Assad is trying to open up internally and externally to ensure the survival of his regime

Syrian president began moving in several directions from internal and external in order to increase the legitimacy of his regime and ensure its continuation. 

Try to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of openness, both internally and externally by working to achieve several demands to the Syrian people on the one hand, and move the Lebanese file and receive Lebanese officials in the direction of the formation of a Lebanese government on the other hand, in order to enhance the legitimacy of his regime and ensure its continuation. 

Internally, announced Buthaina Shaaban, an adviser of the Syrian president that the national leadership of the ruling Baath Party in Syria, discussed the political developments and the realists popular and service in the country, as well as to the level of government performance and the effectiveness of political institutions, administrative and security, in order to provide better services to citizens and to guarantee the life of living stones for the citizens and the maintenance of freedom and dignity. 

It also quoted Shaaban stop driving "at length when the unfortunate events in the province of Dara and the disturbances that accompanied what led him to sabotage public facilities and the deaths of fellow citizens in that province is dear to our hearts, and decided to form a steering committee Graduate mission contact with brothers from citizens in the shield and listen to them. ...", and "indicated that Syria intends to prepare a draft law to the parties in Syria and brought to the political and public dialogue and study of the termination of the emergency law" as soon as the college. 

Shaaban said in an interview with reporters that "Syria will meet the aspirations of important decisions of our fans," asserting that "our audiences would be participation in the resolution and decision-making and participation in any decision." 
Reactions to the Syrians about the new decisions 
And discussed the Syrians inside and outside Syria to the social networking site "Facebook," these decisions until the early morning hours, and in the comment funny for a Syrian, according to which "the national leadership joined the infiltrators", is regarded as Syrian's remarks Shaaban lying novel Syrian discovery of weapons and money in the shield as It underscores that there are demands not met for the Syrians, but that the Syrian people not involved in the political decision-making, and that "political institutions, administrative and security" that I talked about Shaaban is effective, and each actor is a sinner, which was a state of tension with the Syrian people. 

For his part, Nidal Maalouf, editor of "Syria News" for fear the Syrians, "from the non-implementation of decisions" announced by Shaaban, In an article titled "important decisions, but" said the fear that not be the implementation at the decision again, and this apprehension specifically comes from the non-possession of the executive power and efficiency to reap the fruits of these important decisions, and in my opinion, the declaration of this fear at this time of great benefit, and considered that "the usefulness comes from downloading the executive responsibility to be at the level of political decision at this critical stage and to ensure that the Outputs of this important entrance verify the feasibility of the biggest possible. " 

He believed that "the plans and bodies and strategies that carry the values ​​of the theory is very important, and it was hoped to achieving practical results of the big and bulky, collapsed and shrunk after it has been amplified through mass media and has become on the level of implementation of rubble Markona in one of the corners of the failure of administrative who suffer from it at all facilities." 

Maloof noted that any new phase arriving must carry a change of the current Syrian officials, and officials must set the new, as well as change the method of selecting officials and the adoption of the method efficiency, rather than ways of nepotism, corruption and loyalty. 

Acceleration in the formation of the Lebanese government 

On the external front has entered Syria publicly on the line formation of the Lebanese government, and met with Syrian President Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Front national struggle yesterday, but only Syrian news agency "SANA" by saying that they discussed "developments on the Lebanese arena and the efforts to form a government in addition to ongoing developments in region, "President Bashar al-Assad met with Deputy Solomon Frnhip and discussed with him developments in Lebanon. 

Despite the announcement of Syrian Arab Republic on the tongue and Foreign Minister Walid Muallem that it does not interfere never the question of the formation of the Lebanese government, and that this was an internal Lebanese but they know exactly international interest in Lebanese affairs, and the fact that Damascus factor and significant to pay forward toward stability through its allies has also been talk in the media Information about the tense Syrian Arab Republic French, quoted in Lebanese newspapers that he "started feeling cold in Damascus to take shape the way in which mankind" by the French, the Lebanese issue in bilateral relations between Damascus and Paris. " 

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