. Plastic ice


Skin vibrant, the colors of makeup last long, and eyes without dark circles, all wishful thinking tackles the dreams of every woman regardless of her age and nationality. But there is a significant portion believes that achieving these wishes requires many things, and extra effort, and the fact that simple steps, perseverance and cubes of ice can be achieved.Yes, snow, because of its magic effect on the skin, discovered several ancient cultures. The Chinese, for example, knew him for more than 3500 years, and its advantages to improve the skin and ease the pain, so we have become automatically when the injury a sprained ankle or pain in the back or head, or high body temperature to resort to ice cubes to ease the pain. Often be useful and effective solution.Also in the grounds of a snow pack spray a viable solution to flatten any muscle spasm affects the players to be able to continue playing.These great benefits of the snow pushed beauty experts to devise ways and means, has evolved into a full knowledge and methods based on cold treatment. As she says expert cosmetic Nanis sound: «magical solutions of ice cubes in the house, which used it to help many people in emergency situations, but forget it in spite of the rapid and proven efficacy, they cause blood vessels in Systole and Tlatifa of the skin that lasts for hours.When the morning show dark circles under the eyes of the impact of stressful evening night long, and here is the perfect solution to use ice packs under the eye.And trust that it gives tremendous results, in addition to many cases of cosmetic ice cubes to play the role of the main hero, and we find that most of the Hollywood beauty experts do not finish their work but have been hired by ».
And ways to implement it as follows:- When a makeup kind of powder with a layer light you can pass a piece of ice on the skin before placing the «Foundation» and «Powder», and we are once again passing it lightly before scattering colors «Blush» on the cheeks, and can be used cubes ice gelatinous for beginners.- When a makeup kind of CD you can then pass the ice cube in the second time spray «sprays» snow on the face, and shall be at a distance of 20 cm from the skin and will Tbhrk result.Valepeshrp gaining cooler natural, and colors make up the last for a period of 5 hours more than usual, so this method is accredited to the experts Beauty Hollywood, because it is more suitable for those working in the heat of the spotlight, as well as it gives the bride the confidence Pmakiajha, especially if that joy will be held in open space .- The impact of ice on the skin also includes stimulate blood circulation and tight skin and the prevention of helplessness over the years, you will need only to templates for the preparation of the refrigerator ice cubes and strips of plastic placed in the templates to facilitate the exit of the snow from the template and not broken.- In the evening, a national human beings cucumber and add a few drops of almond oil and rose water, and place template ice until frozen completely, then Okreigna of the template strain tape plastic, and Mrreha in a circular motion on the skin and the bottom of the eye for five minutes continuously, it is useful to remove the signs of fatigue.- For oily skin you can set up ice cubes and lemon mint boiled twice a week, and use the same way as the sum of the face.- Stressful for the skin and the vehicle TCO cubes boiled parsley, to make sure of filtered well before placing them in the templates, with the addition of some drops of rose water, they are bound to remove the stress and give the skin facies net.- In the morning, you can set up cubes of milk and some points of sweet almond oil to give skin and freshness keeps shining on the status of powders, Stktefin just put the sun visor.- Mash potato boiled and put them in the form of snow until it freezes, then Mrreha on your skin for a quarter of an hour, they are capable of removing excess fat, skin and give it a shining and remarkable clarity.- Half a teaspoon of instant yeast and some points of almond oil dissolved in half cup of water and placed in molds ice before passing on the face. This recipe dedicated to remove tanning and fatigue, dark circles and the bottom of the eye.- In the summer, or when the sun is shining, you must before you go out wetting the towel small, placed in the fridge in the segment devoted to the freeze, when frozen and become tough, go out and placed on the skin for 10 minutes, then placed and sunscreen, because this would reduce the proportion of Sweating and maintain skin moisture.

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