Women's suffering

Women weak creature creature .. thin .. Althir woman suffered in her past has struggled over the years .. until I learned, struggled until I got out of work .. her life was a struggle in the communities reduce the status of women and demean their role in the community .. I did not give in to despair, but beat all obstacles to emancipation and participation in building the society .. 

The different treatment of women and people of varied their approach to it, it was women in China swallowed humiliation cups morning and evening. The song painted a picture ancient Chinese women's real situation in China has included the following: "But what most miserable lot of women, not in the whole world is nothing less value from them. The boys, boys stand Reclining on the doors as if they were gods landed from the sky ... The girl, the one not Bmoldha pleased and if I grew up hiding in her courtyard to look fear in the face of a man mourned if one disappeared from her home 
 The father was Chinese, for example, if behind a man went to the market, offering them for sale at ridiculous prices, did not find a buyer for the first passage gave way without charge or to intentionally kill her strangled in the place of an abandoned or sunk or stopped in the dirt. 
Which are not disposed of by any means, efforts are made to distort the feet to prevent them from going out of the house of her father or her husband and the woman was always under the guardianship that of her father or husband, or even from her son, or of a man from the relatives of her husband's lineage. 
It was among some ethnic groups and between women of the long enmity chronic arrived reduce revenge and reprisals, including the wife that her husband dies, Vmahram them live after him, and the duty to die and burn him on the stove one. 
The Indian women, deprived of the inheritance until 1656 
And women in Babylon were considered according to the law "of Hammurabi among livestock owned, and it should stay at home to care for her children, and serve her husband and to ensure their comfort, and to bring happiness to his heart, and if he dies this husband and inherited his brother, automatically and without any discussion 
The Greek women were reached by the indignity and humiliation to its peak, the women were completely isolated from society and fell like a chattel. 
Aristotle was a [5] harsher on women when he said: "The woman a man is not complete, has left the ground in the nadir of the ladder of creation," a view that the woman to the man Kaelaid of the Master, and the worker of the world, and barbaric to the Greek, and that the man superior to women 
The Roman law was considered a major cause of femininity to the lack of civil Khaddatp Age and madness, and gave the right to her husband that when Ihakmha accused and punish the crime, but judged by the death and executed by himself 
The ancient Egyptian women have gained recognition and respect of the Pharaonic civilization authorized to occupy first place among human civilizations for the respect and rights of women. 
Ancient Egyptian women have been, and inherit property, care of that family in the absence of the husband. It was the Egyptians believe that a woman is more complete than men, and the pair writes all his property to his wife, who was assisted in agriculture and labor. Alfronion and children belong to mothers who were not their parents, as was the stewardship of the women on her husband and the husband had to undertake in the marriage contract to be obedient to his wife in all things. 
As for the Arab women in ignorance, Venaraf its place, by reference to the Koran and told us by blackening the face behind a father when his preaching, and Adham and girls and work to get rid of them. And how women were bought and sold in slave markets, as well as rent, loan, and its mandate does not tolerate acts of labor. 
  In Islam, the higher the status of women and the meaning of prestige, I became the man's sister. And Snh them to participate actively in the dissemination of the new religion. 
And has acknowledged the Islam of women being independent, not just continued to man, and gave it the Islamic legislation, full legal personality, has absolute authority over everything in its power without the need to enter the men. 
Has said, "Monsieur Revel:" We do not find a job according to women, or the lifting of their fate, which brought him the greatest of the Prophet Mohammed, they Mdinat him a lot of things, and in the Koran verses Samyat on the report of their rights and they must be men. 
The cut of women in the second half of the twentieth century, great strides towards achieving social and political equality with men, and made a lot of gains in the areas of employment, political activity and economic development. And preoccupied many women prominent in diplomatic posts, as prime minister, Sri Lanka, Prime Minister of India, Prime Minister of Pakistan, and President of the British Magritte display my back. 
Women did not let one area and not confined to men entered, and she with him, so they Zahmth to the invasion of space, was "Valentina Trischofa Russian", the first astronaut in the world. 
The women in the Arab world has made progress in no small measure, has gained Jordan's rights to education, work, such as participation in professional activities, Kalachtgal medicine, education, and all other areas, also gained political rights, secured the right of nomination of Deputies, and this whole initiative is effective involvement of women in development processes and development of society overall. 

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