The difference between love men and love between women

As long as you man, you can not hide from it something you love

When men accuse women of having no heart, it is certainly captured his heart
Men love such as writing on water, and devotion such as writing in the sand
The heart of women's lover altar of gold, often home to a statue of clay
Give the image of women who love, he promised that it would give the original
Women's three stages, with love, at first love,,, In the second suffered, and, in third regrets it

Many of the men to kill themselves for love, and more women die of love
Love when the woman is the heroine an emotional story, and when the man is the story of its author

There are moments in the life of every woman feel the need to man to love her heart
Love: A woman and a man, and the denial
Whatever the talkative women, love knows silence
Beautiful woman is the woman who trembled on her lips the words of love
The man in love always loves to know what women do
If the love of women with men, not humiliated manhood never
In love: the man striker, and defender of women

When a man loves a woman, it does anything for it
But one thing is to continue in love

The logic of women being on the years of love and Thuah
Man more adept than women in friendship, but more adept than in love
If a man is like the fox is wily, cautious, and the woman she loved, if sincere, and sacrificed
Love ended, not in one day true love

Love does not take away from the heart of a new women's only love
Women can not live without Habib
Lack Alaktrat to fear is fear more women
Love falls on women in a moment filled with serenity and admiration
Women love a man for himself, and a man loves a woman for the same also

Men love line, love of women's pages
HE that loves women and men subject to him
Once the woman you love, start tearing her heart fears and misgivings
And a sense of love and devotion, all that will remain written for a woman to play

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