Today is the tomorrow we worried yesterday in it

There are two days in every week we should swing to them at all. Two days, which remain free from fear and Algahrtmama. 
One of these days is Yesterday with all its problems and concerns of his mistakes, psychological and physical pain. Valoms is no longer under our control will not be for all the money in this world to return yesterday and one we can not do any survey we did yesterday. We can not restore a single word we have stated yesterday. Ended yesterday without irreversible. 
As for the second day, which to no need for concern it is also a tomorrow tomorrow in all Maihamlh carries unknown risks, burdens, and promises great performance and may not be as good as hoped. Even the next morning, we have no direct control over this tomorrow. 
But we are confident that tomorrow the sun will shine even Ouhalt without seeing the clouds. But one thing is certain: tomorrow the sun will shine, and even then this should not worry Annchgl including but not yet happened. 
But what if you get caught is yesterday and tomorrow? The answer of course today ... Yes, today ... the case .... Now not everyone can win and win the battle, but in just one day. The collapse of many of us in front of the challenges of life and burdens heavy due to this mixing always between yesterday and tomorrow and concern them together to become the experience of today's pain yesterday and the concern of the future, and we are mad remorse and bitterness for something that happened yesterday, or the fear of what will happen in the morning. Always remember that: 
Today is the tomorrow that yesterday we were concerned in it. 

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