Do you know how much was stolen from us without knowing stats terrifying

I woke up in the morning on news of the death close to us ... may God have mercy on him and expanded entrance and the pinnacle of his argument and install it when asked the two angels .. Amin
And my mind conjuring up a picture as long forgotten or Tanasetha ...
Watching the last in this world ...

Tdzawa not ... will not prolong the details of a sad .. This is not guilt Shani you it ..

But .. I have been associated with that idea is another idea of ​​what filled me with alarm ... how many steals from our lives and we do not know ...
So much for all the same out to return not see us before the Day of Resurrection the Lord Almighty ...
So much for the every moment pass us by stealing our lives Vtnsab peek out of our hands and emptied China, leaving behind a thirsty and hungry ...
So much for the day before and will never return to the Day of Resurrection ..

Said that he was the day when the sun shines, but the caller cries out, O son of Adam, a new day .. and on your martyr .. Vagtinmny Vanni to the Day of Resurrection, did not come back!!!

Could taking note of how much stolen from our lives in Autism and vacuum or even in many businesses, but lack of good will, and calculating the wage, with God the Day of Resurrection comes a great mountains God it down the drain!!!

Hala taken note of the words come out of the hypocritical tongues chattering here and here and spoil here and here and slaughtered here ..!!
Hala taking note attached to the heart of love is impossible and the manifestations of luxury and the world of ephemeral even foreskins rusty and weakened by the rift did not Believe Tzbh tear in the middle of the night was pierced by a reminder of his Lord and creator .. and nuzzle between the ribs dead motionless and we are heedless ..

Said that the people of Paradise is not only to mourn their hours have passed without a mention of God!!
Beware of heartbreak .. and most of the hours ..!!!

God bless us at the times and hours and make them all in good deeds and good works
Oh God, make our day the best day Nlqak and you are satisfied with us
Oh God, have mercy upon our dead and the deceased Muslims .. God can Mdechlhm and Guenhm argument and when the Senate confirmed the two angels question Abdelhm Dara O good and welcome from their home better than their parents
O Nur their graves, and Lance Hacthm played them squeezing of the grave
And have mercy on us if Elena In setting him to what

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