Whispers man and a female


If you Ohpetk women faint, and faint if I loved you
Women in Love permission to enter her heart, and the man he entered the heart without permission and this is our loss
If the love of women have done a lot, and I spoke a little
Love is blind and devotees do not see the folly of committing
If you complained about the cruelty of man-woman, know that his heart between her hands
Love a tear and a smile
The liking of me to love her, Itrabha that miserable in the process of
If you love a woman is not carrying it, I love that the first of these words make women think you have to control
Love is stronger, it makes the beast of man, and makes Ohina rights and beast
Love delusion you are a woman different from the others
Love is the most sweetness and bitterness of the most
Love a woman and a man and deprive
The greater our love for our fear of increased abuse of love
Difficult to hate a lot of loved
Results unexpected love
If a man loves a woman Sagaha cup of kindness, and if women liked a man to her lips always Ozmoth
Love is the history of women, not only passing incident in the life of man
Love enters a man through the eyes, and women enter through the ears
Men die of love, and women Ihieddin tags
Jealousy is the tyrant of the Kingdom of Love
Women's puzzle, his key word is: Love
Woman without love dead woman
Not love only what we imagine
Fresca does not love a flower scent smells unless it drops of tears fell
Love is stronger emotions because it is the most complex
Love is tears, crying that means you love
Found love for His Excellency the few, but the misery of many
Love HE tremble
The love for a woman down in a moment of silence, filled with suspicion and admiration
True love is his key honesty between the two

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