The sun's rays to protect you from neurological diseases

Develop people who have spent longer periods in the light of the sun during their childhood ability to avoid multiple sclerosis, one of the disabilities which affect a kind of central nervous system, as reported in a U.S. study.
Indicates the medical team affiliated with the University of Southern California that the reason for this may be due to the ability of UV radiation on immune cells stimulate, or help the body to produce more than the amount of vitamin D..
He says Talat Islam and Thomas Mac authors of the study - published journal Neurology Neurology - The confirm the causal relationship between exposure to sunlight and low incidence of disease, multiple sclerosis, in need of further studies.
It was concluded research conducted in the past that address a number of women, additional amounts of vitamin D, may together 40% of them the risk of this disease syndrome.
The Chris Jones, Executive Director of the Agency's MS Trust on the fight against multiple sclerosis. The importance of the study, but pointed to the need for prudence: "Valbagesan not urge people certainly go out into the open air, sunbathing, exposure to cancer of the skin. Exposure to sunlight may be dangerous."
The MS of the most common neurological diseases in the world, afflicting approximately two million people across the world.
And spread in upland areas, where less ultraviolet rays.
Infection and lead to disorder in the process of transfer orders of the brain to the rest of the parts of the body.
Among the most prominent symptoms are blurred vision, slurred speech and a sense of weakness and paresthesia of the Parties.

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