal and political equal to a man who lived generosity and her mother Ahtvalachbihp Holiday celebrations to be held today.

And Ivkraltarej Fraanponhm crowned the Egyptian woman as queen was Queen Mother, the guardian of the throne next to her son the importance Bdorpalg Among the most famous queens who have won a good position Queen "Anbhrs."

Wife of the king "Bent"

Mother of the King, "Khufu"

It enjoyed great prestige and is known Ansenfro founder of the family Fourth

The Hyksos, Ahmose Mahrrmsr Nevshma of veneration and respect for his grandmother The Queen, "Titi Shiri."

Which took custody of her grandson Ahmose and replaced his place in the capital when he went to fight with the participation of both mother shepherd Hotep.

Ahmose and established a large painting showing the Temple of Karnak, the ability of these grandmother, Queen of the ideal in order to achieve continuity of the family thanks to its activities and achievements in various fields to the extent that it has been able Manaltouhid between the armies of Egypt.

The Ahmose Nefertari, "the first woman to gain a medal Ascriahit posted by Ahmose with her mummy hallowed memorabilia associated Bcjaathaalasitorip.

The first woman Secretary of Justice in History

Tbut women many of the leading centers Balasralfroni, until I got to rule the country, but as the first Secretary of Justice was awarded Mlkpfronip, has been given the Pharaonic era for women this right, where it proved ancient papyri Onhenak the names of the women were working in the judiciary and the Minister of Justice, while the This is still Ithiraklav in our time.

Archaeologists confirmed that the papyri dating back to 7 thousand Amicher that the first Secretary of Justice and even the first judge in history, was "grew" the protectors of the King, "Tete" most famous kings of ancient Egypt.

Machine Maat

Means "take action" Ballgpalheiroglevip "goddess", has come To Ostorpfronip spread Hiostorp gods "Maat," which means "goddess of justice, the legendary" Among the titles Alaadalpwalnzam and global balance, which indicates that Almbaralkadim confirmed that Jodalmrop interchangeable with the balance of the universe and the rule of peace and security.

And "Spring" was presiding over the court and its decisions were in force and shall be issued Faqabannod "Justice Act" in force in Masralfronip and Alzyodah senior Elders and advisors kings of ancient Egypt to separate tags between conflict and Alamaamlataltjarip including cases in the estate, inheritance, real estate, sale and purchase Chbhalamaamlat daily business of the era in which we live now in the Horn of Alhadywalashrin .

Elimination of Pharaonic hosting

That recourse to the judiciary in Pharaonic Egypt was "hosting", where he was affected by their show of lawsuits and filings related thereto without the expenses were borne by the State to Raiphakouk citizens, which reflects the extent.

Democracy prevailing was the main reason behind the Jodhoudarp long.

He pointed out the paradox in the history of "Spring", Onhakant first secretary of justice in history, as her daughter's husband the King, "Tete" Mgtala died at the hands of his guards, and is a unique incident did not recur in the history of Pharaonic Egypt as a whole.

And the King "Tete" is the most famous kings of ancient Egypt and has a pyramid in the "Saqqara" written on the walls "Matteawan Ahram," the oldest religious texts in history.

Tdorhol my idea of ​​a "life in the underworld" and "creation of the universe," and so the evidence indicates a link Altaruepily religion civilization and promote the development and status of women, who assumed the top positions.

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