3....Short stories

Crossing to freedom 
With the fall of blocks fog on the tops of the mountains and foothills of the valleys, on that day very cold of winter, the earth was hungry for those small drops of water to grow even a little grass to fill its breath sheep and cattle condescend to her skin from the intensity of hunger, in the year in which a solution where drought mountainous areas, sheep, going here and there, scattered researcher for green grass grew from the drops. Separated from each sheep, a few meters away at the top of the mountain. The shepherdess girl of nine years old. 
Not her mother, disappeared in a place like a hut to avoid the full blast of cold and water drops falling, it monitors the movement of sheep .. Guarded .. Paid to enter the pastures reserved .. Hours passed in the morning and still the fog covering the mountains and foothills of the valleys, which is in a secluded, but not seen some of the sheep, I began block fog rising from the mountain towering before the sun reaches the zenith, I left the place, climbed the mountain top where the warmth, and sent Nzeradtha to see the sheep in excess of eighty, turned its sights on the right and left, did you see only a few dozen sheep unable devastated by the arrogance and weary year Almqahotp, struck fear and panic, I remembered that fate if they remain even if one of the sheep, worn out, how would seek an excuse for (the father) of the savage does not know the meaning of paternity and (uncle) do not know compassion, and not in the heart of premium mercy, overflowing tears from her eyes, remembered her mother and she died nine years ago, dried the tears from her eyes, got up and sadness in control of her feelings, searched for the sheep, returned to the place of its grass green slope near the summit of the mountain came down upon some of the water in the first week of winter, to hilarious caricatures a youth of the village inhabited by a confine sheep, hoping for the same and are suffering from misery, remember her mother, which saddens me the village of her death, was an example of compassion and morality, while it is to his situation, rang in his heart heartbeat love and longing, rushed in through the random away from the eyes of the people, did not arrive, however, has opted for a nice place for resting in it, I saw him coming toward her, face to smile, and reached the bonds of love and tenderness to her heart-hungry, he sat down in front, not separated by only one foot, launched a calm smile crossed what was his love and wished to be like him in happiness, with his father, patting her shoulder, exchanged conversations that overflowed from the deepest emotions, scattered kisses equities reflected the rules of love, I forgot her goats and Ainaha, I felt that it had I grew up and time to move from hell to happiness and a family next to the happy husband shared ages and crossing to the beach married life ... 

Symbolic and worry Security 

     What what .. What what, please Iafeta from school. 
     Raised the (symbolic) puzzled expressions and insisted to know the reason why did not hear before. 
- Yesterday bullets towards the enemy to us, and we get out of the gate row, Vensvt blood (Adel and Saad, Khaled), while the difference (Khalil) life when his blood was shed in abundance. 
     I wiped tears from his cheeks, I breathed a deep bow to the level of his honesty, "said a voice worn his hair and wiping her fingers: Do not be afraid Impsok not bad, God willing. Persuaded to go to school. 
     Glued in a kiss both cheeks before closing the door behind him, men dressed in their arms blocking entrances to the streets and military vehicles roam, sidewalk-free, only some of the children in their footsteps to the school, watched as he walked too long steps and worn on the back of his bag, which seems overloaded. 
      I whispered out of the window which is monitored by a combination of fingers of small pieces of stones, as long as users of blood and violence, whether through the way to school or when he goes to bring the needs of the house, why fear? 
     Rushed and running north and a Yemeni side to within sight of the school, there have been a military vehicle the street swallows him .. 
- Perhaps the secret weapon! 
- Maybe his bag filled with explosives! 
     Uttered by members of the cart before the correction down their arms, disappeared among his colleagues when he appeared horses duped soldiers with their weapons and Siathm, trying to get him out of the crowd, the smell of EU-tears, seek, delivered a (symbolic) Bhakepth on the sidewalk, ran quickly toward the house, has been monitored by running and dozens of bullets behind him, screamed strongly , lost her feelings, did not wake up only to his blood as he tried to hide among her lap, and the sounds of bulldozers and soldiers approaching the house because the residents are working to disturb security. 


     Dawned after a quiet night spent beehive, spring day, have restored voices of birds after the cessation of frogs for Nkigaha continuously since the early hours of the night, green stretched out on the fields and packed mountains, flowers bright crowned with greenery and send Roaiha dance to fragrance butterflies deposed by the nature of Zhoha colors covering their bodies, At the bottom of the valley between the infiltrating water from the fields Boukrerha Almwns to silence progressive embrace of the mountains and Alazgal, dew drops sparkle of the parties to securities delicatessen at the dawn rays of the sun from the edge. 
     Humming bees racing rays of the sun to the flowers bright that stands domesticated have a pool of between Zhaiha nectar and pollen, were Ttosd cavity near the course of the valley, Buzz transcend the stronger the sun, the movement of Dwbp in the doorway, Bees Taatobt bags nectar color under their wings transparent, penetrate to the inside through the entrance, which stationed the guard members, emptied the nectar to the waxy templates are divided into thousands of episodes six, tinnitus is characterized by male voices in the Psalms weddings, the queen inspects the parts of the cell-equipped to lay eggs as usual, male grappling with ECOSOC of the Queen. 
     Larva emerged from the edge of one of the templates, not much different from the other larvae. 
     Bee Poor survived the charm of the Queen, had the ability to have children, went to one of the male as usual Isdh Btunainh to activate the bees and to redouble their efforts before the end of the season, was sucking nectar flower orange when approached buzz them, Astglae moment Aptadahma the cell, he returned accompanied by, I thought the place, a safe to hide her egg away from the eyes of the Queen, was the edge of that template is the place after that manufactured food in conformity with the food the queen, came larva after the fed-food Palmlkat, has grown quickly, took the form of the Queen, were joined to serve part of the cell members, conflicts between our owner, the number of of the dead were received abroad, bear silent after the fall of Queen antique and dumping abroad, stopped new Queen near the entrance and around dozens of Chaperones stopped in front of a few bees like a news conference after the victory, the males closer to it, however, that the magic queen was slain received them, and Shell Nationality of its members, filled with honey wax molds, activity stops the cell, the search began for a reason to stop, discovered the secret of the Queen false, began to check, while she was causing in the coup to hide itself among the honey is still under investigation ... 

Teach intimacy 

        When the hunter was able to resist the rocks that are installed on top of the mountain branches of the contents of the nest, which doz female bird (punishment) (1) between the bowels of the rugged rocks, infiltration Tobt slowly when caught, released by the rocks before it comes to his mind the idea of ​​hatching punishment pet, tuck the eggs collected to hold him in the vicinity of nest eggs Saute chicken claws, the distribution of affection on an area of ​​the nest while the fingers of fisherman watching the incubation period, young people began moving from the inner membrane Mnakirhm try out .. small punishment out first, after that smashed barriers limestone .. kind fisherman forced to smile when they saw the success of the nursery, the chicken covering young Bhananha When she approached looks fisherman, his hand published minutes food inside the coop embraces the hen and the young, he began to look to the young from the entrance to the serf, a group of young people are able to skill to efficiently drew the attention of a hen to search for the secret, vision hunter aware that water is mixed within the membrane of limestone, quoted foul and the secrets of life the fierce to the brothers - young hen - of incubation, days passed and the chicken does not know the password, claws young Dajnat land and Tzipi what Bgeoffha of the date, directed to instruct the young, but they have a band you do not need it, transported in the morning breeze parties grief volatile odors from tragedy befell the female punishment, he started young aspirations towards the horizon for the translation of sorrow, days strengthen the wings and claws, chicken trying to find out the secret .. After failing to teach its instructions to the members of the band, the blood moving in the disturbance in the arteries of the hunter while wings young strong enough to resist the dangers of space out watching the young are mimicking the morning breeze and look forward to the mountains coated in the region, trying to get closer perhaps to understand the meanings of the votes fired, he felt young Bagturabh .. Attracted the wings parallel to their heads, fired after the votes of panic that left a whirlwind of dust, it was their own shadows, chasing a fellow who took refuge in the roof serf when flying towards the mountain, his hands Tnfadan dust after the Fed looks to catch up with them and get the punishment pet ... 
        Cold announced control of the city and imposed a curfew and was able to turn off the water in the arteries of their networks, under the watching stars in the sky after it ran out of crop the previous night, crept cold to the inside, the children look to the stars after he cut off the specter of hunger, a series of dreams of the innocent, the waiting time the arrival of stars to the position normally, struck cold on children and stopped the entire movements, has their eyes directed towards the stars after that muddied the clouds disrupt its flight, to mm the rest of the clothes on his bones covered with skin, given by his feet, the winning habit, the street was frozen after the frozen contents , he had changed the whole, progress slowly in front of strings of light surging from the lighting after the blocked darkness fog most of the pieces of the puzzle-intensive, scattered his staff - which take her to disperse the dogs - other waste, waste collection are looking for, look around the north and right, collecting waste carefully , not cold Tmhlh to return, including the collection, smiling when he found the place empty of dogs, frozen the movement of blood in his gut, when he felt cold, smiling when she was under his body come down and come down, his staff, which announced its vicinity to surrender. 

Grant to the other world 
        Four years ago that got Khalid high school in high esteem, his colleagues expect receiving a scholarship to study abroad. Always respond to them that the star Mcwm, I have already told him so charming old when his visit with his father's childhood days, as evidenced by the ominous star, that the magician asked his father to change the name (Khalid) so that changed his life and be able to break the specter of doom in front of him. 
Told his colleagues for his stories which he heard about the jinn and their world advanced, and was conducted while the magician puts the codes on a piece of flat white in a cup of water, and stories that were heard from the jinn and their world evolving. 
        One of his colleagues asked him one day: Why, Khaled does not change the name according to the advice of witchcraft? Question not answered, still thinking about him always, consult with himself: Why not change his name? And get rid of the star Almcwm who needed his name? Astgrach thinking in his presentation of the many lines of sanctions and harsh military conscription during the period of assessment. 
Insisted on trying to keep it by continuing to break barriers for undergraduate study - at the end of the service - suspended and may improve the status. 
Encouraged colleagues to the idea of ​​this, the end of the service went to the University for admission to one of the colleges, he entered the University building, I head towards the window and put it on a banner reading (receiving requests for enrollment and registration), his feet moving slowly as if the restrictions, his body trembled, as if there looks surrounded .. Maybe he saw students modest his clothes!? Or form of rural ...? Questions revolve in the imagination, a dash for his body to the window, presented documents to the employee stationed behind him, replied: "Sorry, I ended the date of acceptance a month ago, insisted Khaled, to no avail, the sound of rejection in his ears, toss his body Holla, covered the red cheeks, stopped his eyes from the movement, fumble of the tongue, headache controls on his head, tears covering Klvat his face pale, his body Ithbll race, scattered his papers near his shoes, Hui body down, joined hands hands jack his body after the wet soil, the quantities of ice pour it in vain, rings of students rally around him, fear and puzzlement in control of all, the voice of the ambulance transcend, sweeping the horizon, it adjourned episodes from each other slowly, arrived in audio and behind the car, started swallow the streets Plotter way, the transfer from car to car moving, moved the vehicle towards the intensive care , rallied the doctors and massed bodies around it, wires, intravenous injection wrapped around his body, the looks of doctors and their computers are on it, hours pass without a little improvement, uttered by doctors to each other, pulse settles, the blood flows in veins stability, the head swings slowly, there has improved quite a bit, do not still unconscious, eyelashes eyes moving slowly, his tongue moving as if he wanted to speak: I will go to the charming old and ask for help by giving me a scholarship to the world of the jinn doctors happily improved the situation, swim envision away, enter into the magician, explains his or her problem, which blurted solve it, shave Khaled envision in the air freely, leaving the earth to the world of adorable, his voice rising more he talks about education in the other world (the world of the jinn), for technological development and dishes the plane and its secrets and the triangle Bermma and secrets, treasures and mysteries of the world vague ... would not return to the land without solving the puzzles that have baffled mankind ... 
Doctors are surprised that they hear, is still in the other way around the world. 
Shouted loudly, scared doctors: I arrived .. You have reached .. What a fun world of adorable, beautiful cities, buildings distinct, unique vehicles, suddenly stopped talking recurrence: It seems that this crowd and these buildings are luxury outstanding university .. Doctors listened to his words .. Raising his voice: "Yes .. Yes, it is .. It is the university .. What a wonderful - and you see his eyes Tfhan devices around it - I have done the check, here's a place alongside real science of these devices ... 
Stop talking suddenly blurted doctor said: Thank God for the safety ... 
 اسمك what? Where are you from? 
- Eagerly: Khalid .... Man! From planet Earth! Scholarship from one of your embassies in the ground. 
Smile doctor and said: Do you have an identity card? 
- Yes .. Yes, as well as all documents, service book, raised his hands to look forward to the documents .. flinch from his place when he did not find documents .. Try to see the sound and its source .. If surrounded by devices intensive care and doctors trapped stares at a hospital in the city!!. 

Baba Sheikh 
 Smell emanating from the piles of cave refrigerator drawers, sleep crept into the corridors of the hospital, the guards in a deep sleep, quietly applied to the corridor leading to the refrigerator since the first hours of the night, suddenly stopped lighting, moving vehicle break dormancy, three lights dispel darkness, the voice heard to break down the door neighboring wings, awaiting the arrival of the car body to the gate. 
Nahla move between his shoulders, playing with his tools, rolled between his lap, accompanied by his prayer and sleep, pity her heart which she refers to him (Pope) .. 
     Fourth-year-old completed until the end of this month - all the answers those who ask him about her age is on his shoulders when leaving or returning. 
     Baba Sheikh - call him when you ask something from him - the word saved in the recent period when you hear the guests or neighbors asking her about her grandfather, saying: Where is Sheikh? Either via phone or when you open the door ... 
     Did not stand next to her mother shared grief over her father, who did not complete the second spring of his wedding. 
     Nahla .. Nahla, called her a lying on the bed, stood up in horror, rushed him belt is wrapped around the dagger (pleural), threw her body next to his feet, small drops of tears fall did not feel it when Achterguet (SOX), lifted to his lap, hinted glamorous silver cross and its two rays of a sunrise interview .. 
     The first time to see in such a situation, crying is limited, do not cry only when emerging from sleep does not find in the waiting or when being punished by her mother, if acted inappropriately. 
     Clear the palms of the hands and cheeks, annexed to his chest - but rest assured will not go out and you are beside me - said it is trying to ease her down, asked her what happened to her when it failed to stop her tears and calm the raging volcano in the chest? 
Replied: "I saw in my dream that the thieves who took me (BBA) came and took me (Baba Sheikh) and you sleep!!! 
     Heaped upon a kiss, saying: rest assured I'm fine and (BBA) will visit him today at the cemetery! 
- Graveyard?! 
- Yes. Cemetery, which buried him in it! 
- Why not come to visit us is it? 
Declined answered and took her to her mother to processed to get out. 
     Cemetery crowded with visitors, to stop the vicinity of head of the grave, he read some of the verses and veins Sayings, prove itself on his shoulder and resting on his turban, looking forward to his face when moving his lips and the flow of verses, drop back intending to return, stopped him, saying: (Baba Sheikh) You Ouadtni that go to (the Pope)? 
- Yes .. Yes, this is the cemetery and the grave of your father 
- Where is it? Where (Pope)? I do not see it ... 
- It's inside the tomb. 
- No. .. Do Ya (BBA) you are lying. 
     Stop the answer, he sat next to the tomb, told her, saying: that your father is buried cave tomb. 
- Are you honest? Is it now exists inside? 
- Yes - Yes he can hear us now. 
- Why not come out to see us? I would love to see him? Why ... ? And when it is up to us? 
Many questions directed to him as he looks to a piece of rock by drilling the tomb of the martyr Ahmed bin Ali ... 
     Took advantage of the stoppage of asking questions arose after putting them on his shoulders, leaving the cemetery, stood next to his car, took out the key, turned the car headed for home, silence hangs over him and his granddaughter, was regret deeply felt get out of the depths of which is shared by moving the steering wheel, he says to himself: (Ahmed), who died as a result of the problems of revenge that has become harvested green and dry, do not differentiate between male and female ... 
Er .. I have children of their dog!! Raising his voice: "You have robbed the most precious thing I have - hear passers-by: why they have chosen in particular? How long we will continue to reap the fruits of ignorance? 
- God and yes proxy, no power and no strength except in Allah ... 
Looked forward to it, saying: It is left to them? 
     The fear of God to remain an innocent child in this age, looking for tenderness father denied it, and no family left, unless elderly invincible Pfoadjah time. 
     Stopped talking, stopped the car next to the house .. Continued to listen to him, trying to explain why his troubles, left the car, Zhongwei-to-door, remembers the last experienced by the family since it was entrusted with the task of running of the tribe. The only son who was a reliable hope of changing the reality and to avoid errors kill?! In the fifth year of medical school!! 
     And cease the vicinity of the door, the eyes and weapons of nozzles is monitored by another cast his looks to his granddaughter standing in front of him contemplating his face which showed Afrazat volcanoes, raging in his stomach, ringing minarets on the horizon, rushing worshipers to mosques, preachers throw my engagement Friday. 
     The time has come - whispered among themselves, killing him, she saw her grandfather and blood sweeping across the ground, screamed alarming: Papa ... Papa ... Lost a sense of trying to Inhadah, 
Worshippers came to the voices of women and children, the tribe went out, turned the car to the emergency department at the hospital, put on the vehicle, transfer to the refrigerator. 
      Watching what is going on, reviewed the calculations: Is nothing left wondered offenders ... 
      Yes .. yes .. A lot .. Uttered by the old one which Aiqagah: there were only stole his body from the refrigerator, sadness comes upon the tribe, the men are preparing for the morning, the date of the funeral and mourn, time passes slowly, the early hours of the night pass, it is not time to storm the hospital where the body, the howling of dogs transcend from quarters, sadness slaughter of the remaining members of the family, was launched by the car while you are still looking for the tribe between the mound raised his remains ... 

Moan bone 
        Groups scattered out, leaving the village, ways emitted, frequent glances back to back, not only remained in the village an old woman eighty years old, decided to stay in the village to catch the rest of her days with her husband and her only son, who died and his wife in a raid on a tribal village 
        Designed to survive the old man wrote a will requesting to be buried beside them, I stayed beside her granddaughter, an isolated village about life, houses are empty of human beings, the earth barren hit by drought two years ago, fog covers throughout the region. Brought down the night longing black and the moon an average star, and around them Scattered about to fall, the howling of dogs rises from the alleys of the village, and wailing does not know its source, sounds Boom transcend from balconies, old man engaged in prayer, silence reigns the village since the displacement of residents, the effort is dominated by The girl, a haven for domestic animals and birds, the girl put bread on the oil to make dinner, the smell of bread are emitted in the quarters, the animals tracked the source of the smell, animal sounds resound from the vicinity of the house, the barking of a sudden .. Faint sound emitted from mobile flares, bark transcend, torches moving towards the village if there is something!! Questions revolve in the mind of the girl when looked down from the window, consuming old in her prayers-usually, moan and sounds transcend sporadic issue?? The bark becomes strong, animals are dispersed from the vicinity of the house, whining increase?? Voices shovels shaking throughout the village, light flares dominate the yard cemetery, whining resurrected in the spirit of the girl's loneliness, there is a voice crying out for help .. Rescue ... 
       She hears a voice from among the whining request aid and assistance, I froze the vicinity window wood can not move her tongue, struck fear and panic, which crippled the movement, the old man still chew the cud breath. Headed torches, leaving the village, turn left and painfully 0 votes everyone left the village .. The girl closed the window firmly, turned her head to the old man to tell her what she had seen, boycotted by the old man: We have taken traders human bones and bodies of your father and your grandfather and the bodies of the family all of the cemetery and left me alone ... 
Did not complete even launched her last breath .. Overtaken by the girl and hit her panic and confusion and sadness, launched cocks voices announcing dawn of that night, began to dissipate the darkness to show the graves have been Vgrt their mouths, empty of its inhabitants ... 

Blight cold 
     Waves slam, sending sick people loaded with flavor sea, there remains a faint twilight aware optical unit at the very distant horizon, hours since the rough seas dominated the disk of the sun, which stood on the edge of asking permission to leave. 
     Was (Mahoiti) - whom I met - on the edge of street (Sana) the vicinity of an old bookseller When I asked the seller on the way to the Corniche, it seems like me did not hesitate before, face the same question to the seller (Mahoiti). Who answered, pointing with his right hand: in this direction. 
     Turned to me when paid to the seller eighth four booklets versions of monthly old, the receipts to the Corniche, I got up eagerly longing fueled by my friend (Waleed) talking continued on the Corniche, passed the streets, I got to know (Mahoiti) during Mserna, flowing cold air rested my body raging summer This coastal urban, and called (Mahoiti) when he met one of his friends, sipping milk tea and giggles neighborhood (horny) - Despite a piece of coal burning over her head - when the cud smell. 
     And continued to walk on my own, the sound of waves from the noise limit civilian flying minarets Azan prayer dinner, based on the single-seater pavement (Corniche), overlooking the Red Sea and the rear squats (Hodeidah) as a bride in the night ... 
     For the first time sit down to the sea at a time like this, the seats of my seat on the less young men and women and rarely remain empty Kmqaadi Astnadi before him. 
      Er, O Sea ... , I said, waves slam on a page the sea raging, I try to crowd my feelings for the exploitation of the scene of divine magnificent, the approach of the farewell of the city did not allow me the opportunity enough to reflect and satisfy the optical long listing on the horizon that extends behind the waves, the darkness that destroys the rest of the light, the light emitted from the city and Mercury Lamps Almertsp along the sidewalk of the companion sea moments of need, the smell of (horny) infiltrating from break us away Bomtar, Whispers of thin scattered seats nearby, exploited a moment of silence to sneak into the ears of which are under the sea, whispering leak out and the voice as the voice of a piece of clay viscous hit on the wall of the heart level if were not a kiss, mingled with the plash of votes to each other when they hit rocks edge .. 
     Laughter dimmed from the seat right out of my chair, came close to some as if the blight cold undermine them, pity them, they approached more, paste the face in her face, absorbs the drops from the edge of her tongue, his fingers permeate the bottom of her hair, the clock Tdrickni, from the flames of cold strong devour the rest of the located , both relegated to the bosom of the other, called the Corniche and the waves and cold blight that has been and two on the bench, but I beg you to visit my seat like the other seats and Ikrami before departure ... 

Output spring 

Rasa disk of the sun on a bench sunrise after that let moon, composed of birds, pop singing with an introduction, as well as residents of the village after it was the night that flooded beautiful dreams, blocks were fog had evaporated when slapped rays corrected from the disk of the sun, stripped of the plains and mountains dress Misty wearing a dress woven of outputs spring, dew crowned securities Blindfolded to the legs of the trees, rays sunrise searching for sources of Purl being heard from the tables, children and women rush towards their trades usual when water tables are barriers stem rays sunrise tides of the parties to the sun disk leaders horizon, frog ring Bnkigaha when flowed into the sheep on Water embraced rock barrier in front of Alvagr corridors tables tides. 
 He (Sultan) follows his sheep when Ngterv water, and there were some looks to the bottom of the barrier while the sheep occur ripples on the water, frogs frequency Nkigaha without interruption, Alhoaim swim freely in the bowels of the water, forced his views on the reasoning in going on at the bottom, stuck to the parameters of body on the water, appeared the whole wearing tasted a white mustache Equivalent black light and a turban top top of his head is installed eyes Talpsan color red, frogs and Alhoaim exercise her freedom - revealed his views meted out to the depths - mate, looking for food, launched the combine of the votes, his looks surrounding life in the bowels of the water. 
 Sheep are torn apart after water rushed into their bellies, ripples ease of manipulation of the sun disk when his eyes were wide Tntran Qtradtha salt to the water when his memory restored antique drops of the past that taste bitter days of British control of the country is Tzipi disturb freedoms and life. 
Sheep Looking for Output spring, remember to bars that have been trying to muzzle the mouths and the freezing of blood circulating in the veins, dried his tears Bamamth that mask the whiteness of his head, rays of the sun disk publish the whole while inhabiting the ripples in the bottom of the water, his memory that lists most of the events passing through the old Almnahz of seventy, heartbreak rush the form of a full blast of his gut, clouds moving slowly, blocked the rays of the sun, disappeared from the face of water when out hooves of sheep on the track, hit a landmine concealed paths past, hunkered looks clinging to his eyes, got up after he caught his fingers troubled his staff, who generously by trees Olive, his expression was tucked between the bones of his skull out of fear for the sheep ... 

     Page suffocating with blood, tried to stop him, begged him, babbling under, entered into a coma, I uttered the last breath to the sound of lightning and thunder ... 
     Strong winds crash as you find it, go out past and present Tsarah, blown sand, tamping green, blown scraps of paper, flew away .. Away from the vicinity of sand and the remnants of plastic bags, away from the vision, folded days the previous page, there have been other bright fled to pen, stood on the edge of Itandal, he turned back, dust and high winds prevented vision, blood serene cruising his stomach, he graduated from his tongue characters intermittent, digs words decomposed scouring lines punctuated by dust and wind, scatter, copy the events near the edge, about to choke on the page, delirium continues, and lists (1) Perfumes and death windswept ridge wind, dried blood from his stomach, while continuing Hveanh ... 

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