Messages from the heart

1 - the tears and candle Tntvi age and disappears without you and without you my heart ends
2 - The breeze in my heart shines brighter life will never love despite the dimension of a giant
3 - I have a hardened heart of what the mind forgets the Crown, Crown owner without the Hiatus
4 - Your message: What is your call Tcfhini: Tradini can see you: Mona is my eyes
5 - If the White Paper enough to send you asked enough that the paper by the touch of your hands
6 - shed a tear in the ocean if they could get it I promise Bnsyank
7 - Woody Ogelk Lovelorn transient sea of ​​fear, but everything was against me and this world and the circumstances
8 - O Rasayel Almiha how my heart melted it, even before my time and Nstani Rasayel Zkreha
9 - Now is the time Busty times are longing for the lips
10 - possible to tell the Lord of leaves before you become the best and most beautiful creature thinner
11 - discovered recently that the loss of any message you Mvhash word ((love))
12 - who created you to create one million Zec Old Lord and all of them equal to something else
13 - if it does not bring us memories of days has brought us together, and if the heart did not see you Eyes will Tnsak
14 - I know Ed was myself AT Hptni and remember me and my salvation-Ghali forgotten me
15 - hour I started to buy what was the most expensive of the time who saw you
16 - Authority announces astronomy for the disappearance of one satellite Vhacb my beloved Imeskuk
17 - spoke to me quickly my heart and mind you they differed de woo loves you die
18 - expressed ((heart)) object Charmed Batifk dead and kill him sign a smile on the lips and the phenomenon
19 - I will love you even if the long wait for my fate, you were not optional
20 - If I love you one million of them, and if love is the one I did not love you, and if one may know that I was
21 - I thought my eyes on Ahidik but I fell eased Achtqalk one day see you Aqdarsh
22 - if Avckrtne atheist ring if Hactk Eb'atly message if Bethebeny see you
23 - Cutter Shawki and yearning touch your hands I go Aslam Ali who delivered on the day it
24 - rounded on the Message Abathalk it encounters is why God protect you and bless you, O good face
25 - uh BARBIE much certified reasonable de honey sitting reading my letter
26 - Nfeti Arthelk Rthalp broadcast Mani Arif Wyeth Wyeth Wyeth Aketblk BARBIE broadcast you Osl
27 - and waited for a long wait sent sweeter meanings says do not lose my Ghali
28 - How the moon in the universe? Two and one in the sky and one sitting read the message
29 - I love you, sweeter than all human beings, O twin Spirit and closer to the pulse and blood Hawaii
30 - Get ready for the analysis of blood type. Wait. Result in the road. The discovery of dangerous. Blood p. O.'s
31 - Stay Ready can decrease the quantity and you need the sender: Honey and Chocolate Factory
32 - send a dove of peace in her mouth and rose grams of Alolhan for the most expensive and the dearest person
33 - I come from a man sitting by his Spirit is thinking of you and delivers you a lot lot
34 - Lord Lord pretend to die with all my heart when you die, such as the death of Vic
35 - a small request? Possible: me laugh and reflect Dgtk Bernh and closed
36 - not for shyness, fear, and the third death does not scream sound miss you> Mowot <
37 - I'm now on the roof that sent me a message within 5 minutes I threw myself
38 - Bardan: Buss sense of breath smoke, Mushtaq: voice enough, Mazloum: see you Tuasini
39 - Tmanitk lift the phone and ask about me, nor I fear can not hear you reproach me!
40 - On the evening with a star Saher Saher sent a bouquet to the most expensive of our highest over the unthinkable
41 - Incubate the love my heart and my chest Khalit light for you I love you so much and my heart and my Lord
42 - whisper of love and longing beats you say Good morning, good face
43 - let me Tameny your mind as you are stranded and wait for your news Trani Shuf mobile number
44 - Allqa always doomed if times and circumstances increased my longing: What do you see you
45 - whisper love Tgnelk eagerly longing Tnadjelk tear pain Cecchelk sweeter peace Ohdjelk
46 - lie to myself if I said Bnsak and lie to you if I said Nasik
47 - Bsolk simple question: Why do you of all people Indhlk heart and loves you?
48-4 commandments: Zaal not Tzaalni parting does not go away sore that does not hurt me love Aashgueni
49 - Do not calculate the dimension and the lack of Rsaellna licensed status, and who created the universe much Nasik
50 - Glaotk of Malaki and the words of God and knows God above I love how you respect
51 - I have for you and Rdtin: The response Tbosc The Lord caressed your cheeks and say good morning
52 - three owned by the most precious thing I have: see you and your voice and Rsilkk Please do not deprive me of them
53 - for the night and my heart Halaleh Habib Azbni significant difference you see today how the status
54 - if you deprive me of time to Oukak will not deprive me of your memory and I promise I love you forget what
55 - Secrets of the tears and love your absence and the effects of fire and Hovtk erase everything became
56 - beauty of the night look your eyes and the light of full moon and all the universe Bjvunk decree is settled without you
75 - the safety of your soul and heart of the concerns experienced by the baby Lord protect you from the world and what the
58 - O most beautiful people with good Subhtk O sweetest people Vditk forgot myself what I forget thee,
59 - My life is in danger of Mushtaq Rasayel of the moon you see Purcell, not to drink from the sea
60 - kiss myself ninety-nine time and every time Oglt in number and was one of the first
61 - everything Penthi my life but I Rsaili Glotk ends
62 - O, O longing perfume and taste the salt of my sunshine my voice whisper happy Defender Obs
63 - But what is absent leaving only what you are fantastic if I'm gone in the eyes of God and Ghali
64 - Bicolo: Dimension heart hardened and I say: who loves you and forget what the state says?
65 - if you love words to finished pencils but love lives Is it sufficient for my soul?
66 - ya Ahfezih and Iasme Zllih de-Ghali and people fear him the air
* 76 - I have agreed we are two and you eye blinking if Mafrguena much Matafrguena humans
68 - Moon Lenore sent your way back I said Lissa Maalik said: The light Oemani
69 - two friends Alsadegan such as lips may live apart, but word quickly Mayaodan
70 - Crank message sent to you what you been sweeter than the word of God does not deprive me of you
* 71 - This message was sent without Maohdd Old No. her will go to a more expensive humans
72 - send for someone else and Alrsail Kyi Alrsail Be Lake is a little bit of cheating. ?
73 - If you sent a message to say it (I love you death) What will you send me ..?!
74 - I've cannot Old Fein Fein knew who you are in the text of the month Btazavi
75 - the coolest hearts your heart .. Whispers and the most beautiful words .. The sweetest love in my life ..
76 - Congratulations on your acceptance of my college major: Love Graduation: Impossible
77 - if it is sent! If what I called!! If even saw a digital Tunst! My heart you like what you are!!
78 - Honey You are asked Lissa Why? Wenta lover stole my name and my taste discernible
79 - Zratk in my veins and Smitk considered the eyes and all my written and I told you my family and my people
80 - Yama Rasayel Jtni and Vtanhaursail Jtni and Hzvthaila your message saved in my heart
81 - may sell the rights procurers had something ... but may not buy heart desires
82 - golden sun sends love and love Aalghemrearsl Vziaoonaorsl love you forever
83 - I blew up your message in my heart of longing and nostalgia for the increased Qak Iahiati
84 - Maine Qsadh our God, keep and read his letter and operated by the concerns
85 - Five happy families and you ..!! My heart and my mind .. .. and my eyes .. and my soul .. I am.
86 - the biggest pride of the Sama you SATELLITE biggest pride for love you know I have more pride you are my love
87 - I love love love his end, although this dimension love you long rollback if you love to death-Ghali
88 - everything I really appreciate it unless you from my life, my life is settled after er, O my life as Inti
89 - Crank message sent to you what you been sweeter than the word of God to you Aihrmeny
90 - if I know that the dream of us together .. I closed eyelids along forever ... I love you
91 - You are apricot Truche I need you I like everything about Alintel cluttered
93 - Kan Zaman serious fries forbidden love all people and I did what I knew I hated my grandfather
94 - True Tafrhani letter from you and hear your voice relaxes me, but look you settle all my life

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