How to be a passion, love the basis of success

Passion and love of the most important human needs in life after love to stay .. do not say we find an animal for a female animal that I love you, but we find that man say to the times that I love you!! And this is among the things that differentiate between the human and animal .. and that human life can not be right and have no meaning without love, that God - the Almighty - the creation of human love and told him to worship him with love, and the Mahbpallah Almighty for His slaves is a reward for the slaves!! Love makes Almadzatn we must love God and then love ourselves .. so we get to real love, we get first to the tolerance, full, and then we will reach the tender .. Tolerance, love and tender things are connected, if a person is tolerant, the thinking would be correctly and properly , and will have a balance in the force of spirituality, which will result in the balance Alizen which will be followed by a sense of poise and Alahsases ... For man to realize that he must be tolerant in all matters of life .. People have to love without conditions, humans or not able to live alone or in isolation from the people .. If a man loving to others, seeking to build bridges of friendship and communication between him and the people he will love them and likes them and they have the same feeling and Sibadlonh ... The rights to enjoy the card animism above, it is energy rich spiritual and lofty principles to humans, scientists and intellectuals are the supreme values ​​.. the most beautiful and most important in the spiritual energy is the link to God - the Almighty - For a person be connected to God .. the Almighty says: " If you put your trust in God ".. The word "determined" refers to the presence of mind and thinking and the use of birds of prey and the senses and thinking in the planning and then act and the amendment Rating .. and then change!! Premise the first energy spirituality is: the link in Allah (SWT), It is obvious that we know that Satan will try to be away rights for this link with God, Faiharabh various ways and means to push the man from his Lord .. and then to humans, can control himself and fills the devil entrances .. and here arises the human controller in the same thought with what is known Ruhani!! From here, the first link to the basics of God - the Almighty - is full of faith in God, and get him to surrender to God .. the sense that people have to surrender to God in his life ... So people have to have a vision and have extremely divided into a dream or goal .. and be the spiritual man through the thought Rowhani and become a spiritualist movements of human movements until the person is a spiritual!! If a person has become spiritually becomes a human, because we originally Rouhaon us the nature of good news .. so it must be a message which is a human rights message and seek improvement for the better in order to achieve the noble goals and dreams to humans ....

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