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In the name of God the Merciful

Here, God willing, all the information of interest to
All travelers to France from tourists to students to business ...

I. Paris

The most prominent features the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees Avenue Choralla months and months
Cafes coffee shop Alfokih

Avenue des Champs Elysees

Found in the Champs Elysees is the finest and most luxurious cruise the streets the whole world because it
There are luxuries Awarqy shops and international brands and high-end restaurants such as
Pizza Pino restaurant and as a cafe where Rdidor Ktherpviha and cafes
On the side of the pavement and roads


And a forest park and the famous Balonea where there is a lake Favorites
For lovers of the romantic and gentle atmosphere, as well as practiced by the majority of the population
Walking and running in the air in the park and passes by the River Seine and has amended
The course of the River Seine to enter the center of the capital Paris and opened up fully half

City Games Disney Europe

And after half an hour on the highway, France, Germany there is the city of
Famous games Iorb Disney (Walt Dizin) In the city, Disney Land there
Six or five hotels and restaurants at various levels and all services and also
The games for all ages in which senior and junior


There are no restaurants in Paris offers Arabic Arabic dishes a restaurant
Highly elevated, such as a restaurant, a court overlooking the River Seine

Found in the south of the capital Alatyni neighborhood, a neighborhood inhabited by the Arabs
North Africa from Morocco and Algeria

Most of the tourists from the Arabs who bays and those who prefer to walk throughout the period of
Evening in the street between the Champs Elysees mobile cafes and restaurants

Street or Avenue Champs Elysees begins from a pool of several roads and main streets meet
In the roundabout at the gate of the Arc de Triomphe and then you end up the street to the rotary field of basketball
Epehriih old where most of the times or place it offers national and military

Walking and touring

Walking on the street is a fun fact where the pavement is wide and shops
Big high-end and people are crowded with the day and night
Paris paved roads in the old stones, giving a distinctive and attractive Antbaa
When the tourist as well as the beauty of its buildings and old houses and staged up to the age of each
For three or four centuries, as well as modern buildings there are distinct

An idea of ​​prices

For Asarefhi very expensive, especially in the Champs Elysees, where the
Venjal coffee can fetch up to the borders of almost $ 12 in a cafe Alfokip

The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and the gardens under the tower ...

The best way to get to the city of Disney games are the rarest Ground

Champs Elysees begins bow victory

ARC DE TRIOMPHE Ayasl and height to 110 meters if Talaath

Panorama gives you the Ahanzalise in the grandest of it


Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower .. The highest place in Paris .. Height of 276 meters and the aspirations of his elevator and stairs, but (AT Hin) and is open from 9 am to 12 per night ..

Louvre Museum ..
Of the most famous museums in the world and its location behind the Place de la Concorde at the end of Old Ahanzalise .. And the months to the plate .. Who are the Mona Lisa ..

Arc or not Devans Defense Grande Arche de la Défense arch Saer this in exchange for the Arc de Triomphe in a place far Avatar

Montmartre or Munmachtg Butte Montartre & Basilique du Sacre Coeur

Munbagnas montparnasse and these are the longest building in Europe to rise to 209 meters Ayasl and a restaurant overlooking all of Paris (Glad Paljlob??)


Length of 13 km when the islands in the river tours on the ships name Batimoc take you roll on the river .. And when the ships hit the restaurants where Ashvath Rayeq


Disneyland Paris Disny Land Paris

It lies 25 kilometers from the center of Paris .. And appreciates the spirit her car or by train or by bus .. Aldisney area is a resort full .. Means received by the hotels and amusement parks, and restaurants like Planet Hollywood .. For the first theme park received Matdechlha McCain sells cards called Fast Pass Fast Pass

Asterix Parc Asterix Amusement Park

A beautiful park and away from central Paris, 36 km

Aquaboulevard Aqua Boulevard City Watery magnificence .. For adults and juniors


Gardens of Paris much my hair Old Bnzkr months in the gardens

Jardin de Cham de Mar Jardin du Champ de Mars

Forest Bologna Bois de Boulogne
These are not the forest schema airport!! (Einy the metaphor) these are in the forest
The midst of gardens and lakes .. Iamehla play football and where

Parc Parc de Moncesu Minso
This park Rayeq strongly ..
And its place in North Ahanzalise

Jardin de Tillerih Jardin Des Tuileries garden and the sweet man!! Elise is about the Ahanz Dzbilh (before)
Amusement parks and the sweet ..
Garden Plant


... But the most famous market is in Paris is Alqaleri Lafayette GALERIES LAFAYETTE
Which in the opera, Paris, 9, Boulevard Street Osman boulevard Haussmann .. It consists of seven or eight floors .. and open from 9 am to 7 text and letter evening .. In this market, anything Horn .. Obs!! This is what we know about Halsouk


Go Luigi Paris and socket with traveler's checks .. Usually Thomas Cook
Or American Express problem .. the shops and restaurants in Paris Mayatervon many
In traveler's checks .. meaning Halkalam Ibelk you turn it into a cash ..
If I walked to the ordinary Srafin Beachdo commission, and most of them take their 3% but ..
Estimated transformation without a commission from the company who Petrdja guardian for your checks .. For
Thomas Cook branches scattered everywhere Ahanz Old Elise in which three
Branches of them!! And the opera, who know the two ... As for the American
Express Hdhula ills but a few branches near their branch located in a region
Opera and receiving a large and clear their status .. And Asrauwenhm located in the basement of the center ..
Old Matnsy answer if your passport Jet disposal!!! If the answer to prove any second
Mayatervoa .. Necessary passport

Movement in Paris

Either by subway or taxi .. Metro First of all, show
Line and station circus BooBs Tmsheelha and then cut ticket price of almost
A letter of euros and take you to the place who Horn ... Pay attention aimed at the ticket if entered ..
Because the police sometimes Monastery inspection campaigns on the ticket and if ticket Malqgua
Entered in the X and C. .. Be careful of pickpockets and .. Their tactics, many ...
And taxi the morning from 7 to 7 different Tsairth evening after 7 pm on
In the evening .. Of course be the most expensive in the evening!! And you are prohibited from any stop
Place .. Necessary to take it off when the position of Taxis and received a plaque with the words TAXI
Pejic was arrested under it and the taxi ..

Restaurants I advise you to visit:

Restaurant Le Grand Café Le Grand Cafe in the Opera and restaurants
Who are open 24 hours, a specialist seafood and eating Khiaaaaaaaaaali

Hippopotamus Restaurant Hipbotamo specialist plastic and American cuisine ..
Has many branches in which one in a street off of Ahanzalise and at

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