In the dark night does not appear in the moon ..Not hinted one star shines night ensure ..Agreed on the reality of bitter in my heart and settledAah the days of Lee hidden Why, why, and where the Flee ..Aaahp painful sticking outOf the chest and controlled GraduateSadness and cruelty of her lost everything

I lose everything at a glance the wordDarted out in forceTo my chest and inside my heart and stabilizeAnd bleeding and my only hope My LikudiansUnique and deposited

And scatter all the wishes and turnsTo Ouhaaam then Ouhaaam then OuhaaamAAA Iavwady and a thousand AAHOn the threshold of separation stretch our handsAnd eye and heart crying dying

Hey wait a Atstzlm repute of oppressionI see a range of remote does not pleadOf not less than that falsity sight

I raised my head from between observing CfhiiMaholy and AAH, which Wright

Baaaht universe and faces paleAnd bloody wounds and a firestorm of concernsPreoccupiedYes wake up Iarouh P HabibStands on the threshold of separation waits

Looked at me and now I see him cryingMy eyes and hid his tears sad and tremblingMy heart is nestled between my ribs and my pain grief

And realized I strode through the bitterness and painI looked into the sky with tearsWright's unbroken withdrawal pain disturb theCelestialIt is time my love good byeYes it is time to leave Dent hour of separationWhich did not calculate her account and did not have to mind the

Is close to the scenes, followed by descendingFinally I am leaving the word ..Soptad you heard about the Lord live without Q

Yes, I need you Habibi recognized needAshimk took hold you need AghafooaOn your chest and how I AghafooaWithout youHabibi Isaadk Is My ConfessionNow how to recognize Ishqiny WhitneyHid did not know his address

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