Arab mentality through the ages

That the share of Arab human mind is nothing less than the share of other brothers in humanity, even threw a pain in the beauty of traders so on. Likely as we have said that the mind is the fairest things apportionment among the people. And it becomes acceptable, and we are going to talk about the Arab mind, not to differentiate between him and the other from the minds of nations of the earth. Akl, who lives in our bodies of humans and one O, whether it is accompanied by an Arab or African or European or Asian or American! All in all, we direct our thoughts O Arabs in the wrong directions and walk ways arid soil, forgetting that it is not enough to have one mind, but also said it is important to improve the use of Descartes, he compass in the way of life, the lost are lost but we were hit! 

In any case, let's start our journey to follow the mind, history, hoping to identify the stages of development, we reported that Abed al-Jabri in his book "The composition of the Arab mind" on the mind in Greek culture, and saying that Hrakulaitts was mentioned in the first historians of philosophy said the idea of ​​"Logos" or cosmic mind. Astronomical Greek philosopher explains the prevailing system in the universe, away from the mythology and legends, said there was a "law of kidney" governing phenomena and the controls in becoming a permanent eternal. As the man said that human minds can reach a correct knowledge about the phenomena of nature if she participated in the Mind, if any are diligently searching for the order of nature and realized what this system is characterized by the need for inclusiveness. This cosmic mind is like to be the "divine fire a nice," but is "divine light", is the life of the world and the law. And the human soul are glimpses of the divine fire, none of this law that takes effect on the overall nature and governed, it must, therefore, that know this law, and act which (2). 

He adds Jabri, in his book mentioned that if the idea Hrakulaitts for Mind tend to adopt a kind of pantheism, as the cosmic mind this Mahit of nature that is separate from them, the perception Anaksajuras of "Yunis" any reason overall, differs in that it made him the principle of Mpharka, is integrated in nature and Mahit her. Vanaksajuras see that objects composed of similar parts of the division to accept the end is, in principle, but with the assumption that there are very small parts are not divided, the first is like a seed, do not realize the senses but the mind perceives only. It was his first in the universe is a chaotic mixture of these seeds, the words for "Chaos", ie an absolute struggled to a total that is located (3). 

And mind according to Anaksajuras is the one who organized everything, a reason for all things. Because it is so that the mixture can first, or total blindness, to get out of Attalth to be a driving force behind the separation between the parts and then link them and re-installed. This is called the driving force Anaksajuras "Yunis" or Universal Mind. She understands all the things that mingled and separated and divided, a broadcast system in which all the things that I found that there is now, which will exist. Thus, according to reason with Anaksajuras rule the world, the Greek philosopher theory leaves no room for coincidence, everything has a system and a necessity. If there is what seems like a mere coincidence, that is not subject to the inevitable and necessary, it is not due in his opinion only to our inability to discover the cause. This on the one hand, on the other hand P "Yunis" is not a mind that thinks, as, so far away from the world Mtaalia, but it is sort of self: This is for the world Kalnevs for the body, but is the same all the same, or that the souls of the living Qabas him, However, he is Mahit nature remains as independent of the out of her district. It is a separate issue the same hearts as well as independent (4). 
Perhaps the medieval period is the period at least the richness and fertility on a journey of mind throughout history, despite the words of the philosopher of the late Egyptian Abdel Rahman Badawi, in his book is important, "Medieval Philosophy" The Middle Ages were not in fact the role of the roles of the evolution of the human mind as it seeks to achieve Memknath , Amer thinking about the role of neighborhood rich fighter for the freedom of the mind to think and search for the truth and gain insight into the secrets of nature and the means to achieve the progress of humanity! 

Badawi says in his book that the human mind he found himself locked him inside the walls are solid walls of religious doctrine, he should be restricted to roaming between these walls. And began to feel a bit of freedom was, however, that determines its position on the question of the right mind confronted with transport, I mean the link between itself and the content of religious belief. He had at first to say that the agreement fully among its mind what it says and what brought religion, because the right is not numerous, and philosophy is only a search for the right, the right is the religion. That's why when the forefathers that the word "theology" and the word "philosophy" or "wisdom" are indicative of one thing. And then slowly evolved relevant, try to emphasize the reason of his being at this content. First began to undergo in a bit of savvy, that said that the truth is the truth of faith, but these Alhakaliimanip, but this fact, and the Messenger are in need of detail and explanation, and both are on the path of reason. This position is seen clearly in the tenth and the atheist century, as we find Anselm seeks independence from behind sobering to think that faith, which is explained by even Itaklh, but this was the slogan "I believe the Otakl" (5). 

According to Badawi, stop Peter Abelard in the twelfth century such a position and to provide in order to report the share of mind. He still believes that the doctrine of the Trinity can be proven because it mentally, and so it still says that religious truth in all its parts in accordance with the extent of the mind. However, we find he has more advanced than they were when Anselm the case, because Abelard said also that there is a conflict between the statements of each and some theology, and theology between the words and sayings of philosophers, in a method known approach, "Yes and no." Once I accept the thirteenth century even began to identify more and more the field of mind and sets it apart from the field of faith, as opposed to going forward with the great philosophers theologians towards a clear distinction is obvious between Mallakl and transport, and this trend continues strong until we reach the conception Scott Oregin, we believe the field of transport, which can demonstrable reason has receded slowly and narrowed its range, Vetoma Aquinas beyond the field of mental proof of a multitude of religious beliefs which he thought of his predecessors that it is possible to prove the path of the mind, such as the Trinity and the Incarnation and salvation, he said that it was not possible to prove them mentally. And came after him, Scott Oregin denied the possibility to prove proof of immortality of the soul mentally, but that the evidence of God's existence and attributes of a statement does not accept all of that mentality, and all that can be said about this evidence is that it is possible but not conclusive (6). 

By the fourteenth century separated the field of mind for the field of religion break is almost full, meaning that what comes by revelation may not be capable of proof, mental, and required by the brain is not necessary to be a revelation that came by. The result of all this that the mind has become a problem and transportation problem is with the theme, which was marked by the modern philosophy that will not try to reconcile between the mind and transport, but let this issue outside the scope of philosophical inquiry. This is what happened in Christian Europe, but with respect to the Islamic world, Opinions are many and varied, nor have the space to list them all. 

So just to cite an opinion may be that many see as the most prominent and most consistent with a careful reading of the outcome of the situation of the Muslim world, is the view of thinker Mohammed Arkoun that the confrontation between the mind of religious or theological / doctrinal and philosophical reason reached its zenith in the period between the ninth and atheist centuries. And then gave birth to works of great intellectual and literary modernity or foreshadowed what was Arkoun represents himself has called modern primitive. In the tenth century, for example philosophical position able to gain social and political space wide enough to feed the stream of real human accommodate the religious authority without being recognized as a priority (only with respect to the behavior of the common folk) and do not even take precedence. But this current humanitarian and rational was, unfortunately, a quick decline. After the arrival of Alslojoukien to power in the tenth century atheist took the social and political frameworks of knowledge and lack of stenosis. And thus began to reason in favor of priority theological / philosophical jurisprudence on the mind. This has been the trend is increasing and is exacerbated since that time until the present day practice. He called Arkoun to say that the liquidation of the philosophical position from a field of Islamic thought, the liquidation of almost complete, that were not complete at all, but is a natural consequence of the demise of the current humanitarian and rational (7). 

Now, Having arrived we follow the journey of reason through history to a close, spend necessary for us to say that Europe is now moving from the stage of modern reason classic based on the certainties of absolute to the stage of mind relative or cash back on itself down in order to correct its course or modify it if necessary! Which is what some now call post-modern mind, any mind more modest, but more precise and dynamic in both (the mind after the collapse of the major ideologies and certainties established). Perhaps in the words of Arkoun that the only difference between the mind of modernity and the mind of postmodernism is that the second, crystallizes new knowledge knows it will never reach the absolute truth, and knows that up to the facts of a relative, temporary, may last a long time or a lot, but it definitely will not last forever ( 9). I say that because Arkoun demonstrates the tragedy of the Arab mind which I think is still modest and his attempts his chains heavy seeks to enter the "modernity" and I think the current Hiljha cum! Not to mention the "post-modernity," which is now orbiting Glailha in the Western mind! 

And of the Arab that arise jealousy for what they have perceived insult to the pride of the Arab mind and dignity of this that we consider to say humbly and the small contribution of the Arab mind on a journey of mind throughout history, insulting, and Ollmat Arabic also be aimed at the writer of these lines, including her dislike and extinguish the flames of revolution, but I plead with her and pressed them in hope that going forward .. 

Cultural alienation and waste of the Arab mind: 
Right I was convicted to thank the generous so doubt that for as long as I had on the issue of waste of the Arab mind and the extent consistent with historical data and contemporary, thanks to this doubt and wanting to resolve my attitude toward this thorny issue, I started to seek the truth, supportive in some statements philosophical that I have already guided During the Scientific-Researcher in the field of thought Alonsni. However, I, and before my feet Valuation Mcolaty those in this research, showed me obliged to clarify what I mean by "waste of mind" to be precise, The term appears too broad and needs to formulate a precise content and the Court. It is not enough for that to take one of the modest and the small contribution of a particular mind on a journey through the history of reason as a pretext to say that exposure to waste this reason, it may be of the mind's contribution is modest and non-negligible, and although this can be described as viable, because the existence of the waste!! 

That's what I call a "waste of mind" but occurs when you thought human, I mean humans here belonging to any of the cultures, different civilizations, he had been able to build a culture or it may have built a culture of live over a lifetime, without being subject to criticism and development, whether owned this human mind or philosophical reason that it possessed a theological / doctrinal. It is a description of the great Latin poet Horace's poems as: "kept the impact of bronze, not unhurt, no matter how experienced it for years!" It is important that the rights of any culture or civilization, which belongs to the values ​​of his mind, and that the commitment of humility when you look at that, or his or her own culture, whether of their own making or of making others, it is not necessarily eternal or immune to criticism and development. According to the German philosopher Ernst Kasearer, culture or civilization remains just an outer shell surrounding the layers of the depths of long-obsolete, and we must always prepare ourselves to face any violent vibrations may shake the world cultural or civilization, has been subjected to crash!! 

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