Queen Cleopatra

Famous women in the history of Alexandria in ancient times

The last king of Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt. I was keen to restore the glory and the power of the Ptolemaic family. And concerned

The development of the Kingdom and will raise in the face of the growing power of Rome.

The Library has paid special attention to some accounts Anyon Remember that library's holdings had reached maximum

Number of outdated (900 thousand volumes in some accounts), especially after he gave Anthony Library Bergamp complete.

And formed a real threat to the Roman army, to enable the defeat of Augustus and Antonius is in the Mark
Actium in Alexandria, a war which ended in deaths of Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide.

Cleopatra took effect on the imagination of poets. Vaguetnawa most wonderful stories of love and adoration stated (Virgil)

The ancient poet in one of his songs that love conquer all, but it proved arrows Cupid weaker than the forces

And weapons (Octavios), which crushed one of the finest love stories in the history of humanity and continues to impact

Cleopatra through time to reach (William Shakespeare), and (Bernard Shaw) and Alzyonker in his play, which by

For Caesar and Cleopatra to be the best of the Queen has something of science, and even images in the image of women flirt

That use her body to attain what you want, and perhaps saw Bernard Shaw in Cleopatra was the embodiment of his views on women.

Vkliopatra and whatever is said about them was beautiful, no doubt, her face is decorated with thousands of coins in various museums

And face east overlooking us from harm and interface Dandara to tell us the date and one of the most famous queens of Egypt

Ancient history.

As for the date of Queen Venbdoh in 51 BC. M. When he died, Ptolemy Oolic after being recommended to take over his son

Cleopatra the Great (the goddess Almahbplobhe) in conjunction with a larger male sons of Ptolemy, who was a boy in

Ten years old, has made her father the late King of Rome and the commandment of them.

And creep (Caesar) and his soldiers from Rome to Egypt and crushed the forces of King and Little, who died to appoint his brother

Younger Ptolemy XIV Cleopatra to another partner on the throne of Egypt, after a relatively calm things set up

Celebrations in honor of the guest Egypt Great Caesar of Rome, which was said to have lasted for two months spell with

Queen Cleopatra, a trip on the Nile page to see the wonders of Egypt, and the glory.

She has visited Queen Cleopatra in the summer of 46 BC. M. Rome at the official invitation of Caesar, accompanied by her son, Caesar (Caesar

Small) may have to be submitted to the community and established the Roman and her entourage in the Badi Palace, located Biqtaip Caesar

On a hill (Janicol) across the Tiber the center of Rome, and Cleopatra managed Bjazpetha and intelligence and culture that hijacked

The hearts of the Romans and the hatred and envy of Roma women.

After one month of the visit to Rome, Caesar was assassinated by his men, returning to Alexandria, Cleopatra


And take your Octavius ​​and Antony it upon themselves to avenge the killing of Caesar, and agreed invalidity Alian act

Octavius ​​in the affairs of the West and Antony in the affairs of the East, and asked Anthony to attend the Queen of Egypt

To kneel in front of him after accusing them of not providing assistance during the war with the Republicans.

One thing that everyone does not know is that Cleopatra gave birth to twin sons, Anthony and a daughter,

The Octavius ​​kept on their lives and sent them to Rome to grow up there, and they had lost contact did not know about

Their lives and something has to kill Octavius ​​Caesar on the advice of a Alexandrian philosophers, so I will not stay

Successors to (Julius Caesar) are demanding the throne of Rome or Egypt, and since the moment she died the Queen of Egypt issued a

Octavius ​​decision by the five words announcing the annexation of Egypt to the Sultan of the Romanian people.

We have revealed to us by the excavations conducted by the world of Galilee / Nazareth master - in the area of ​​com Oshim for many

Output of interest, including the new title of Queen Cleopatra (Philo Mathur) any love for her mother. In addition to many

Information, which was added to the history of the Queen Khaleda mentioned.

 Antonio & & Cleopatra

By painter ((Lawrence Tdema))

Mark Antonio government members of a tripartite Rome with Octavius ​​Caesar and Lepidus Omelios, neglected his duties

Military after the busy Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, which ignores the problems of national Rome, including the fact that

Vlovia his wife, raised the dead, and Octavius.

Called Octavius, Antony's return from Alexandria to Rome to help him against Albompai, Mnikrats Minas

Pirates of the three to the Mediterranean Sea with notoriety, and in Alexandria, Cleopatra begs Antony not to go,

Is that in this way proves his love for her, but in the end leaves.

To return to Rome, Agrippas restore the idea that Antonio should marry the sister of Octavius ​​Caesar, Octavia,

To strengthen relations between the two men, one of the leaders named Antonio Onobarbs. Nevertheless, the Octavia would not know that

Never soften up after Cleopatra, in a famous phrase describing the charm and the beauty of Cleopatra terms such as "life can not be

Fading beauty. "

Predicts hex to Antonio that he will lose that fight Octavius.

In Egypt, learning the marriage of Antony and Cleopatra expect overwhelming anger on the messenger who was sent to the letter,

But she has happiness when you know the description of Octavia Ldermimp of her entourage.

In a confrontation, the government tripartite Bargains Albompai, and show the need to keep a truce, where it can b

Sardinia and Sicily, but by helping to rid the sea of ​​pirates and sent them a heavy tax, and after

Bombay agrees with great reluctance, and the raucous celebration will be held on a ship of Bombay, Bombay Minas tempt the idea that if

Kill the three leaders will be the leader of Rome, but he rejects it and find that this action against honor, but soon

What invalidates Ooctavis Lapidus and the truce and launch a war on Bombay, this was a war against the will of Antonio

That he became angry.

Antonio returns to Egypt and crowned himself with Cleopatra, kings of Egypt, and one-third of the eastern Roman Empire

Where was this province's share of the provision Antonio trio, accused of Octavius ​​did not give him adequate share

From the land of Bombay and anger because Baydos "who was imprisoned by Octavius" came out of prison and penetrated

From power trio, and Octavian agreed to his requests, but on the other hand was not happy with what they have done


Ontoneaou preparing to fight Octavius, Onobarbs assistant prompts him to fight on land, where

Prevail over him, instead of fighting the sea, where the fleet of Octavius ​​stronger, but Antonio refuses Since

Octavius ​​challenged him to fight the sea, Cleopatra order the fleet to be at the disposal of Antonio, however. In

Middle of the battle fleet of Cleopatra Balston ship, and Antonio followed, leaving his army to defeat, shame and haunt him, including

Klioparta love to do it, he blamed Antonio hard because they have made him a coward, but in the end, this puts love above


Octavius ​​sends His messenger to Cleopatra to Antony urging them to surrender and join his, and feel free to tamper with the Prophet,

Antonio enters and deplores what I did, and sends a messenger to the skin, and eventually forgive Cleopatra, and vows to go

Another battle for it, but this time at the land.

On the evening of the battle soldiers Antonio hears strange sounds miraculous, where Vsroha as the god Hercules step down

Antonio protection, beyond that, the commander of Ontunaio which was destroyed for a long time and shun go along with Octavius,

In addition to the confiscation of objects Onobarbs, which did not take her with him when you go to Octavius, ordering Antonio

Things that go Onobarbs again, and die Onorbabs to the generosity of his master. And not ashamed of his devotion, and die

Refracted heart.

Going battle for Ontznio having been launched from land, to the heart of the conflict Octavius ​​nautical time

The other, and loses Antonio when he joins the fleet of Cleopatra along with Octavius ​​and besieged. It deplores Kliopart

Saying, "This foolish Egyptian tricked me!". And determined to kill them betrayed him, Cleopatra decided that the way

Only to regain his love again is to send a message saying they will commit suicide. To die and his name at

Her lips, lock itself in place and waiting for the return of Antonio.

But the plan failed and instead of returning her regret Antonio decides that his life is not worth, so ordering a

His aides, "Ross" to bring him a sword, but did not dare at Aarhus these laborers, and kills himself, Wonder Antonio

His courage and tries to do the same thing, but it fails and be all that is acquired by a deep wound, Antonio knows that

Cleopatra is still alive who shall go in the place of isolation and die in her arms. \

Octavius ​​goes to Cleopatra and tries to convince them to surrender but refused furiously, Tkhan Cleopatra and holding by the Romans.

Cleopatra decides to commit suicide using poison snake Publisher, and die quietly, and meet her to imagine Antonio

Other life, and commits suicide Khademtiha Harmian Aires and the other two here in the same way, he discovers Octavius

Suicide and shows the feelings of a troubled, leaving him the death of Antony and Cleopatra to be the first emperor

Romanian "Augustus Caesar", but he feels some sympathy for them, where he says "will be buried along with her lover L.

Antonio, there is no tomb to encircle the earth two, a couple fantastic, "and ordering that the military be a public funeral.

Suicide of Cleopatra

Committed suicide
In the early days of a mid-August, 8 / 30 BC. M Khaddam made a Queen Cleopatra Cobra Snake means

I heard she committed suicide after the defeat of her boyfriend Roman leader Mark Antony in the war, and the cobra snake

Toxic has remained a logo for the property in the Ptolemaic period have heads above the kings, or were a pair of snakes if

To allow us to believe the words of the Roman poets Virgil and Horace and Propertius Brobbertios have mentioned some

Historians have suggested that the left shoulder is the property that received the first sting Alqatbp Others said that the left breast


Cleopatra committed suicide in despair that the developed poisonous snake on her chest and was invading the new Octavius

Caesar hoped to walk the Queen, which ruled Egypt in triumph in Rome but soon I see her body

And headed for the organization of the government, announced him to the Sultan of Egypt, the Romanian people, and his declaration in a short sentence

So do not include more than five words are selected and

The title Octavios Balambgel Augustus until the end of wisdom and memory of him to Egypt Romanian empire

Named in the month in which the annexation of Egypt after the civil war against Antony

After her death, the Romans killed Caesar for fear that the demands of empire ROMANIAN heir of Julius Caesar and the Crown


Cleopatra ends with the end of the independence of Egypt ends and turns of an independent kingdom to a state of the rule

Roman comes to the Arab Islamic conquest by Amr Ibn El-Aas, some 700 years!!

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