So lift your mood

Life is not without problems and pressures, resulting in several Kaltotr emotions and anxiety and frustration, which should not surrender it, but must learn Response and reduction.
Here are some ways and that perhaps many of us do not give importance to it helps a lot to reduce these pressures:
- Respiratory correctly:
Breathing correctly is not only contribute to ensuring physical safety, but at the same time feel like psychological comfort, this should be reconsidered in the way your breathing, and be your primary goal is to supply the body with the maximum amount of oxygen. And you two types of breathing correctly: • respiration to generate energy - Do this exercise 10 times - - Inhale from your nose even count to 4 - Frgi air even count to 4 and if you turn off the Valuation candle.
• breathing vacuum - cleans the blood cells of any impurities can cause blockage - - Inhale from your nose even count to 4 and Fill the lungs with air. - Keep the air inside the body even count to 10. - Frgi air slowly from your mouth even count to 5. - Repeat the exercise so that you can increase his holding period of the air inside the body and Valuation is always emptied in half the time .. For example, if maintained until the air inside the body count to 12 you do vacuum even count 6 .. And even reached as far as counting to 16 should be unloading even count to 8 .. And consistently, you must increase the time gradually and slowly
- Talk to yourself: Talk with the self is one of the successful methods for the treatment of tension and to determine the ideas, and try to solve problems, and we must be talking with the self at the time of Being a relaxed, non-stick nerves, and when talking with them, and there was something negative, it must delete it from your memory and your mind subcontractors, and try to get it back
- Learn how to cope with problems: • not to be negative reactions to any problem Tsadwinh, you should not deal with the problems of excessive sensitivity, and remember that the problems part of life, • varieties of your problems by degrees to search for appropriate solutions • Face your problems in ways that balanced a logical and constructive restraint, and control of emotions and feelings of anger.
- Go back to laugh: Laughter does not confer happiness to our lives, but on our bodies and our spirits, a factor that an anti-stress and negative emotions such as anger, fear and frustration, it helps to reduce the levels of hormones of stress, especially cortisol, and raise the levels of hormones that improve public health, such as endorphins. It was found that laughter for a minute and helps one to feel satisfied and comfortable for about an hour.
- Learn relaxation techniques: Helps relax in the development of the power of self-control and the rapid elimination of agitation and anxiety, and calm the body and mind, as it has several advantages such as lower blood pressure, increase focus, increase energy, and create a general feeling of good case. Here's an example of relaxation exercises: Close your eyes and imagine the place you love, can be a place outside a beach or a forest or a sunset, or have a special place in your home, he was kept in this place for a while breathing deeply, enjoy the sensations, slowly, opened his eyes and kept in a sense of calm that you feel , Follow your thoughts and allow yourself to enjoy the calm.

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