1....Short stories

The laws of the jungle .. 

       Cool breeze flowing between the trees, dancing flowers of the signed form to a panel woven bright spring colors of the spectrum, from around the rising hum of bees suck nectar from the flowers of spring, dancing butterflies, water infiltrating from the green oasis and it makes into two parts. 
     The old (OC) last family members Bowl that have been taken from the oasis home to the rule of the Sultanate of (Al-Said), which collapsed last strongholds on the hands (Dragon), was left of the ruins only hut fled to the old man and his wife after the overlooked events opportunities for continuing a life of luxury that terbia by within the confines of their grandfather Sultan (Al-Said), Spring tenth since the burial of his wife next to the trunk of the olive tree opposite the entrance to the hut, he moves between the Evergreen to overcome the conditions of life that passed him, he settled next to the olive tree, watching the horizon stretching before Ohdape which became Mrttbt white dispersion of the the edges of his eyes, long periods of time did not visit the Oasis non-birds and a few fishermen, under currently browsing the horizon, out female bathroom between the branches of a tree marked with nest Mandhan for their eggs three young children trying to break up the covers around her and out to a new life, the male helps young people to go out and the guard the nest until you return the mother and with it the minute the food went to collect, Raven approaching yard cottage climb rays sunrise wings, painted under the long covered arena, fell membranes three eggs next to the feet of the old man as he listened to voices of three young children waving Mnakirhm to the top in search of the minutes of food expected , since the pair began to weave the bathroom in the nest and lay eggs, and this crow was looking forward to visiting the scene in successive periods, conversing with the old charm of the oasis, 
Remember the time that has passed by, animals and birds have become part of the vocabulary of his life companion was suffering and distress that has not stopped since that raided armies (the dragon) on the Oasis and Vgrt the bowels of his three children before his eyes, the mother on her way to the young and the minutes of food to its beak and inner entrails, wrestle with the male crow, face a serious blow to one of his wings I wanted the ground, trying to throw the old crow pieces of rock, combining three small claws. 
Go .. The vote is still spreading in the quarters, the mother on her way to the olive tree, you hear echoes of their young as they scoured quarters for help, he fell a little to the river, the volatility of the male, trying to find out the fate of their young, looking around the oasis, the old man assigns his knees on the ground and sobbed, the sun deposited everyone and leave the oasis of rest, a day after fatiguing, the old man back to the hut while still sadness and oppression kills beauty, the crow cleans its claws and beak, the movement of water pay with feathers Alrhiv who was covering the body of the young, shows the moon dimmed not continue until gradually returning to the glory and light silver who shall circulate it after the canons Dunst picture of life in the jungle around the Oasis ... 

Rashes ... 
When the prayers and the prayers ascend through the rays from the sun on the rock pillars of civilization, the force will force the hardness of the rock formation. 
While the goods are being made sweetness, the rat returns to the sand, which cling to the pegs orchards and the roots of civilization (gardens), which Tdgdgha cooler water infiltrating through the hardness of the rock-forming for (DAM), which lead to water tributaries, nightmares and disturb the dreams promising extinction, the silence is applied to offerings when he went to entreaties, and beliefs, the sun Ttosd the darkness of clouds which received collected from the drops on the wings of the tributaries that reaches out, reaches receiving water bodies to the dam across the mouth Alvagr, failed to hardness of the rock to confront the force paid by a hit each other, the rocks running in front of eruptions that runs behind the sand Almtosdp pegs orchards and the roots of civilization, known as the (SABA), folded eruptions signs of life, the mouse goes and goes behind the tail and tooth eruptions, the earth has received on her face the mountains, while dispersed members, the offerings are trying to stand up and shame chased, the sun folds rays on Qrsa which covered in yellow, and the mouse tries to escape from the gaze of the sun, which is approaching him, and he holds the back of the tail on the edge of the claws of his right hand, he felt that the curse of the sun followed when directed by the yarns of the disaster, the curse followed by a run and run behind him votes eruptions, the sun began dying when the link is part of the tail around his neck, which hangs from the other part, the eruptions settle down in front of the rock that rose to it and lift his body on his feet, declaring victory in the sun .. 

Taker ... 
       Groves shared the night and a woman wearing dark and bruised by wallowing Wailfully between the walls of tin Mohtadi, crying frequency currents dry winds strut frost Andah afternoon tin - to tears pouring down - overlooking the convoy lined up in front of civilian neighborhoods in silence, it lists the fluctuations time witnessed. 
     - (May God have mercy on him) is better than Oooit despite the curses I receive with the brightness of his wife the morning and leaves a night ... Surat Al Fatiha ended narrative and gave it some prayer. 
Taker said to himself and smile Kgely smile on his face pale and post details of the race: What a mean-spirited city - a Ktp rubbed his chin with his fingers - a grave one day .. And the price of an understatement .. and a deferred payment!! 
     Silence progressive darkness of the abyss .. There are highlights from the candle flame burns around him from the darkness to show the woman - her husband, crying - are you received a blanket in front of a mirror based on one of the walls. 
     Generally adhere to a naked body women .. There is infiltration of dancing to the wind through the candle flame against necrosis. 
     He rubbed his itchy appetite pulses from the belly of the left palm of his hand, pulled out a grave digger body out of the blue darkness of the night recalling the money Isitsogah the wife of the deceased for the grave. 
     Are inserted between a smile and his face, whispered in the same bed is lying: soft .. Soft (1) at the end of a yawn .. Grate to abide in the sight of lethargy. 
     Bzbol the wake of the last candle dims the face of the mirror naked gradually to remain there under the nice Izachh faint flame in a vacuum Atemth shared the night. 
     Smell and appetite Azgalha Taks her hair, the brightness of the sun sharp Idahmha front of the mirror is Tndd what can be paid to a price taker for his grave. 
     Rqracp tears and blanket and covers Atmarha Groves, went out to the cemetery steps slaughtered sadness - so as not to remain in custody late nothing. 
     Sleep implemented, as it approaches the wheel to receive the Daoua almost fell off the edge of her tongue at the entrance. 
     Snoring exists in breath taker on the bed, which gives him the thrill of sleeping in the funerary fragrant scent, and Bchkerh similar to saw wood, I remembered the voice of one eighth of the grave. 
     Crossed the room toward the dead relegated maximum entrance, I sat on the edge of his bed in silence, the voice of Mjhish boycotted the scene after, got up on impact, rubbing his eyes sunken and covered parts of his body, saying to himself and Gazing at her when she received Dtharha by: 
     - The woman who died was carrying her husband's money. 
     As it approaches said: Thank you .. Yalk woman and faithful. 
- I hear: How much is the grave? 
- Did not tell you yesterday? 
- Yes, but not a good time to bargain. 
- I do not I compromise .. If not, you're doing half the affordable price .. 
     Parked close to speak, her eyes are almost Rmgueth Thrown his lap. 
     Awhile .. Disappeared before they leave the cemetery, Muttering mercy and forgiveness to her husband, and after forty days and counting before the disappearance to dig her grave pretty detailed remember the creature as she felt his stomach rest, proceeded to take the measure to accomplish the grave promised, disappeared long cave bed, out of Khvitha Taatrajat to keep a suitable area by Jenin next to her grave, beautiful. 

 Blending of tears ... 
Pushed the wind sail the boat on the back of the waves throw him here and there, drowned me when she felt the waves of the Year is approaching them, we have launched a last cry on the outskirts of the city. 
Appeared the city to sail the boat at its best-kissed rays of sunset, moved (Laila) paddle quickly when it flowed to combine the smell of the city that have emerged some of its markings, tears from my eyes when I saw the beach and the movement of fishermen is controlled by, I remembered the day that sailed me and Bgere enemy ships, not Tmhlha tears as well when the hinted homes and fishermen's approaching us, ten years ago of her own age and suffer moodiness to live after being kidnapped as a little girl, and caused the island which he was exiled all the children of masters of the city, spent her gaze towards me has been painted on her lips smile thin, still shave Bnzerati the prospects for the city, anchored her gaze on my eyes, to re-footage drawn childhood innocence from the alleys of the city before the beginning of the events, wet eyes photos past its water salty, still her gaze heightened surveillance of my looks, the sun is anchored on the edge of the sea, the waves are trying to attract them back, approached the beach, the city ahead, wind launches Sfirha, proceeded to sea in the rejection of Araish and began to slam the waves, the city ignited Guenadelha, dot the cries of joy in the prospects ... 

Throes of sand ..
When Art (Ejreban) * body (Zeer Salim, Abu Laila ragged) in the bowels of its valleys, had been listening to Usith recent pronunciation of the tongue when the organs it odw, years published Atemtha on the vocabulary of his life, which attracts civilizations scattered ruins, having brought down the last star to oblivion on (Ejreban) and events and are furnished with sand animation that brought waves of events, echoes resound and disappear in the sky which encapsulate the topography of the wide world, fans were trying to collect pearls tear of the echoes of life that accompanied (Zeer), which is tucked his bones between the darkness of the sand, bent in front of their pages, invent vocabulary attributed to him after the culmination of a pearl of pearls contract extinct, his vice-like bones - after it has been place pens - and felt the soft sand before shopping wind events that are close to life, covered in sand, I remembered the land as his shrouded key when finished off him, shrank bone problem structure (Zeer) after repeated wind his name and some parameters of his life, rose up his bones, try to get up to correct the rumors himself, he was prevented sand Almnhalp his remains, was Schtath of inner darkness that covers the facts, the key entices the sands of the earth for fear of the fingers of thieves, the words burning in the layers of sand in hard labor in labor. 

Anosh ... 
Swallowed their saliva, cost reddish cheeks, Tsbpt race, fell in her eyes to the ground, breathed deeply, launched her eyes of tears, held her grieve in the combine, lifted her left hand and covered the breasts, Ajtert deep breaths, attracted her right hand and blocked the mouth after the pant mysteries, was signed the feet of guests heading to the outside after the rejection of their request, which came from him. 
 Clouds thinking about packing up after attacked a village, the sun appeared on the edge of the mountain, and on the other side of the rainbow colors bright, left the villagers to their fields enjoying its beautiful after it raided the withdrawal of the summer, is one of dozens of girls of the village, invaded spinsterhood their skin Alhentip, and Osabehn time sorrows, watching the clouds from the vicinity of her window, which cracked down on the walls of loneliness, and stood by its looks confused on the edge of the stands looking forward to the water, which reflect the rays of the sun quiet, has been watching the land devastated by decades as well, and become unfit for cultivation for the loss of fertility, I imagined destiny eternal, which will be decided through moments, and called her gaze land arid, dressed in her pleasure, began to arrange her room, no longer hear the sound at wall a resounding "Tech .. tack" the Scorpions are going slowly, and blows her heart is steadily increasing, the disposal of her gaze into the mirror large Blindfolded to the side of the wall, and it image, which hid its features patches fat and dark atoms dust stuck on the surface, wiped commented generally mirror after rising voice of guests discussing with her father, she appeared image and clear on the mirror, she is dressed retained to this day, to exchange her father's debate with his guests, he began the debate is excreted sweet, still next to the panel glass which smiled upon her image, complained to mirror the surgeon since he knew the secrets of life, in the second ten-year-old, made the day a youth of the village to ask for her hand, then I apologize to her father because of her age-Saghir, followed by a series of visits to ask for her hand but did not received the welcome of her father, who apologizes or always ask a lot of money, I remembered her mother, who ruled dies after being generated by the ten years, and today, which entered her stepmother to this House, to Mlmt the rest of the anxieties that usurp time, I smiled in the face of the mirror when she's feeling of hope, I remembered the winter of last year when he met the guests in the Council and began to talk - like the one you hear - when he presented the man asked her, but her father about the engagement of her little sister - sister remembered the old, who led the twenty-seventh, turned her back to the mirror when I heard a young man - which were offset by three days and promised by accepting a pair if they (the aunt) and her father - chatting with her father, brought to its attention focused played more, glued her ear to the keyhole, he asked the young man her hand from her father, declined to her father's answer, repeated the young man his request, voice rose and her father: Why did not ask her sister the other hand even Nuaqk your order? Guests got up, rushed to the outside, the sun has rolled behind the mountain ...  

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