Eg. pioneers

Rose Al-Youssef 
Did not know the girl Fatima Yousuf (born in 1898) where he went with her father (a parent, Turkey) after the death of her mother's Lebanese, but they are known to be living with a Christian family called (Rose) came to Egypt, a small out of the adventure, she lived alone to be felt this Unit Iskandar Farah, who considered a daughter of his daughters, he was a symbol of Arab Theatre at the time, lived Rose in the life of creativity and art Fajtefha magic of theater and meeting places, and there met with a loved one gala, which encouraged them to representation, and assigned her a role in one of his plays, a role which was cause of her fame as an actress, and through task forces, "Aziz Holiday" and "Akasha" I knew the way to glory, in the period, met Mohammed Abdul Quddus and Kuna bilaterally successful they offer their production between the seasons play to entertain the audience, and then later on you with George White in some acts on the stage of opera to be moved to work with the Task Ramses year 1923 and the peak was represented when the novel "Ghada Camellia," a play which led to her fame, and then represented with Naguib El Rehani play and then retired, a representation at the height of its glory. 
Came with the idea of ​​a magazine after the attack in her hand a number of magazine "st", which was attacking the people of art furiously, I felt jealous of the art, which became his place in society, she consulted with her colleagues Zaki Tulaimat, Mahmoud Azmy for the issuance of magazine art to defend art and artists against attacks, which began to find its echo, and already got a license to publish a magazine Rose Al-Youssef, was a weekly literary photographer, called Mohammad El Tabaay to help them, but her biggest problem - as I mentioned in her diary Fatima Yousuf - were not in a little money and hard work does not press market weak, but "in, I am a woman," it was not the right of women to enter public life, and break into the field of journalism in particular is difficult for men, let alone women, and adds Fatima Al-Youssef, "In this atmosphere was to be spent .. to take responsibility for work carries my name .. to preside over the institution of works by men, to go to meet men are in front of people and the ministers and elders, but in what they are but men do not know about women, but they are women just have to take action at home. 
The magazine appeared in October 1925 in sixteen pages, and considered the Friends of Rose Al-Youssef, writers and critics working with the press just (laugh). Then you can not disassociate her biography that the militant nature of political life, especially as with a group of editors who have engaged in political work, sided with the Wafd Party, and attacked the British High Commissioner, who was the prime mover in the policy and continued to attack him to his isolation. 
Said Rose Al-Youssef in the magazine news closed after publishing a series of Almqlat about the life of kings, when she took the life of Khedive Ismail, Queen Victoria, ordered the King Fouad to take disciplinary action against them, were shut down the paper for a period of nine months and did not surrender it (Rose) to despair, but also issued other magazines and made of the same nature satiric critical, including the magazine (Sergeant) and (echo right) and magazine (Near East) and magazine (Free Egypt), and it was all a mirror image of its magazine of origin (Rose Al-Youssef), offering writers and editors have to the prison, often made against them are prison sentences suspended and received warnings because of the cartoon satire, which was exposing the corruption, and Talaat Harb Pasha of knowledge and pro-style and enthusiasm, and the savior when it decided to give up (the Wafd) and the newspaper, a free platform for the view raised by the Staff lawsuits and resigned was forced to mortgage all its property and jewelry to pay their debts and lent her Talaat Harb amount of money considered to have it, and I thought to return to acting for the payment of debts, and have already contacted Palmkrj Ahmed Salim, in this regard tasted (Rose Al-Youssef) commanders after World War the second the high cost of paper and traded on the black market, and control which have stifled the press, had to confine subjects to the internal affairs and social crises such as onions, and reduced the number of pages of its magazine, and in that period started the war in Palestine being held by pages of her magazine articles about the betrayal of the British to the Arabs launched a campaign on Zionism in 1945, then confiscated the magazine, and prison Ihsan Abdul Quddus her son to attack Nokrashy Pasha and the British on the pages of the magazine wrote in its letter, which was published in the magazine (to the prisoner I greet you in prison, salute or greet and citizenship Uploaded thread honor of Jihad in the case of Egypt. The mixed in myself, feeling the pain with a sense of citizenship I do not know Boehma to express myself, though my heart to feel Bjehimin hell maternal and hell, in principle, both cut from the torment, and the conclusion Jihad life of Fatima, Yousuf press is concerned the question of Palestine and replete with pages of magazines all was said and what was known about the Jews. 

Aisha Abdul Rahman 
Born in 11.06.1912 in Damietta. I learned at home and then made to obtain a certificate efficiency parameters in 1929, then studied modern science and progressive exam certificates of public, elementary 1931 - and the secondary section the first year 1932 - and bac literary 1935, then followed university studies in the Department of Arabic Language Ethics Cairo, she received a BA in Literature 1939 - Masters 1941 - Doctoral degree 1950. Commissioned as an inspector of the Arabic language the Ministry of Education between the years 1942 to 1945. I got married in 6/15/1944 Bostazha Secretary-Kholy has affected much by this marriage / Where did the scientific method. Girl beach or fiqh a name and mark in the history of Egyptian culture, this woman, who started from the time of the harem to the fold of the university to the cultural life to the fold of thought and vision coverage to have students over Arab arms. Was a fellow teacher in the path of thought and life the Secretary-Kholy, calling itself the "beach girl" because the traditions were not allow the emergence of the names of girls in public life. The girl beach researcher and the literary and poet, it is where is the researcher it may a great effort in the studies on the statement of Koranic interpretation and modern science, and where is the literary and poet it may clear effort in the field of creativity, I wrote poetry and published in the Journal of Renaissance women, also published stories of a social nature in the newspapers, "author" and "Star of the East", and I have contacted the literary and cultural life in various parts of the Arab world through different visits from time to time, and most of her poetry in her poem eulogizing her husband, Amin El Kholy. Was professor of Arabic language and literature. And received the Order of the efficiency property of the King of Morocco in 1961 and the Order of Merit of the scholars of Islam in Egypt in 1989, and participated in international conferences and symposia, the Arab and Islamic countries in Rome, Ghana, India, Pakistan and all over the east and Morocco, and has 15 books in Islamic Studies and 12 books in Arabic Studies, 8 Books in the literature, and 5 books in the national survey, was a member of the Supreme Council for Ethnic Affairs, and a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, and a member of the Supreme Council for Culture and a member of the investment culture at the Institute of the Arab World in Paris (France), took its place as a writer in Al Ahram newspaper since 1963 until her death in 1998 , rejected girl beach title of Our Lady of Damietta, the home of her birth, saying: it is not worthy of maternal martyrs struggles who were arch progress, it's a girl the beach the first woman to lecture at Al-Azhar in a public forum attended by 10 thousand citizens, was the title of the symposium "the need for young people such as the Millennium" was that in November 1959. 

Anji Plato 
If the artist Angie Plato and one of the artists of the few who came their contribution from outside the walls of the academies of art, the seed of rebellion, returns to her childhood of the day that refused to continue in the study school (Alsaikirkir) Sacred Heart, School of French aristocracy under her students to a strict regime, and succeed in convince her family to leave this community harbor, to a school (Lycee French), which has more freedom, and strict, aristocratic less a freedom that I found in the climate that searched for him also in the Revolutionary Group (Art and Freedom) after studying her artist full Tlemcani in the forties of the twentieth century Angie was the daughter of Mohammed Pasha, Plato distinguished professor and eminent scholar in the field of entomology, small (independent artists of Egypt) at the time she was seventeen years, when described as a witch installed Vrchatha, to invest the specific technical possibilities available to them intelligently rare. Paid Anji boost desire internal to override the rules of the house aristocratic and language of French and society CSS small, a group of Muslim families that belong to the Turkish origin, a community isolated from the general public, however I called Angie through the world of literature and culture, and by her older sister Julbry writer known at the time , between the French-speaking, revolutionary ideas of the community of intellectuals in the forties. At the time who was trying to her father, to draw the tendency inherent to art its mandate to work some of the transcripts global obey time, but they rebelled against this type of fee, which eliminates the identity and focuses on the Transport Secretary and literal, without emotion, and I found enlist, when she chose her family as a teacher new Drawing is the late artist full Tlemceni, one of the founders (the community of art and freedom, and the painter and photographer known, prior to running filmmaking and kept his library film and one of the most important films of realism the Egyptian) on the black market who left all this and traveled to Beirut to work as technical consultant for the Task Brothers Rahbani even and death. In spite of that the teacher full Tlemceni and his group, which included among its members Ramses Younan, Samir Uploader, Georges Henein, they were one of the biggest advocates of the doctrine Alcyriali, but that the teacher Tlemceni preferred to be a student, far from the intellectual currents of violent, not kept in the dark to work, but after a year full of lessons, though Angie has made the unexpected When asked Tlemceni to draw the keyboard to see in the next visit, and decides on the basis of how to deal with these student aristocracy, was surprised that it turned a trend is expected, it has been shipped to her painting symbols, and connotations, when she portrayed herself, trying to get out of the hole in a tree surrounded by flames, which were marked by painting bold and dynamic, that reveal her strong personality. draw the attention of a professor at the painting, those aspects of Expressionism, he decided to keep the student on the history of art, but also invited them to participation in the activity of a group of art and freedom and that its work was in this period very pessimistic and gloomy dark, sad and filled symbols and fantasies, because they learned at the hands of Professor that there is something forbidden in the art, after perfecting the use of tools and techniques. The third exhibition of a group of art and freedom, which was attended by (Angie) as a milestone in her life and a turning point changed the course of her whole life has been rumored name among the names of Knights group of art and freedom, has opened the activity window, very long, including the artist the small fact that Egypt and the problems of its citizens during the war II. In reference to the work of the artist's third exhibition of small group of art and freedom, "said critic (George nostalgia) that the surprise third exhibition of art is independent of the diversity of vegetation in the extent of delirium, in the paintings (Anji Plato). And rushed (Anji) to read and attend lectures and seminars which were held in the Club of scientific research, which is a forum of intellectuals revolutionaries, then, and has expanded its concerns, and emerging from within the family and school to the community at large, who was threatening to unleash leaders reject, as a result of oppression, and the impact of the influence of Colonialism took part in the women's associations, concerned with issues of women in society, and even traveled in 1945 to participate as a founding member in the first Conference of the Federation of Democratic Women, the International Conference, which dates to the beginnings of automation in the activity of global women's movement, has chosen the United Nations in 1975 as the year of a global women's on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the convening of this conference. Formed this period, the second phase of its journey, a phase of national action, where it formed and her first collection of new women in Egypt (Association of Girl University and institutes) so turned from painting to writing, a desire to influence the fastest, in 1947 released her book (80 million women with us) and a preface by Dr. Dean of Arabic Literature (Taha Hussein) and exceeds the book issues at home to global prospects, but he seeks to link the need for the Egyptian women's movement. The second book issued by Angie in 1949 entitled We are Egyptian women, who are being exposed to the pre-mid-twentieth century, with a preface by Egyptian historian Abd al-Rahman al-Rafii, with published her book, the third title (peace and evacuation) in 1951, and invited to a breach of freedom National colonialism in the world. Inge has been engaged in the national movement in 1948, returned to the drawing, have taken the countryside as its symbol, and theme of choice, imagine pristine nature of the Egyptian, and the peasants at work, whether in fields or markets. Coincided with the return fire of Cairo, before the July 23 Revolution, where he was public outrage sweeping, and manifestations of resistance to colonialism and occupation, at its peak, and even to the extent of the armed struggle on the shore of the Suez Canal, causing the paint popular and feminist resistance in the cities of the channel. The Gallery Angie's first in March 1952 Hall of Adam in downtown Cairo to reveal a linked national cause, both in her paintings, which dealt with the conditions of Egyptian women's poor, or through the paintings that dealt with the martyrs of battles militants at the Suez Canal against the forces of the British occupation, have expressed the truth about sense of national and ideas rebellious when translated activity of Egyptian women who championed by the late Siza Nabrawi in 1951, and from the womb of this climate rejection of oppression and occupation, formed the Women's Committee of the Popular Resistance after the abolition of the treaty the British-Egyptian, and the start of the armed struggle in the Suez Canal area against British forces. Inge's approach in the first exhibition Baltobeirip ratios in excess of nature, depending on the 
Modulating elements, in order to confirm the code, but still dark colors, while a person is a key element in these paintings. Did not stop Inge for the drawing, where rolled exhibited, after that until he reached the 26 exhibition, even when the decision to arrest her in 1959, spent four and a half years in prison, during which full-time to art after he seized her hand (right drawing) inside the prison in Home confiscated by the prison administration's first panel to them, resorted to the smuggling of her paintings, thereby preventing the paper and colors to be visited the Inspector General's prison, which is down by (Angie) and fortunately it has been a tendency of art, he issued his orders to allow them to paint at the outset, a condition not of actual imprisonment, Then I started to paint everything, and honestly reflect what it sees. The prisoner sells her paintings for the benefit of prison and then it soon hit the boredom of misery and problems of the community found itself in a hurry to nature, it began to paint a sunset, from behind bars, and sail small boats, from afar, it moves in the Nile, translated in the unimaginable into a symbol of freedom , and since then started to nature confirm the presence in the creations (Angie Plato) in the exhibition, which took place in East Germany in 1970 said: (it is a special exhibition of women while said Anji, but it is an expression of reality, and women are part of this reality has been able as a woman of that Enter the houses of the peasants, and I sit with the peasants, and I see on the ground, how women live in the countryside, working women, working in every place, field, market, home, then women defy the poverty and cares for the family. As for urban women, have expressed their will in a realistic, If it is sent across the plate (a tribute to "the South) signal of solidarity with the reality of Arab women's struggle, when embodied the struggle (Sanaa Mheidly) colors biography aromatic remained Anji Plato is committed to issues of society humanity, consistent with the ideas and revolutionary expression at all costs with new challenges and sacrifice. 

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