A longer lifespan for all, although obesity

Study revealed that the average life expectancy in Europe is still in the increase despite the outbreak of the obesity epidemic, where the average age in Britain than in the United States ..
In the report of the International Journal of Epidemiology, "said David Lyon, a researcher at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases: The results of the study conducted
Over 40 years refute concerns that warns that the upward trend of the average life expectancy in rich countries may reach the end of the front of health problems caused by increasing levels of obesity.
The study also showed that the simple factors such as level of wealth of the country and the money they spend on health care are not necessarily associated with an average life expectancy of its citizens ..
Although spending on health care in any other country in the world, the average life expectancy in the United States remained at a level as less than any European country west. The rate of women at a rate much lower than Western Europe. Leon said: that the average life expectancy in the United States Register 78 years in 2007 compared to eight years in Britain.
He wrote in his study, saying: "This simple observation shows again that the GDP and per capita spending on health care workers are not good at predicting the level of health care among the population in countries with high income"

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