Date of Egyptian women. between religion and education .. and the revolution!!

Raised the writings of Qasim Amin bang for perhaps did not subside until now, and with that everything demanded by the Egyptian women's rights has been reflected more quickly than he himself expected thanks to the struggle of the woman herself, as a new generation of intellectuals in the years of occupation adopted ideas Qasim Amin, Muhammad Abduh and Nadim and Eltahtawe, and managed through this generation of political action inherently slow (Mostafa Kamel - Saad Zaghloul) and thanks to the hair (Shawky and Hafez) and thanks to the music and singing (Sayed Darwish) to awaken public consciousness again.
And defeated the people of the values ​​of freedom, his self-styled new major in the year 1919, as the woman went out in demonstrations with men side by side together to demand freedom and independence, and delivering over the priests and the elders of mosques in the Al-Azhar churches stressing the unity of the homeland against
Colonizer, and Egypt once again obtained the Constitution which declares that freedom of expression is protected and it is the right of every citizen .. And that education is compulsory and free for citizens, male and female, and that all citizens are equal before the law.
Have formed women's participation in the 1919 revolution, the primary gateway, which has developed through theoretical treatises on the issue of interaction with the community in place, where the women went out in demonstrations in three
The demonstrations and marches to the People is the crucible that melted into the diet of struggle and Hamas guerrillas, the protesters took in large numbers began to schoolchildren, and then increased in the days following the month of March to include all groups and sects of the Egyptian people, there is no difference between the rich or poor, small or large , man or woman, Muslim or Christian, everyone in the revolution and one and not one mention is Egypt. "We believe that it should not be regarded as the National Movement gave women's movement are legitimate, but we can say that feminist awareness has been accompanied by awareness of reform and in the national stage in large, and distortions limit the thought of women and their movement in the context of the claim rights of certain groups have far on the issue of societal reform as a whole, but are women more freedom, and meaning here by civil liberty, social, we are looking at the power that community may be used legally in the right of the individual Ventaraf nature and discern borders, and the question is rarely subjected to mention pens as well as the examination, and are Kmunha having major impact on the problems of every age. ()
I have been associated with the 1919 revolution, a revolution of Egyptian women on the traditions and customs that hedge women within the four walls came up with the revolution is what they breathe inside her chest and behind that driven by the desire to get rid of certain families, which she experienced for long times. Since that time, active women's movement activity effectively, is one of the signs of Egypt's modern history, has taken this activity in the Revolution two aspects: the appearance of directly represented in the demonstrations and processions of women who went out in the streets calls the fall of colonialism and the lives of independent Egypt, and to participate in demonstrations with men and close cooperation the revolutionary movement in the transfer of operations on confidentiality and publications
And even weapons and treat the wounded and take care of them, and the appearance of indirectly reflected in the enthusiasm of the husband or father or brother or public participants in the battle to them impetus to continue the same zeal.
Have followed the first women's demonstration in March 16, 1919 in protest against the brutal massacres which the British met with demonstrations and the former People's abusive treatment of them. He described Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Rafii this demonstration, "the protesters came out in the decency, dignity and Oaddn written protest to the commissioners to Iqdmenh States, this Arabization:
"Rev. adopted .. you raise this Egyptian women, mothers, sisters and wives of the victim went to the coveted British Ihtjajn the atrocities which have met the Egyptian nation, quiet, not to sin committed by the country's only claim to freedom.
 On March 20, 1919 were repeated demonstrations became a demonstrator lifts the media which it is written in Arabic and French words of protest against the bloodshed claims for independence (). This is confirmed by Huda Shaarawi (1879 - 1947) "I started our movement political demonstrations great that we have made on the morning of March 20, 1919 and that was after was the English bullets at the demonstrators after denied Saad Zaghloul Pasha and his associates to Malta, has these demonstrations to protest the actions of the brute force which claimed innocent lives that have not reaped nothing but a valid claim the independence of the country and the lifting of martial law on the burden and call for the return from exile, Saad. "
The artists also participated in demonstrations like the rest of women, which showed the Rose Al-Youssef Ibrahim and Mary carrying media and progressing by ().
The Nile alive poet Hafez Ibrahim demonstration Ladies poem in which the glory of courage and triggered harsh on the conduct of British soldiers Hyahin which he said:

  Out Guany Ihtjajn keep them together and I started watching
  If Takzn of their black clothes Carhn
  Vtalaan like planet in the middle of Istan Dign

And taken the road and passing the House, "Saad" Qsdhn
 Walk in an atmosphere of dignity was the son of their hair
      If the Army and future absolute horse harness
      If the soldiers had swords corrected for Nhorhn
      If guns and rifles, and rancid Alsoarm
      And horses and jockeys have cordoned off around them
     And roses and basil in that day Slahan
     Vtills armies hours Chbi her embryos
     Vtdeda Niswan and Niswan not have the force of it
     Then Onhzmn dispersants towards unification Qsourhn
                            * * * *
     Vlihno Army proud with his victory and Peixrhn ...!
     As if "the Germans" had among them wore burqas
     And came "Bhendnberg" disappeared in Egypt Icodhn
     Vlmalk feared dress and Pity of the snare .. !
Then fell into a fire fight national first martyr of the women in demonstrations April 10, 1919 and is deceased Chafika Mohammad Sratha bayonets the British and their guns during the assault brutal on the Egyptian People's rebellious men and women, and scored national event in the publication enthusiasm Tabaoh under the title "Shafiqa first victims were women Egyptology "and said that" Angelina signed for the killing of the first martyr girl in the war of liberty, the first victims of Seidatna, for the death of Shafiqa .. and conclude with the words "that her father had deposited emotions Egyptian people with dignity and due for and impartiality of freedom of his country, is how masculinity and thus loyalty to the homeland In edema humanity: Shafiqa Winners tutor and Joan of Arc "
And women continued to struggle in 1919, which is the beginning of the real contribution of the Egyptian women in public life in the community and the beginning of her manumission, emancipation social after their families for many years within the customs and traditions of the community. Therefore, we believe that when he blew the 1919 revolution, demanding

Independent parallel with the revolution of women seeking their right to exist and to the world and see them face to face not through a veil.
 In December 1919 I met Mrs. Hoda Shaarawi Parviqatha in the church Macarios the sake of the principle of national unity, which was of the principles of the revolution Anmalk, announced Schthn on the ministry and Osdrn a statement containing their views to stick to full independence there has been a meeting Hoda Shaarawi Parviqatha in the church to entrench the principle of national unity, and even join forces racist society, "the Coptic and Muslim."
The Ladies Committee Alovdiat elected by the masses of women during the revolution - led by Hoda Shaarawi - lead the women's movement at that time I was invited Hoda Shaarawi in 1920 - following the spread of its fame around the world as leader of the Egyptian women - to the Conference, the Women's International to represent Egypt in which the delegation traveled component of Ms. Siza Nabrawi () and Ms. Prophet Moses to Rome to participate in the Conference of the Women's Federation, has been recognized by Hoda Shaarawi Besuten influential in the talks, called on the West to recognize the voice of Egyptian women and Uaihn ().
This was written Anji Plato regarding this incident is that, stating that when he was invited Hoda Shaarawi and the delegation to the Conference, the Women's International to travel abroad to prevent them their husbands to travel, and this is what you typed Hoda Shaarawi about the incident, said: "I saw the need to meet the call service of the Egyptian women, Voguenat some friends to travel to the conference, and Obrguena to Europe so, but our husbands let us down in the last minute and refused - after acceptance - to allow their wives to travel, Vtahtm dictated I had to send a telegram in which he apologized disease delegates fever Alaspainolip which was deployed in Egypt, then! and publicly Ahmed and the presence of fever, which enabled me to make an acceptable excuse ..! "The excuse criticize Plato Huda

Shaarawy and saw flawed "that it was worth Balzeimp late to arrogate Sorry hidden before the International Conference on fact, and we believe that it was better for them to shine the reality, and this was insufficient to raise indignation in the world public opinion to restrict the freedom of Egyptian women in this way , and in this it is of universal support for the issue of the Egyptian woman. " And imagine that the lack of recognition of Huda Shaarawi why real shame of it and a desire to improve the situation of Egyptian women and the definition of the West to the 1919 revolution, Egypt has paid off and gave women the right to undiminished
In the same year founded the new Women's Association in the parameters, and was its president Huda Shaarawi was attached to the school for the education of girls and another for the education of character loom weaving and carpets. And women participated in the National Organization of new and consisted of the Commission Delegation Central ladies at the meeting that included a thousand held in the church Macarios on January 8, 1920, speaking on which Ms. Esther Wissa and appointed Safia Zaghloul matron of honor, and Oqsmon all of them that Ieddn men in their struggle for freedom, the text of the Law Commission Central Women's Delegation to seek continuation of demanding full independence of Egypt, had barely announced its even hit her brands from the Women's Cairo and Territories ().
Also draw Hoda Shaarawi Commission delegation of women in 1922, and in March 16, 1923 draw also with her Club Women's Federation, was composed with him - well - school player and all the workers which were uncovered and they see the problem in mixing with men () and recognized officially and determine its political in complete independence of Egypt and Sudan.
It was a public discourse in the Egyptian society since 1919, encouraging women to take their first steps toward the defense on the issues of emancipation, with the exception of bits of men who underwent discourse on women of the contraction in the hijab and adornments, and there is an inventory of the same within the shell of jurisprudence, the narrow window kind of cultural battles narrow border of high intensity, while the limited discourse on women in traditional treatises that are still felt to this day between the trends of Westernization and Islamization.

Accordingly, this speech was more severe and the highest tone, which finds the value in the case of SFOR and the veil, which formed the central issue of the letter of some men. Is not the case in a letter the woman who ran the actual reforms and community more than to draw their attention to the issue of disclosure or hair covered. The free speech of women of this polarization was more extensive and more diverse and pluralistic, both in the forms of expression for, or in his themes, and collected touch with reality and the pulse of society. As women's speech was more closer to reality and a sense of the actual requirements of a society in transition, and even more ability to adapt to circumstances.
Troy Doria Shafiq of the fact disarmament Mrs. Hoda Shaarawi veil for the first time during the return of the conference, the Global Women in Rome in 1923, says: "Mrs. Hoda Shaarawi, and her friends had Izaigahn they uncover their faces in the conference to be held abroad, and then cover them when they return to Egypt .. The delegates of different countries deny its on Huda Hanim Mbartha, and limited know the only girl and the one she insisted on attending these conferences wearing a veil does not reveal anything about her, the deceased venerable Ms. Prophet Moses. In this regard, Troy intellectual Hassan, one of the advocates of the Renaissance Women in the Covenant that they were spoken for once "and was Jadeite bother me, and I was very when you lift the veil of Saad Zaghloul over my face during the speech of my sermons."
For this fired Ms. Munira fixed Saad Zaghloul, the title of "leader Alsfory Galilee"

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