The story of Pharaoh's body .. Islam and the French scientist (Maurice Bucaille) because ..
@ When he received the late French President Francois Mitterrand came to power in France in 1981
France has asked Egypt to host the mummy of the pharaoh to make
Tests and examinations by the archaeological and restoration ... The mummy of the most notorious dictator ever lived on earth ..
@ And there at the airport: lined up the French president himself and his ministers and senior officials
French honor for the pharaoh and when the ceremony ended to the Pharaoh to the land of France ..
Uploaded mummy @ idol procession at least the warm reception .. Was transferred to a special wing in
Center of the French to start after more archaeologists in France, doctors surgery and anatomy
Study of the mummy and the discovery of secrets ..
@ The head of the surgeons and primarily responsible for the study of this mummy is the Professor:
((Maurice Bucaille)) ...
Therapists interested in the restoration of the mummy ..
While the attention of Morris is an attempt to discover: how did this mummy!!
@ Fjtp Ramses II is not just like any other bodies that were stuffed Lafraain before ..
Vodaip (death) has a very strange .. The finders were surprised (when they unzip the straps
Embalming) with his left hand suddenly jump forward !!!!!.. Any that have Pthanith (forced) his hands
To accede to his chest like the rest of Lafraain who died before !!!!!... What key is this??
@ In the late hours of the night .. The final results appeared to Professor Morris ..
It was a residue of salt in the mummy is the body of the pharaoh ..
With a picture of broken bones without tearing the skin .. And shown by X-ray ..
That was more evidence that Pharaoh died drowning !!!!.. And that he had broken his bones without flesh
Because of the compressive strength of water !!!!!.. And that his body was recovered from the sea immediately after his death ..
Mummified body was then rushed to survive body !!!!!..
@ It is strange that they were also able to interpret alien status of his left hand .. And that it was
Holding the reins of his horse or sword in his right hand .. And his shield with the left hand .. And that at the time of drowning ..
As a result, the intensity of surprise and the attainment of neurological cases is a peak hour of death and to pay water Badrah ..
Chiz has his left hand and Tibst this situation !!!.. Fasthalt then return to their place
Again is known as a medical .. That is exactly what it is like he knew the coroner
The case of stiffness by the victim and cause her to grasp something of the killer .. Kmlabsa example!!!
@ But stranger still baffles Professor Morris .. Namely:
How the body remained safer than others, although it recovered from the sea ???!!!
@ Maurice was writing his final report on what he thought (new discovery) .. Lift
Body of the Pharaoh ((from the sea)) .. The pioneers had dreamed big news as a result of this discovery!!
@ Someone whispered in his ear, saying: Do not rush Monsieur Maurice .... The Muslims
Already know ((the drowning of this mummy)) !!!!!!... Vqranhm 14 centuries ago tell them so!!
@ Professor marveled from the speech .. And strongly condemned such thing saying!!!!
Such a discovery could not only knowledge:
** The development of modern science and modern computer devices via high-precision ..
** And (importantly) that the mummy was originally discovered in 1898!!!!
@ Professor grew shaken and started to wonder: How can a mind that???
And all mankind and not only the Arabs did not know anything about the ancient
Egyptians mummified bodies of pharaohs originally only a few decades ago only time!!!!
@ Sat Maurice Bucaille the night staring at the corpse of Pharaoh .. He returns in his mind what he said to him
The owner of the Koran Muslims: (talking about the survival of the body after drowning)!
While their holy book: (talking only about the drowning of Pharaoh in hot pursuit of Moses
Peace be upon him, without being subjected to the fate of his body) !!!.. And the taking says to himself:
Is it possible that this mummy in front of me is the one who was chasing Moses already???
Is it possible to know Mamedhm this fact by more than a thousand years ??!!!!
@ Morris was unable to sleep for the night .. And they brought him the Torah (Old Testament) ..
So the reading in the Bible as saying:
'And the waters returned and covered the chariots and horsemen, and all Pharaoh's army, which entered behind in the sea ..
That was left of them, nor one .. '
Maurice Bucaille and remained puzzled .. Even the Bible did not talk about survival of this body and that it
Sound .. Not the Torah or the Bible said the fate of the body of the Pharaoh!!!!
@ After the Pharaoh's body was processed and re-restored France to Egypt the mummy ..
But Morris did not enjoying his decision did not rest for a moment since he told that Muslims know that
For the safety of the body .. He decided to travel to Muslim countries to meet a number of scientists
Anatomy Muslims .. And there he spoke about Akeshtvh of mummy
After drowning !!!!... So, someone opened the Quran and read him the verse:
'Today thee thee to be those who come after you .. And many people are heedless of Our Signs' ..
Yunus - verse 92
The impact of the verse by the great .. And requested him the same jolt that made him stand in front of the audience and screaming
The top of his voice: "I believe in Islam and believe in the Koran!!!!
Maurice Bucaille, and then returned to France without the face that went with it!!!
@ There he stayed ten years does not, he dedicated the study:
The compatibility of scientific facts and the newly discovered with the Koran!!!!
But worked hard in the search for scientific contradiction and one which speaks of the Koran did not find ....
Went out after the outcome says:
'No falsehood can approach it from before it nor from behind .. Download from Hakim Hamid '..
@ This was the result of years spent by Maurice Bucaille: wrote a book that
Quran shook all Western countries .. Especially the scientists Raja!!!!
@ O Praise God ..
Aloolov of tourists flocking from all over the world to see the mummy ..
But with regret .. Many of them are ignorant of the fact that the lesson for which the Almighty God save us
Pharaoh's body !!!.. And a warning to all those who lie to Allah and His messengers of God be upon them all http://www.futuresons.com/..

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