Body language

1 - back to look at the people directly into their eyes
2 - You must know and determine what you want others to be exactly
Specify that you want your message delivered to the people
3 - your body does not know how to lie One way is not aware of the
Your body move your thoughts and feelings through the movements carried out by
4 - When you meet someone for the first time Atbzl effort above normal
In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Preston were asked
Students about the ways in which the GRIP to interesting people
They meet the first time was over-enthusiasm in one of the reasons
Failure. Do not try to smile in spite of you but that does not try or that blazing
Be polite too F to deal with the other party with respect
Plus be at the expense of your respect for yourself
5 - through research conducted by Professor Albert Mpeha.
Entitled (solution code is harmonious interaction) found that the letters
By which we reported in our lives represent the following proportions: 55%
Body language tone of voice 0.38% 0.7% words
6 - The ability to make contact with the eyes means you are sure to
Of yourself either reduce eye seems bowing depending on the context
7 - reflects the warmth and the smile shows confidence and create harmony, but
Beware the smile in time is not appropriate, it reflects the weakness and loss of confidence
8 - raising the eyebrows of the top second term is a sign of friendship
9 - the perfect appearance of the clothes to be comfortable attractive reflect the social law of the clothes reflect the personal give self-confidence

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