Kingdom of Thailand

Kingdom of Thailand 

In 1350, where she founded a group of Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya and its capital city of Ayutthaya in the central region, or what is today Thailand. And expanded the Kingdom of Ayutthaya until 1378 when control of the Kingdom of Alskutay and lost under their control until 1448, died King of the Kingdom Alskutay King Borumban without any heirs, and was subsequently included the Kingdom of Alskutay to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, and the verdict went to the Kingdom of the many wars with the people of the Malay the south and Burma in the west and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia to the east. In 1431 managed to Thai troops to invade Cambodia and the seizure of the capital, Angkor. 
European contact began when the people of Thailand and the arrival of Portuguese traders in Ayutthaya to the early sixteenth century AD. In the seventeenth century was able to both Spain and Britain, France, Japan and the Netherlands to establish a business in Thailand. He was awarded Thai some peoples, such as: France, England and the Netherlands the right to stability in Ayutthaya with the enjoyment of the laws of their country of origin in 1767 invaded by Burmese troops of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, which managed to bring down the capital of Ayutthaya and destroyed after a siege that lasted months and after that hit the capital destruction and the forces took control of the Burmese kingdom of Ayutthaya 

A picture of King Thaksin Governor General of the Kingdom of Thonburi is derived from a French priest attended the funeral. 
Thonburi Kingdom 
Within one year of the occupation of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya succeeded Gen. Thaksin defeated the army of occupation, the Burmese and re-establishment of the state with its capital in Thonburi and in 1768 AD culminated in Thaksin's office of King and founded the Kingdom of Thonburi and after that the security of central Thailand under the wisdom of the mystery in 1769 west of Cambodia, and then went south to the semi- Island Melayu in 1774 AD included King Thaksin, Chiang Mai, as well as in 1778 AD seized the city of Vientiane, the capital of Laos, in spite of the achieved many successes, Thaksin was facing a lot of political turmoil at home and in 1782 sent Thaksin armies under the command of Rama I to invasion of Cambodia at this time launched the insurgency in the region around the capital and protector Almtrdon strong public support was deposed Thaksin, who was said to be secretly executed after a short time of wear and ended the period of the Kingdom of Thonburi 
Kingdom of Siam 
King Rama the first period of rule (1782-1809). 

Grand Palace in Bangkok in Bangkok was built in 1782 is the official residence of the King of Thailand. 
Vera returned General Chakri Rama I, who sent his army together to Cambodia and replaced Thaksin and the king became king, and founded the Chakri family still control to this day. In 1782 the State changed its name to Siam and the reasons for defense capital was moved to the left side of the Chao Phraya River and began construction of the buildings are now fortified royal palace in the capital, Bangkok. Rama and the development of the first social and political system similar to the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Thonburi and issued new laws and the imposition of discipline and appointed his brother was able to join the army and the Kingdom of Patani in 1786 and had fought many wars until his death in 1809. 

Rama II reign (1809-1824). 
Was appointed King Lott Rama II (February 24, 1767 to July 21, 1824) the son of Vera Shakeri, Rama I, who was under a quiet relatively free of major conflicts knew his reign as the "golden age of literature," was the patron of a number of poets and the king himself was a poet, died on 21 July 1824 AD .. 

Rama III reign (1824-1851) 
Behind the king Lott Rama II son of King Phra Bat Rama III (March 31, 1787 to April 2, 1851), which was the wisdom of an extraordinary where it fought a series of wars huge in Laos and Cambodia and Vietnam was signed in 1826 first institutes of business together Britain, by allowing traders to Chinese to enter He knew his time of economic prosperity and known for his love of Chinese culture and allowed for many immigration, work and translated a lot of Chinese literature and saw his reign of King Phra Bat Rama III a lot of contacts Bank and external relations, died on April 2, 1851 without naming a successor 

Rama IV reign (1851-1868) 

Map Todk the concessions made by Siam to Britain after the Treaty of Bangkok 1909 
Able brotherhood half-brother King Monakut King Monakut Rama IV to become the fourth king of the Kingdom and is Rama IV (1851-1868 AD) of the most powerful rulers of Siam, where the hired staff of the Western peoples and encouraged its citizens to study Western languages ​​and modern science, and returned the activity of trade with France, Britain and the States other. He restored the right of enjoyment of the laws of immigrant origin. King died in the capital after being hit with malaria after six weeks of battling the disease 

Rama V reign (1868-1910) 
Behind Rama IV's daughter Cholalon Korn "Rama V," which can now learn west where taking instruction nanny British since childhood and enables the Son and the King V of the family Shakeri continue the social reforms begun by his father, in his reign could cancel Tjarpalrq of Siam, and the reorganization of the State and the establishment of an educational system new service is designed for all the children of the people. In 1909 Britain signed with Thailand, an agreement for recognition of recent eligibility Britain in the states of Kelantan and Perlis for British recognition of the sovereignty of Thailand to the Kingdom of Patani Islamic occupied by the reign of Vera Shakeri, "Rama I," which calls for separation until the present day and thus became a province of Pattani province Taelandip legitimacy and international recognition, died Cholalon Korn "Rama V" in the October 23, 1910 of kidney disease in his palace. 

Rama VI reign (1910-1925) 

A group of soldiers during the Revolution in Bangkok on June 24, 1932. 
Was appointed King Vaguirravod "Rama VI," the son of King Rama V who was educated in the United Kingdom at the Academy of Sandhurst military and the University of Oxford, the government began in a lot of development projects at the national level and in spite of financial difficulties have spread a lot of ways the new bridges, railways, hospitals and schools across the country in 1917 announced that Siam entered World War I, alongside France and Britain against Germany, Austria and Hungary, have fought the Thai soldiers in the battles European, and as a result of such assistance, has abandoned Britain and France have the right to the enjoyment of the laws the British and French nationals in Thailand. King died Vaguirravod "Rama VI" on November 25, 1925. 
Rama VII reign (1925-1935) 
The reign of Rama VII turbulent political and Treasury is broke and has done a lot of attempts at reform including the establishment of the Board of Trustees for the management of the country and during his tenure the revolution of Thailand 1932, is led by a group of Thais who had been educated in France, which forced the King Rama VII on June 24, 1932, to convert the system of government in Siam from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy. And after that to the constitutional monarchy was the election of an elected parliament control the parliament in the development of the whole country and canceled many of the privileges of the king Braszad Hipk such as the abolition of royal pardons for death and sentenced to death without ratification by the king wrath of Rama VII and asked some of the privileges of Parliament and threatened to abdicate that In his requests have not been implemented on March 2, 1935 abdication of King Braszad Hipk "Rama VII" for the king to his nephew with ten years of age and in his statement criticized the democratic system and he finished his life in Britain so that he died on May 30, 141 at the age of 47 years 
Constitutional Monarchy 

Small image of King Rama VIII on the stamps. 
Rama VIII reign (1935-1496) 
King Ananda Mahidol "Rama VIII", who ruled on his behalf Oumajls set of temporary rulers. And took some members of the state of the military took power in 1938, has been officially changed the name of the State to Thailand in 1939. In 1940 (during World War II) called for Thailand to restore the land granted by King Shola Olnkurn of Indochina, and I stood by Japan, together with Thailand to put pressure on India, China to return this land, and in 1941 Japan invaded Thailand, which has resisted a little, and then signed a treaty of alliance with Japan. In the same year Japan attacked U.S. bases at the port of Burke in Hawaii, the United States entered the war with Japan, and Thailand declared war on America and Britain in 1942, and during this war, the movement against Japan Taelandip free from within Thailand. However, they soon returned accounts and became an ally of the United States of America. Thailand experienced during many of its contemporary history of military coups, and then I took since the eighties progressed towards the consolidation of democratic institutions. In on June 9, 1946 died King Ananda Mahidol "Rama VIII" was found in his bedroom, shot dead in the Grand Palace in Bangkok is noted that King Rama VIII was crowned officially as a king was announced on the radio on 9 June that he was killed accidentally during a game pistol is still seen as the king's death a mystery, but in October 1946, the Commission of Inquiry reported that the death of the king could not have been accidental 
Rama IX since June 9, 1946 - 
Was appointed King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the June 9, 1946 aged 19 years and power Field Marshal People Songram, who served as Prime Minister, during the Japanese occupation of Thailand between 1946-1957 m has been overthrown by Field Marshal Sarit Tanarat remained in office until his death in 1963. Sarit was able to develop the economy and strengthen relations with the United States, and continued to Field Marshal Tanum Ketekachorn in the same direction, which allowed the U.S. to establish air bases in Thailand. In 1965 during the Vietnam War, America is using these rules to strike the communist forces in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and Thailand sent troops to fight alongside U.S. forces and the forces of South Vietnam. In 1967 Count of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore consortium, known as the Association of the peoples of South-East Asia, Brunei, officially the Union in 1984, and the goals of this Union, development of economic cooperation and cultural and social development between these countries, as well as to make the countries of South-East Asia, secure and stable regions

The formal powers of the king of the country is limited, due to the Constitution which was adopted. In addition to his political role is King Protector of Buddhism in Thailand, and a symbol of national unity. Has the current King is very popular and has a strong spiritual power, which is used on occasion to resolve political crises. Prime Minister is the head of the executive branch, appointed by the king from among the members of the second chamber of parliament, usually the leader of the party that can organize a majority coalition government. 
National Council of Thailand is a parliament with two chambers Tcherieitin called the locality "Ratasava" (Thai: รัฐสภา) and consists of the House of Representatives (Thai: สภา ผู้ แทน), and the number of seats, 500 seats, and then the Senate (in Thai: วุฒิสภา), and the number of members 200. Members of both houses are elected by universal suffrage. Running all of House of Representatives seat for a four-year terms, while Senators serve six years. The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body in the country, judges are appointed by the King. Thailand is an active member, "Association of South-East Asia" regional. And its name reflects the fertile ground for 
 Armed forces 

Aircraft carrier belonging to the ownership of Thai Navy 
Royal Thai Armed Forces (Thai: กองทัพ ไทย) is the military establishment of the Kingdom of Thailand is composed of the following sections: 
Royal Thai Army (Thai: กองทัพ บก ไทย) 
Navy Royal Thai (Thai: กองทัพ เรือ ไทย, ราช นาวี ไทย) 
Royal Thai Air Force (Thai: กองทัพ อากาศ ไทย) 
Today consists of the number of Royal Thai Armed Forces about 1025640 people and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces is the King Bhumibol Adulyadej The command, which oversees the Thai armed forces is by the Thai Defense Ministry headed by Minister of Defense, a member of the Council of Minister of Thailand, either field leadership is to the Chief of Staff of the Chief of Staff 
Celebrates the Royal Thai Armed Forces January 18 anniversary of the victory of King Naresuan the Great in the battle against Burma in 1593. 
 Administrative divisions 

Map of Thailand 
Thailand is divided into 75 counties are clustered in five sets. Each province is divided into districts, in turn, the capital, Bangkok is not a conservative but is a special administrative region. 
Chiang Mai - Chiang RI - Kamphaeng Phet - to Ambang - to Lamphun - Mae Hong Son - Nakhon Sawan - Nan - her native Phayao - Phetchabun - Phichit - Phitsanulok - Frey - Sukutay - Tak - Iothei Thani - Uttaradit 
Chanthabori - Chonburi - Rayong - L - Sa Kaeo - Pracenburi - Chachoengsao 
Chomvun - Krabi - Nakhon Si Tammarat - Narathiwat - Pattani - Phang Nga - Vattalong - Phuket - Ranong - Satun - Songkhla - Surat Thani - Trang - Yala 
North-eastern region 
Amnat Charoen - Buriram - Chaiyaphum - Kalasin - Khon Kaen - Luie - Maha Sarakham - Mukdahan - Nakhon Phanom - Nakhon Ratchasima - Nongboa to Amvu - Nong Khai - Roy Et - Sakon Nakhon - C h CT - Sorin - The Bon Ratchathani - and without Tignes - Yasothon 
Ang Thong - Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya - Bangkok - Chainat - Kanchanaburi - to Lopburi - Nakhon Nayok - Nakhon Batom - Nonthaburi - Pathum Thani - Prachinburi - Prachuap Khiri Khan - Ratchaburi - Samut Prakan - Samut shall betray - Samut Songjaram - Saraburi - Singh Puri - Suphanburi 

 Cities and islands 
List of provinces of Thailand by population 



Province of Nakhon Ratchasima city's downtown population in the city amid the country's population 
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Chiang Mai 

Hat Yai 

1 Bangkok Nonthaburi Nonthaburi 11,971,000 11 1,055,199 
2 province of Surin Province Surin 1375998 12 Surat Thani Surat Thani 984 782 
3 Songkhla Songkhla 1330935 13 Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 960 906 
Roy Roy et 4 et 14 1306967 Maha Sarakham Maha Sarakham 937.339 
5 15 Chonburi Chonburi 1,267,765 Patani Patani 932.870 
6 Ri Xiang Xiang Ri 1228578 16 Nakhon Nayok Nakhon Nayok 905.006 
7 Samut Prakan Samut Prakan 1,149,131 17 849 361 Kanchanaburi Kanchanaburi 
Chaiyaphum Chaiyaphum 1122635 8 18 843 841 Phitsanulok Phitsanulok 
9 Sakon Nakhon Sakon Nakhon Ratchaburi Ratchaburi 1,115,539 19 837 526 
10 Nakhon Sawan Nakhon Sawan 1,074,117

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