Differences between men and women

Both men and six women needs love every one of them when the woman when the man offset one another if women were able to take into account the priorities of men and as well as men knew that women's priorities, we'll get to the gorgeous setting between both sexes in the relationship.As these needs are in order of priority:1 - Aalraip women want attention and, in turn the man wants confidence2 - women want men to understand, in return he wants to embrace3 - women want respect, the man wants the other hand appreciation4 - women want fidelity, admiration for the man wants the other hand5 - Women want support and assistance, in return the man wants the accompaniment of women6 - women want peace of mind, turn the man wants to encourage
We knew the priorities of men and women together, taking into account that both are needed to the rest of the six other requirements in the other, but not the six priorities of needs he has.As an example of a man likes attention, but not as much as his need for love and trust given to him from the woman 'if: the confidence in the first place for men and this is true.
Both men and women comes to him the day to say she did not understand me and are the same "I do not understand me, and the problem most and are all of them says I am doing well and well, such as that Alnrap saying" I will take care of it, and the BBC his requests and he says I give confidence So ...... they are not wrong in giving and taking, but a mistake in what is important and what is more important, as well as all of them occurred in the falling, and is, that when women give you think that the man wants what she wants and is the other hand think that what you want is what he wants, in which case disaster strikes when a man comes to say I gave her my trust and she says I gave him my interest, thinking that what they want in the first place or last is what he wants and the other as well as the problems start from here ..... ....
When we look at the reports on the six priorities must think deeply and was certain that that each and every one of us and every one of us will review the same and says yes I made a mistake I will start from new .............
Some of you will say now is: How I will start, and from where and how to deal????Yes, here is the answer, simple and not complicated:1 - When a man interested in women's feelings that are part of the sensitive and important to Diaa and to show interest, including in respect with the feelings of feminine, you will begin to feel love and attention and in turn Stbadelh the trust that is in the first place has, a woman when I felt the attention and taken care of and love, is become more open to itself and around it and therefore will give men the confidence that he wants and will think its the way the positive and Stthag done and everything he does, and will begin after this man is granted the confidence to start again and Battawe attention again ... ......
2 - When women feel that men listen to, but without provisions and criticism, but all the emotional and enthusiasm for the sense and to what she says, you'll see that they understood and heard, and this take the path to accept the man and whenever I felt they heard more to be receptive to a man more, and Thus, when a man sees that he is accepted by the women has the potential to be to hear her more.
3 - When women feel it is respected by men??? It is so when you take steps towards the man recognized and their rights and needs and desires and Bhoaiadtha ....... When acting with in a way that its thinking and its actions, saying for him to feel respected ..... Example: Some men Istskhvoa possible to bring the idea of ​​receiving it, Istskhvoa possible to bring a gift in her rejoicing or festivity in their marriage, but such behavior is so important for her on the grounds that it dictates to have some sort of respect for the wishes and ideas you feel the value is not infinite has and if it were respected by him, thus begins his assessment to the fullest and this is what he wants, and when it began to feel appreciated is not subconsciously begin to respect women.
4 - When a man sees that he is a hero to women, and that she likes him??? When it finds them .. And how???Yes, when the man started to give priority to women's needs and when it began to support and stand beside it will bring admiration and this admiration comes when a woman feels it is in love and she was a woman distinguished in the world of this man, and when a man feels admired women when he made her feel that their concerns and feelings of the most important has him and of his interests, appeal to him more and therefore will improve when Bajabha feel safe for her dedication and her love for more.
5 - can not for the man who wants to make a woman's consent to enter into a debate with sharp, or to start is Bmjadltha hate this already, she wants him to endorse, maybe some of the men now say within themselves to support them all???? No order to support women is not so, you just want to clarify how some ideas have a very valuable and how you have other ideas as possible so that would be incompatible with it, is not looking for similarities in the ideas as much as what you're looking at it has things in themselves and thought it value has, in turn you will feel how it is value and how much you are supporting her Ptoiiedk, and becomes the play the role of women accepting you, and when to spread that feeling of a man who finds himself once again as the champion of her novels and it is fully satisfied with what it is and what they are, and this feeling later will make it easy to place that cherishes and supports the feelings and thinking.
6 - Lastly, when women begin to feel safe and trust with this man ????? Women automatically take that feeling when you find the above five needs attention, their understanding, loyalty, respect, and support have been achieved, Vpinha between itself and becomes input security and tranquility and stability, while the man is present, and is happy when I felt safe with him and feel it Amlrath his lover and, therefore, will need to achieve the sixth he has and is encouraged. They encourage and give hope and reflect on the extent of his faith in his abilities and energies through the granting of trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, and approval, all this gives the payments to the man and Icjha that gives all possible and to do all he can.

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