Building human

It is difficult for us to understand the significance of the term Alonsnip right understanding, apart from the humanitarian problems and the historical circumstances that have passed Basor used it from thinkers and philosophers, which makes it imperative for us to follow the very beginning to be used. Has launched this term, the first thing was to signify the intellectual movement represented by thinkers Alonsenyon Humanists of the Renaissance, like the great Italian poet Francesco Petrarkh and his companions (*). Explained features of a movement seeking to enhance the status of the Sultan of mind, and resist the power and inertia, and for supporters to rebel against the restrictions of the Middle Ages and broken (2). 
And not Alonsni, a translation of the term Western Humanist, the most telling for the content of the intellectual movement referred to above. Valenchorep resurrection in the sense of the Baath, and thus are more an expression of what the term is intended to revive the Western literature and sent the old man from the Dark Ages sleep (3). 

And movement Alonsnip or fixation in the early Renaissance, like any other cultural revolution, re-assess the situation prevailing in the Middle Ages, then it was soon challenged the meaning of existence deposed leaders of theology at that time. The first spark revolution in the advancement of a group of intellectuals or Alonsenyin Alncurien, announced the interpretation of life consistent with the concepts of humans and humanity. And, of course, came the announcement of timid at first, but it was soon to become more aggressive later. It went on that group Alonsnip forward to challenge the contempt which was considered by the Christian clergy in the Middle Ages to our world, and confirmed for certain that the earth serves as a beautiful good, and that human existence precious gift too, and it is not accidental and unpleasant as propagating such Merchants pain. As the veterans of the same situation, Alonsenyin sheltering their logic to support the bold to the influence of the Greeks and Latins, and then taken Alonsnip movement from the perspective of the need for a revival of the ancient heritage. Can be regarded as those Alonsenyin rebels, from Petrarkh, a group of innovators, Atsvo perception and foresight, and succeeded at a frequency of one in the crushing restrictions of the Middle Ages, before the stark minds of their tongues: "O liberty We Nahqk .." (4). 

In this way the movement was launched Alonsnip strong light, and helped by the invention of the printing machine, although Alonsenyin reception for this event is similar to a cold frosty reception of another event is no less important, a geographical explorations. There is no doubt that Alonsenyin rebels, they were far from delighted as the invention of printing! They even Aduha in the beginning! We have a clear example of this, a blow to us Vsbziano Dabstichai, which is one of those noble ideas in the fifteenth century. With that Vsbziano died in 1498, ie at a time when the art of printing had reached a good degree of progress, we're seeing has been apprehensive of printing to the end of his life. Not only that, it was stated Vsbziano that one of his mother and Nasraih, the Duke of Urbino, he was ashamed to have the book printed. The truth is that this situation has become impossible in the next century, because Alonsenyin saw that the printing machine is no longer their enemy, happened thanks to their books began to spread in all media at lightning speed. Because if copies of the book before the invention of printing machine takes several weeks or months, the hundreds of print and copies made after the invention became an overnight (5). 

 And rendered as well as the invention of printing machine of the movement of Alonsnip Aoun, deliberately princes Italians turn Alonsenyin to support financially and morally. But also protected them from the pressure of the Church and the public! For reasons mentioned out on the scope of interest posed by the article, which contributed strongly in support of the movement Alonsnip of the Renaissance, as it was not only those supported the revolutionary vanguard of the movement. In the city of Florence gave birth to famous painters and artists, and with the help of princes, claimed the thinker Alonsni Marcello Feacheno translates the work of Plato and his disciples. And also formed the first scientific academy in the city of Florence, senior scientists emigrated to Byzantium after the fall of Constantinople by Mehmed. Unfortunately Taspt Academy of Plato's thought to the extent that they prevented the teaching of Aristotle's thought, which came to Italy through the Arab philosophers, such as Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd. The movement spread from Italy Alonsnip in Germany and the Netherlands, and two to France. And when he opposed the Christian clergy to enter works of Muslim philosophers, claiming they were coming from the point of the enemies of Christianity, said to them, Alonsenyon Insurgents: "This thought is an integral part of human heritage, and we need him, and we'll take it and use it, no matter who came from ! "(6). 

Alonsni the fact that the thinker of the Renaissance man was not an ocean, including ancient books, drawing and live them, but was a man who had mesmerized him Bakaddme Futuna imitating them in their lives and Ihakihm in conviction, and follow their example in their language and their thinking. No offense to such a movement when Oogl the owners to the maximum logical borders, the creature that tends to undermine the Christian clergy sharply and strength. Which helped since then to say that the prevalence of the incompatibility between Alonsnip movement and the Christian faith in the works and writings Alonsenyin. However, the use of the philosophical term "Alonsnip" is characterized by the relative novelty, though it emerged in which trends in philosophical several minutes in the definition of the term, she met all of the valuation of rights as the highest value to exist, but they varied in their faith in his ability alone to overcome the pain and achieve their aspirations, is doing so many influences can not be mentioned or even mention it. The boom great given to the term "Alonsnip" responsible one way or another to increase the difference in meaning when its users of the owners of trends in different philosophical, as well as being responsible as well as large mixing about the term, not in the public mind only, but rather to the many writers and authors also. 

Which led some philosophers and thinkers, eager including the Onsnip of Luster and attractive to make unremitting efforts in the formulation of certain characteristics of what it known to the mind "Onsnip global", they thought in transcending differences and contradictions contained in the different definitions of Onsnip, along with their belief in the marked for philosophy Alonsnip what else of philosophies . I went those efforts, the diversity, that Alonsnip approach respects the rights and down the status it deserves, "she says man of the highest value in existence, as it aims to critique the things as a product of human action and human capacity, in anticipation of poor reading and poor interpretation of human inhabitants of the past the collective as for the present collective. In Rehab Alonsnip no misinterpretation can not be revised, improved and upside down, and no further date can not be restored, to some extent, the passion and understanding of all its sufferings and achievements. 

In other words, Alonsnip radically undermine the thesis that the notion reverence what is my heritage or my people will inevitably conflict with the constant renewal of the contemporary data. If we have taken history as an example, we find that they see a path Alonsenyin not decided, under configuration, is still open to attend the emerging rebel and non-explorer and the right amount is estimated and posed challenges. They also think that man is the maker of history, then it is capable of with each passing mentally, according to the principle that we as human beings are aware of just what we Assanaoh, or rather, we see from the standpoint of human manufacturer, the know something means to know how that by making it thing. 
According to the Onsni feat Edward Said, is not Alonsnip way to strengthen and confirm what could we have known and Ohssnah always, but a means of question and worry and re-drafting of much of what presents to us today that Iqinat Muslim, Canned, closed the debate, and encrypted in a non-cash, including those what came to be as the views and work of the immortal being packaged chips cultural taboos. There is a difficulty in saying that our intellectual and cultural metaphor for a simple and intuitive from the letters of the experts, the more likely that he confused dissonance of blogging is unresolved. Each civilization to meet the spirit of this approach Alonsni desired. For this we have to Nlthompsh in different cultures, Fajsais public almost one among all civilizations (7). 

Using the standard Alonsni, is a human Onsnia (news coming Onsnip) as long as realized Alonsnip sought to enlighten others, and had not accounted for by himself or given team, as well as the human person news coming out, even if ignorance Alonsnip, did not realize what they were, or turns away, but in that case, the news coming out culturally alienated. Vahaia especially in underdeveloped societies is giving up his rights in the natural possession of a culture of free and sophisticated, a rest for the same and satisfy himself or given team, and work hard at the same time to prevent without taking the self-alienated culturally by the approach of life, and encrypt them in various ways and means, in order to deprive that self reap the benefits of taking Balonsnip. What is meant by culture as reported here, literary critic and poet, American-born and British Nationality T.. Q. Elliott, in his renowned (Notes towards the definition of culture), culture has a way of life of particular people, living together in one place. And show that culture in the arts of the sons of this people, in their system for combined! Using the same criterion, is the least of all aware Alonsnip accounts for the social, in their habits and customs, and in their religion. And according to Elliott winning the Nobel Prize in 1948, is not meeting these matters of culture, although many spoke of the ease, as if this was true. These things are not only the parts that can explain the culture, can also dissect the human body. But, as that man more than the sum of different constituent parts of his body, so more than the sum of culture, arts and customs and religious beliefs. These things all affect each other in some, in order to understand one of them right understanding must be understood by all (8). 

I would say that is common, especially in underdeveloped societies is giving up his rights to own natural culture of free and advanced, for the same comfort and satisfaction of their society! It is in this assignment is of a culture of culture is not real or what should be the culture really, that is, it becomes a consumer of culture not of his making. Perhaps the primary source for seeking human comfort itself in the alienation of cultural, is what the address by merchants pain in beauty, they are usually Iwamonh that the alienation of cultural obligation are obligatory true faith, and ask to give up voluntarily the right to critique and develop their culture, to draw closer to God and Zulfa! As well as asking him to authorize acceptance of others with their own eyes the power to exercise this right on behalf of him and others, and often base their arguments to the frail. And death that is not correct to accept the rights of the disabled the most valuable talents and spectacular, what the human mind in the more heavily weighted towards the views except Qabas God lives in the body of its owner, but otherwise the inability of the Rights on the performance of his career, hit in the shadow of life is pointless. And disable the power of the mind but keep it conservative basis, working to suppress any rebellion against the status quo, and calls to keep all of the dominant cultures, and fights every mile to a radical change. 

The petition rights Bagturabh satisfy society, Fmrdjah that the concession rights for a natural right to criticize the culture and development are often in a society made up of its members to appreciate and respect the expatriate, and they meet in the belief that culture is the real guarantee for the maintenance of their identity, and it is superior to that extends to their hands exchange and development. Vamotrbun usually waived collectively for their natural right to criticize their own culture and develop it into a see of them deserving of this, and I appreciate them to go to the perceived path and bumpy and fraught with danger. And often stand the other, and I mean it as I said before, every person who knows the Alonsnip and accounts for himself or for the given team, and work hard at the same time to prevent without taking the self-alienated by the approach of life, and encrypt them in various ways and means, to deny that self reap the benefits of taking Balonsnip. I say that often stands behind the other and wasting of the self-alienated Onsnip, any failure to take those behind the self, through a frenetic quest to perpetuate the cultural alienation of the self in all its painful effects. 

   And the right to the other, especially in underdeveloped communities do not report to the Panth in the absence of specific mechanisms will help him to his command. Valagturab need to support a permanent Sdnth, and there is more to ensure the longevity of the existence of institutional support to him regularly and permanently. Without such support becomes difficult to maintain the entrenched idea of ​​a permanent exile in the mind. Often taken the formula institutional various forms, Valmwssep destination writer does not necessarily mean huge buildings and the large army of staff and the momentum of bureaucratic, but range between those buildings, majestic and certain figures, Iserha servants of alienation Bhrvihm propaganda and the skill of their promotion of alienation symbols in a quasi-divine, claim that false does not come from before or behind, which facilitates the docility expatriates inclined to blind. 

Just as the institutional formula take different forms, can accommodate the activity of such institutions concerned to include many areas. Vtkirs cultural alienation of the self is not only through the mechanisms of limited as many people may fancy, but it is through the mechanisms of many and varied, including police, educational, and media, as well as what has been termed Baldini, relative to religion and religion is innocent. Does not reflect the limited efforts by the erosion mechanisms for a particular author is convinced of being the most ease in monitoring, but it expresses the firm conviction as the most effective in establishing in the minds of self-alienation. We can imagine how a visitor becomes a heavy cultural alienation while lacking such mechanisms, which are sometimes imposed and sometimes endear him to the innocent victims, Vtsourh them on that laurel wreath above their heads. The following is a summary of the monitoring mechanisms to devote some of the most important cultural alienation of the self (9): 

[1] institutions of violence: the expatriate community is hardly devoid of the institutions of violence, as the most effective bulwark to protect the other from the wrath of the self. However, that function and other functions from other renowned institutions of violence in the communities of expatriate outstanding performance for her, not merely as a cover steel hides the job more dangerous and more severe, namely, abortion prevention of any attempt, no matter how minor, to conquer the cultural alienation and self-liberation from heavy yoke. And the usual violence that lead institutions that function through intimidation Permanent simple and others on the pretext of preserving those communities, as if the communities are not only preserved the simple humanity of wasting and culturally alienated. Experience has shown that humanitarian intimidation permanent man made it is still easy prey for the cultural alienation. Unfortunately, some ordinary people involved in the commission of violence, by virtue of their involvement in the institutions of violence, where it should be there ready and willing to implement policies on behalf of the other. 
[2] institutions of indoctrination Media: led control of the other in certain communities, especially the underdeveloped societies, the media to deny the vast majority of the people of those communities to express their opinions and attitudes, and thus devote cultural alienation. Although there is no consensus in these communities to define the role and responsibilities of the press and the media, but the practice put forward a unified vision, but differed relatively content varies. This vision and set the primary role of the press and other media need to be used as a tool in the hands of the other, to take an explanation and interpretation and support for its decisions, rather than a tool for serious criticism and development. It is noted in general that the other is any criticism directed at him that it is directed to all of society, defending the public order and security of the community, two of the vague concepts that are used widely throughout the underdeveloped societies. Resulting in a lack of vision real cash, whether in the media or by officials or for those oppressed communities referred to. 

[3] Educational institutions: The educational institutions of all kinds and one of the most important and most dangerous mechanisms devoted to cultural alienation in the backward countries, that were not the most serious at all. Educational journey often begins with the creation of the child to enter the dark tunnel of alienation, through a systematic approach and rigorous. The family sometimes provide for the completion of that task miserable, Fidelv child to school has been fully prepare for the life of cultural alienation. However, the most commonly used to combine the efforts of family and school in creating a child in his early years to become an expatriate culture, parents are Amoterpan often do not they save effort in teaching and Idahma ABCs of alienation at an early age, the more likely they Iskieh them with milk, without realize, of course, To the extent Jnayathma Idahma, to have a firm belief of the inevitability of rehabilitation to deal with the same efficient with the expatriate community. To die because they are so destroying its critical and creative Hristilonh deformity and distorted, has no authority on the culture, do not have the cash or have developed. But then the tragedy to be completed when play other educational institutions devoted to the task of this alienation and consolidation. 

The pain in the wholesale slanders truth of what we, litany of high illiteracy rates in underdeveloped societies, and take them to refute the argument by saying that educational institutions are almost the most important mechanisms devoted to cultural alienation and dangerous. To say that these high rates of illiteracy protest saying I want the right to void. Means the writer did not refer to educational institutions, schools, universities and institutes, but it inadvertently also refer to the family home as an educational institution first and most influential in the child. Which refutes the allegations of skeptics in the responsibility of educational institutions to devote alienation in underdeveloped societies, based on the high rates of illiteracy. Moreover, proving human experience day after day that illiteracy itself compel the owner and qualify automatically for the entry tunnel alienation dark, Valomi often lacks the necessary capacity to enable it to avoid the cultural alienation or oppression, and for several reasons, the most important adoption permanent knowledge on expatriates around tags, as well as he still considers the Permanent drawn his information to the audio and visual means, which are subject to the servants of alienation as explained above. Finally, it is not permissible to say that the high illiteracy rates intended for itself, it is reaping the fruits of illiteracy among ordinary people is the other? Then, is not illiteracy, a cheap and easy to perpetuate the cultural alienation, as opposed to educational institutions that require those carrying out her task much effort and great expense?! In any case, remains a writer on his conviction that the educational institutions in backward societies, including produced by the education of poor, help strongly to the involvement of more innocent victims in a tunnel alienation dark, turning resolutely tireless without creating new generations are able to demolish a wall of alienation hard, which prevents between expatriates and the recovery of their natural right to possess a culture of free and sophisticated. 

       [4] professionals religious justification: Perhaps the wiser one and hesitation about the wording of this partial task and dangerous, living proof of the depth of the tragedy of cultural alienation and dangerous, You just do fear and the right with him to find a wholesale pain, and most of them in every time and place, a way to distort content of his words and playing with them, especially that they have considerable experience in dealing with expatriates and shuffling papers in front of their eyes, in a stunning and unique, is rarely available to the other. Vhiaat to find someone who is orbiting in the expatriate tunics worn, which is satisfied by, can not endure it altered! And it is impossible to find someone who is a paradise for expatriate calculated tragedy, fight for it till death! Which demonstrates the skill and professionalism of the other in this regard. The writer says this and in the same lump does not heal them, what is easier to manage the innocent reader back to those words, in response to the lure of the pain and traders claim their incompatibility with feline sanctuaries. Any of those holy places, which allows them sucking innocent people in the roar of alienation and Tersikhm evil in their minds that the familiar is always right and that the violation may not be common consensus, even if proven wrong?! 

I would say that one in every spot expatriate overheated and show interest strictly to provide cover religious practices, regardless of the legality of such practices, taking advantage of the pain-clad dealers comply with the cloak of religion to its directions. There is little else, however, has tightened his grip on the good luck of those who regarded the ordinary religious symbols. To the realization that, without justification for these practices, boiling cauldron of anger in the hearts of ordinary people, and make his presence threatened. Perhaps the most notable cultural alienation as reflected in the blind obedience on the part of expatriates to the claims of those traders who in turn serve the interests of their masters, even if it comes at the expense of the pain of expatriates and pains. In view of these is surrounded by other traders of the causes of reverence and honor, claiming righteous and pious, sleeping difficult undermine their credibility in the eyes of expatriates, so make any attempt to question the credibility of those shameful crime, the owner paid for it dearly. Often tempts the other expatriates so miserable Iviconh kinds of humiliation, or is it take care and you will reap the other very much praise from overseas! Often, not only those other merchants, Vimay to tighten control over religious institutions in particular. 

In any case, the author finds in the above input appropriate to say that the evolution of human history is not merely a product of cultural conflict is complex, self Alonsnip limbs, the self and the other expatriate. I say a cultural conflict, according to Elliott anthropological definition of culture as the above-mentioned comprehensive way of life, which means that the conflict broader and more comprehensive than when Marxists, The needs of rights, as we have said is not only physical, it is beyond the physical needs, the danger and importance. I say struggle complicated, because many Jbhatth and overlap, there is a conflict between the self Alonsnip seeking to enlighten self expatriate Balonsnip and erosion role of the other to devote Aghtrabha, among other perceived to Onsnip and keen to prevent the success of self Alonsnip to convince the self-alienated abandon Aghtrabha, as well as keen to prevent the taking self-alienated itself Balonsnip approach life, a painful conflict, which the other does not shy from the use or the temptation to self-alienated by all means, hidden and hidden to be settled in his favor. There is also a conflict between the self Alonsnip and self-alienated, a conflict is a hostile one, is the self-alienated, fueled by the other, as we have said and fueled, he is cast in appalled self expatriate to conquer Aghtrabha means erasing their identity, and the efforts of self Alonsnip to urge them to conquer Aghtrabha and the introduction of Balonsnip , is not only hostile practices in its own right, designed to wipe out their cultural identity. 

The tragedy is that the other skill in this area do not compete, it is always what works in the dedication and self-alienation of turning the self-Alonsnip, and human memory is full of incidents of confirmed, they are bloody and inhuman incidents in its entirety, an unspeakable human. It is no wonder that the tragedy of division of self into the same observer is confused. The greater part of the self is unaware of or displays for Alonsnip and boasts Bagturabh cultural and reliable in his salvation on the other, while incurring the smallest part of the self and marginalized always suffering severe, he knows Alonsnip and strives to enlighten self need to take the approach of life, but he faces a formidable one, which is often entrusted the task of torturing him to self-alienated! Which in turn contributes to the complexity of the conflict. 

And human history narrated in most cases, the other strong and impart self-alienated vulnerable consistently and skin envied them, not tired antagonizing the emigrants to those souls noble, which appear in the moments or periods scattered across different ages, and refuses to humanitarian owners not account for itself mean that souls noble realize Alonsnip, and not to Travel alone in the tunics of that perception, at the time of distress, the self-tormented Baghtrabha, as we see it is working hard to expose the other and enlighten self expatriate Balonsnip and benefits of taking the approach of life, which aims to lift the yoke of alienation from the burden, and taught that pain is not a measure inevitable, but rather is an industry hands and the hands of the other. Which drives the other, and Oqguah in every time and place, his posts that the soul noble and pure hostility and ill-treatment by addition to being charged with her all the wickedness and appending mentioned universally decried and condemnation and insult, even creating one as demons in the form of humanity, and the right that the owners of Ashraf and set foot on the back the ground. 

They refused them Onsenyon noble souls in the socialization of the other sin, so they start to preach Balonsnip however they were able to, and started Ieron as well as the other, to see the self-alienated is reprehensible, and hidden behind the false logic and honeyed words. It Alamadgat Alambkiat that these Alonsenyin They have different ages in self-trimming expatriate Aghtrabha to conquer and salvation, not safe from harm! Fjba sentenced to death for the triumph of the executioner and die without it! The strange lure of the hangman of the crucified victim seeks salvation! The right to shred and excelled the other great innovation, so that expatriates always count on him in their salvation! Not surprisingly, devoted to mechanisms of cultural alienation, working day and night without respite, no mercy, without caring about the torments of the victims and their groaning. Vkoni alienation god unquenchable only tears of immigrants and their blood! And like the other faithful priests in the temple of the god of alienation, speaks on his behalf, and urges expatriates to obey him, as well as warning them of the consequences of disobedience and rebellion against his orders and prohibitions! 

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