Thinking and perception

When the man could avoid failure in his life by studying the past and make use of the re-planning the present and seek to realize their dreams and future .. here we can say that there is no failure, but there experiences .. may succeed and may not succeed!! Any person may find him a successful Althir of hiccups and gaffes .. The more we throw the ball to land in force, whenever I came back to us up higher, faster and stronger!! And he does not have to be the opinion of others you that indicates you!? Because this opinion is based on the values ​​and thinking The Following others, not your values, do not you think you or your understanding of you .. We are all creatures of God - the Almighty - How could a person to judge you and determine your destiny that you are successful or unsuccessful ..!? If a person wants to change the fate of his life he should change his ideas .. Imam Sheikh Mohammed says Hubert: "It is when it comes to the movement with vision, speaking of happiness ..." Movement represents the kinetic energy, and vision represent the intellectual energy and blending them to achieve - as mentioned by Shaykh Hubert - Saadhllansan .. and here we feel the magnificence of the verse: "God does not change the condition of a people until they change it themselves", because man is the cause of the idea, which thereby determines the For their own destiny .. man that begins to change himself for the same ..!! Have discerned God on animal rights and other other creatures The uncertainty has a perception, a thing that separates humans and animals and birds and plants, humans or has the ability to comprehend and think, and then has the ability to change .. humans or is just who has the ability to change because he has the ability to where the change has goals and aspirations, planning and organization to change ... Were it not for all this man when he arrived to the surface of the moon .. but not this what we were together double those lines together via the Internet!!!

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