Paranormal usually

1 - Women's lighter and heavier and longer and more Andjaba

Recorded a Guinness record, "Guinness" lighter weight woman in the world of the Mexican woman called "Lucia Zarate," which was born on January 2, 1863, and was weighing on her birth 1.133 kilograms and when they reached the seventeen-year-old was a length of 67.3 cm and weighed 5.985 Kilwa grams, Holiday In her twenty died in the same weight year 1889.   On the other hand is the American lady, "Percy Pearl" from Washington, is the heaviest woman in the world, par excellence, where she was weighing 362.8 from Kilo grams when she died in hospital in 1972 for 46 years, The Encyclopedia of indices that, although the weight of the official registrar in Encyclopedia of 362.8 grams of the kilo is a world record, but this weight is the one who was able to balance the available equipment of the hospital monitoring, it is believed that the actual weight was up to 399.1 grams of the kilo was 183 centimeters tall England.
As Ms. longest in the world are Chinese, "Zheng Jinlian" and is still alive, was born in June 18 in 1964 and has a length of 240 cm on June 14, 1980.
And shattered the Lady Russian all records in having children, after the number of children to 69 children of whom lived 67 children in the period between 1762 to 1796 m, the wife of Russian peasant "Fyodor Vasilyev", and gave birth to this mother 27 times including 16 times and generated in each twins and 7 times in each 3 twins and 4 times in all 4 of them are twins, and there is another mother gave birth to their babies in 1980 No. 45 and had been married in Argentina and the surviving children of 40 only 24 male and 16 female.

2 - the hottest man in the world temperature 46.5 degree
Received a hospital in Georgia in Atlanta U.S. on the tenth of July 1980, patients with stroke heat air which could not bear the relatively high temperature there in a heat wave hit the air temperature, 32.2 m and the percentage of humidity 44%, strange that the temperature of the patient "and the following Jones "and arrived in time to 46.5 degrees Celsius, and returned to normal body temperature after hospitalization lasted 24 days.
It is known medically that if the increased body temperature to 42 degrees, the tissues of the body and brain begin to damage sustained and lead often to death, after the infected patient in a state of fever, which lead to the emotion in the vital functions in the body, and heat up the body in cases of fever to 42 degrees Celsius in this case can be re-body to its natural state with difficulty through the various medical procedures.
In the case of increase in body temperature 42 degrees, that always leads to damage to the vital functions and lacerations in body tissues and nerves, and ending the situation to death, and cases that come to life again after they arrive to such a degree it is the status of the supernatural and unnatural.

3 - miracle baby .. Do not eat or drink since 7 months!
If it is said that there is a 11-year-old girl, do not eat, drink or to enter the bathroom about 7 months ago .. Will be reflected immediately: This Takarev or Tale of Tales "Thousand and One Nights"!.
But this little girl found on the ground in the city, "Kafr Saqr" in Sharkia governorate in the Nile Delta, which is already "fasting" since last month of Ramadan so far .. Do not go; Here is the "Riham"; images and words and witnesses.
In the Army Street City "Kafr Saqr," the eastern region, which lies on the Cairo about 40 kilometers there is this girl's house, an apartment on the third floor in a building consisting of several roles .. And the fact that I knocked on the door and I doubt I'll find a girl with these specifications; I say to myself: the story is just an illusion; science confirms that there is no human being without food or drink or output for more than three days, not seven whole months.When I met her father tried to questioning that his daughter may eat and drink out of it; but stressed that they vomit what you eat or drink once they enter the combine, and the strange thing is, as her father confirms that growth is natural and normal life.
Voice carries the impact of a long journey, said her father; tired to move between doctors and treatment centers in Egypt in that state, we did not find her explanation scientifically or medically; All tests and examinations and radiation that made it sound, but I was surprised father of the child come out to me a big bag filled with "Balrohitat" and analysis Medical Radiography and which confirm his sincerity about his daughter, who did not eat not drink did not enter a bathroom during this period the standard!.Gin food!Father adds: After despaired of the futility of doctors, medicines and Althaili and x-rays, after he told me many "daughter worn"; where Jane fed .. I went to the elders and spent a lot of money on their applications and you know they will not do anything .. I do not believe in these myths do not believe it .. He continues, Father: I have been asked of them 3 thousand pounds, I said to him, Take 6 thousand pounds that Taood my daughter to what it was; naturally eat and drink; but failed and is still the case of my daughter to the puzzle do not know his explanation and the problem do not know a solution.
The girl's mother says: After learning that people in "Kafr Saqr" situation "Riham" They started chasing after her with questions in each place; especially in the school where she student in sixth grade, so that narrowed from prosecution decided to prevent them from going to school for fear it and I said to her " mnemonic lessons at home ".. The funny how painful it is that some people took them seek blessing; mother confused and worried about the spread of the phenomenon of the eldest daughter to her two brothers; girl was born smaller than others.
We met "Riham," which appeared normal thin as a child living their lives like any child her age does not seem any symptoms .. I asked her: Riham Oh really .. Do not eat or drink? She said no .. Any food enters my mouth Otakioh immediately tells the story: when bidden me dad to the doctors tried to deliver glucose to my arm, but my body refused to glucose and swelling in my arms, and Juha suspended doctors glucose and they marveled, and Ozhpt I and my father to the hospital, feathers, and was very crowded and I sat there for several days and then They said to my father, "daughter in need a psychiatrist."Not hungry or thirstyReham asked: How did this happen? .. She said in the last month of Ramadan; I felt tired in my chest so I went with my father and Oldti to the doctor; that the situation on the person it was issued sensitivity; And since that day and I do not eat nor drink, therefore I do not need to enter the water cycle. I said: Did Tjoain and Tattcin? .. Received: never .. Not hungry or thirsty.
And the status of "Riham," Dr Salim Mohammed Makki (Professor of Medicine and rheumatic heart disease at the University of Zagazig); as a case of very strange has never felt like it; It is likely that there is a blockage in the slot pylori in the stomach; meaning that this opening is closed, and cause vomiting after food and drink .. Adds: There are some children born so, but the case could be the result of contamination of food and severe inflammation in the stomach .. These conclusions of Dr. Mackie on vomiting and inability to food; but can not explain this ability over time to refrain from eating and drinking without collapse; only a little pale; there is no medical explanation for this unique situation so far.

4-Syrian with tinnitus on his shoulder and drag 5 cars beard
Able man "supernatural" in Syria is named "Wael Qatrib" from carrying fuel tank weighing more than two thousand kilograms (tons) on his shoulder and walk him up to a distance of 500 meters.
The newspaper "October," the Syrian daily that "Qatrib" who shot to fame because of the supernatural, he finally managed to carry fuel oil tank weighs about two thousand kg and is equipped with an additional weight of some young people and children sitting on the tank.
The newspaper added that Qatrib carry this weight on his shoulder and marched up to a distance of 500 meters in a peaceful streets of his city in the province of Hama, central Syria.
In the new Wael also finally able to withstand the passage of several cars on his chest where the offer in the office for the sale of cars in the city peacefully and in front of dozens of interested parties and observers to the offers and Wael.
It is worth mentioning that Wael was able in the past years of drag (5) vehicles weighing ten tons by his beard and hundreds of meters has been focused on by many of the visual media and written local, Arab and international levels.

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