Farewell to fear


Fact, when we were trying to write or express what our minds or our hearts touring Nrtash we worry and fear of an unknown fate awaits us .. even though we know that some of the unknown!?

The existential fear of us and burrowed in our minds, the fear .. fear of the savage fate that awaits any who are trying to reveal a word or criticism of the regime or against the incumbent cable .. fear our hands for writing and holding our tongues to speak ... the fear of telling the truth the first time that we used to enjoy with the system ...
Etjri author did not write or critic to criticize, but to leave and goes down, and shouted cries of Alienation us!!
But with technological advances and development of e-mail and age of communication and the internet!! World seemed small and see where each other .. young people are starting to educate itself and frees the idea of ​​his efforts and the light of Islam based their hands despite the darkness of life around us and the injustice of the regime and ruling us, after the rampant corruption and overturned the balance of the facts in our lives and become corruption culture among us ...!!
Youth unite his contacts and dialogues through the World Wide Web (Internet) .. revolted against the injustice and wrong .. Club freedom and liberation from the shackles of dictatorship.
Fought corruption, and free his words, he advocated freedom and democracy ... was them to meet the January 25!!
Where the Revolution ... hostel to Tahrir Square and the streets and break the chains and broke the myth of fear in front of his eyes and within .. Abe is afraid of was unjust despot .. freedom, justice and equality for his gift revolution!!!

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