Wikileaks story and embarrassed the Arab leaders, Erdogan and

Julian Osanj, published "Wikileaks" on Monday evening, 6 December to a secret list of industrial sites and infrastructure in all the sensitive parts of the world want the United States to protect them from attacks by "terrorist" because the loss would hurt dramatically, "U.S. security.

According to a dispatch issued by the U.S. Department of State, dated February 2009 that the U.S. State Department has asked diplomatic missions census infrastructure and institutions in the world that harm the loss of a large public health and economic security and national security of the United States and soon received a U.S. State Department list covers many of the States and includes lines of communication under the sea and ports and dams and oil and gas pipelines, mines, companies, products made especially important for pharmaceutical public health, as the list also includes hundreds of sites of critical infrastructure, and include all the continents.

In addition to the strategic infrastructure, which centered mostly in the Middle East, indicating the list also to the Panama Canal and mine cobalt in the Congo and other mines in South Africa and Latin America as well as the pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines in Denmark, Italy, Germany or even Australia.

With regard to France, the list includes groups Pharmacy Sanofi - Aventis and "AMD Varms" and "Glaxo - Smith - Klein" in Evro as well as industrial group Alstom and points of access lines of communication across the Atlantic in the File Staff and Lannion.

Given that the previous list may provide a bank of targets for groups hostile to America as al-Qaeda, saw Malcolm Rifkind, Minister of State, former British defense and foreign affairs, the position and Ichelis "irresponsible," so that those regulations can help groups "terrorist."

Rifkind said in remarks to the newspaper "The Times" British "that this is further evidence that the conduct of" insiders and "irresponsible or even criminal almost, saying:" It's the kind of information that is relevant to the terrorists. "

Despite previous statements, but there are doubts are increasing day after day about what is happening is nothing but an American-Israeli ploy to achieve a hidden agenda.

It is true that cable, the last on a series America's vital interests in the world has seen by some as something new, since it included a list of companies Pharmaceuticals vital to Washington, but there was that it might be a trick new U.S. to cover the questions that is echoed by some on the reasons for ignoring documents Wikileaks to Israel's crimes and Mysteries of American policy.

Documents leaked so far the U.S. has hurt the Arabs and Muslims in large and there is even to point to the rhythm she had tried to discord between the Arab and Islamic countries to each other, in addition to increasing the gap between the rulers and peoples.

Although the documents, Wikileaks, referring to widespread abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that is striking it was focused on detecting customers occupying more than focus on condemning America and senior officials, and especially George W. Bush.

It is interesting to pay attention also to documents and Wikileaks last came in favor of Israel's view on the need for a military strike on Iran, the next she had tried to abuse the image of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the show as "corrupt," she said telegram leaked site "Wikileaks" the U.S. ambassador Previous in Ankara Eric Edelman: "We heard from two sources that Erdogan has eight accounts in Swiss banks, his fortune came from the marriage gave her the gifts are invited to his son, also a Turkish businessman pays the costs of education for four children of Erdogan in the United States."

In addition to the above, I tried to documents "insiders" rhythm as well as between the Arabs and Iran and even among our Arab brothers themselves by trying to inflame tensions between Morocco and Algeria, in addition to what caused deep embarrassment for some Arab rulers to their people.

U.S. move unintended

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
In the face of the above, it was not surprising to announce an Egyptian expert Abbas Khalaf, deputy head of the Center for Strategic Studies Russia, the United States deliberately leaking secret documents uncovered by the site "Wikileaks" recently in order to be a threatening message clear to the leaders of the world that it can expose them at any time, referring to the that failure to deny the authenticity of the documents confirm this.

The successor in an interview with "Good Morning Egypt" Egyptian TV on December 4 that the documents that were leaked, "Wikileaks" touched on the sensitive topics focusing on the Jewish roots of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Russia has described as "like the state of the mafia" and Russian President Medvedev as a weak The AC is controlled by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's "authoritarian," which still holds the basic files such as the Iranian nuclear file.

"The disclosure of these documents undermined the confidence of world leaders in America, especially as they did not question the authenticity, but confirmed it 100% correct," and also left that the goal of U.S. diplomats is to spy on world leaders and political figures and it shows in the words of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: "All the world is of vital interest to us," noting that the United States deliberately disclosed these documents to be a threat and to make clear to the leaders and the leaders of the world it is capable of detection.

He stressed Egyptian expert on that this is not the first time that leaks where important documents were leaked by the documents regarding the Vietnam War but were not of this size, and concluded behind, saying that the documents that have been detected will enhance the size of the forces opposed to the United States.

In the same context, it was announced, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the secret documents published by the site "Wikileaks" mail "story is very serious," and urged not to rush to judge the leaks published by the site.

Aboul Gheit pointed in a dialogue with the program "State of Dialogue" on the first Egyptian television channel on December 4 that he thought that such leaks aimed at something and want to reach certain goals achieved for the United States, specific ideas to individuals or States.

And until a clear fact that the leaked information and insiders, there are also conflicting views on this website specializes in publishing classified documents, there are of the view that he seeks actually to disseminate facts and information, and doubts about the possibility of dealing with the Mossad and the CIA may be most likely due to the intentions of the source of the leaks and objectives and not because of the bad faith of the site, the person who leaked the documents to the U.S. site may be working for the Mossad and the "CIA".

In contrast, others believe that the site would not have succeeded in obtaining all these documents and to cooperate with Washington in secret and that the fuss is about its founder, Julian Osanj are just a trick to cover up
U.S. plans against the countries of the world, and the proof is that the Internet company U.S. was hosted by even a few days ago and did not expel him only after the publication of diplomatic documents to deceive the world that it is innocent of embarrassing its allies in front of their people, this is next to that Washington knows very well place "hiding Osanj alleged" in the Britain.

In general, there is a vague and broad about the leaks and the insiders and objectives of the real puzzle and the question remains: Why Osanj succeeded without the other to get all those documents from the U.S. Secret?.

About Wikileaks

Search site Wikileaks
It is known that the site Wikileaks "www.wikileaks.org" which means "leaks wiki" is considered as the organizers say was the site of public service dedicated to the protection of persons who expose scandals and secrets that undermine the institutions or corrupt governments and reveals all the violations of human rights wherever and whatever it is.

The name of the site came from the integration of the word "wiki" which means the mobile such as the shuttle bus to and from a particular place and the word "Lex" means in English "leaks".

The idea of ​​establishing the site through a dialogue between a group of activists on the Internet from different parts of the world, driven by the keenness to respect and protect human rights and suffering from lack of food availability, health care, education and other basic issues.

From this point on the site was deemed that the best way to stop these violations is detected and highlighted, and highlighted on the site based Australian activist Julian Osanj.

And launched the site in 2006 from Sweden in view of the laws there to protect the institutions that reveal corruption and ran the site since its inception conflicts and legal battles and political order to protect the principles on which it is the first of "credibility and transparency of information and historical documents and the right of people to create a new history."

In order to protect sources of information site Wikileaks follow certain procedures, including means of sophisticated encryption to prevent any party from obtaining information which would reveal the source who provided the leaks.

The information is received either in person or by mail as Wikileaks has a network of lawyers to defend the published materials and sources that can not be - when published on the web page - control or prevent them.

Wikileaks previously had received a court ruling from the United States Supreme Court, which cleared him of any wrongdoing when he published what became known as the Pentagon Papers, which revealed many secrets about the Vietnam War.

What is so sad that despite the thousands of documents published by Wikileaks so far only that the defendants have failed to be transferred to the judiciary and hold them accountable for their actions from the mistakes of which pay based on the site to confirm that the estimate of this is due ultimately to eliminate, not the media.

Although America has taken from its point of all the actions that prevent the trial of soldiers in front of international courts, but this does not prevent - as organizers say the insiders - journalists, activists and concerned the use of information published by the website for research and investigation to reach the truth of the matter and therefore can later convert the matter to the issue consideration by the judiciary, but creators see the site as well that the task and ends when Wikileaks published documents, the investigation is the responsibility of all concerned, especially victims of violations contained in those documents.

The modus operandi of the site

Julian Osanj
During a meeting with the "Without Borders" on channel "Al Jazeera" on 27 October last year, revealed the founder of Wikileaks site and Julian Osanj many secrets about the way in which it operates and the threats he had received from the Pentagon.

Osanj and began his speech by pointing out that site Wikileaks to expose abuses and corruption in more than one hundred and twenty countries, notably what happened in Kenya when her Government was changed in 2007 after the publication of documents that confirm involvement in the crimes of corruption and money laundering.

On the method of obtaining the documents, revealed Osanj that this is in person or through e-mail or regular mail, or indirectly, in the case of dictatorial governments by the person who owns and important documents send to a friend abroad and which is delivered to the site and insiders both via e-mail or through contact with partners and media insiders, most notably "Al-Jazeera."

In response to a question about the possibility of detecting the source of the documents, he Osanj it is not the arrest of any person sent documents to the site because he follows the method of storage is encrypted and very complex makes it difficult to know the source, pointing at the same time that the site is currently investigating a quasi-judicial to make sure health Records by checking the background of the source and place of work and motives, as well as to ensure that the information contained in the documents by reference to the military and intelligence sources reliable to inquire, for example, a military operation took place in one day and killed civilians.

For the structure of a career in the Wikileaks site and its funding sources, revealed Osanj it works within the site 30 people in addition to a network of volunteers, nearly 800 people and a team of legal advisers.

With regard to funding, he noted Osanj that even last January, was paying all the costs of his own money, saying: "After the increase in expenditures due to lawsuits and some cyber-attacks opened the door to friends and contributions from supporters of the site, where we got the last few months a million dollar donations from parents, journalists and human rights activists. "

He added, "In general, the monthly cost of the site of 120 thousand dollars, and cost more than ever, despite the pressures that we face from America before, but we managed to open financial accounts in some European countries from which to send donations."

For the electronic attacks suffered by the site, Osanj said: "We were exposed to attacks from China but we Kvenaha within hours, our site is armed and heavily fortified against such attacks by acquiring
Large and sophisticated computers and walls of the garrison and a giant Internet companies. "

In response to accusations the Pentagon that he was working for the benefit of the enemies of America, revealed Osanj that he had received in recent months, threats are endless by the Pentagon, who asked him also to destroy all documents published by the non-publication of any new documents relating to the U.S. Army, in addition to the pressures exerted by the means of U.S. media to refrain from publishing the documents and Wikileaks or cooperation with the site, saying: "I've fallen American democracy, the Pentagon also threatens prosecution for espionage and detained a number of volunteers who work with us."

"The Washington pressed also to Australia, Iceland and Sweden in order not to be a safe haven for us, intelligence sources, U.S. and Western asked us to remain cautious in our actions, therefore I exist now in London after having received assurances from reliable sources Ptomini against arrest or assassination."

He said in this regard, saying: "The accusations of working for America's enemies are mere lies, since the start of work Active 4 years ago we published a document about 120 countries, but that the documents on Iraq and Afghanistan were U.S. documents and leaked from within the United States itself."

With regard to reports about the possibility of cooperation with intelligence services in countries of the world, denied Osanj strongly this is true, saying: "There are volunteers only in the intelligence agencies are working with us, the Russian intelligence presented to us to cooperate with it that we reject, we are keen to remain an independent body to expose the corrupt. "

It seems that Osanj entirely convinced what he was doing, where he confirmed that he fully satisfied with his work because he faces corrupt governments and addresses violations of the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying: "Our defense on the history and the innocent victims in the face of authoritarian governments and corrupt, this is the source of our strength and worth the risk, the Internet and investigative journalism are the best way now to expose the corruption and abuses. "

In response to a question about the possession of documents on the Arab governments, revealed Osanj that even if possessed of such documents, they are either came from America or in Western countries, saying: "We have documents about al-Qaeda and we published the documents on some banks, Abu Dhabi and we received a threat in prison on charges of violating banking secrecy laws. "

In conclusion, the founder of Wikileaks, and his remarks, saying: "There are millions of documents not yet published, some of which regard to Afghanistan and Russia, there are 15 thousand new document on the war in Afghanistan is ready for publication."

Death threats

After about a month and a half of the previous statements, Osanj out in public again to confirm that enhanced security measures to ensure his safety after receiving death threats following the start of his position late last November, the deployment of 250 thousand secret American diplomatic cables.

In a series of questions and answers on the Internet with the newspaper "The Guardian" in early December, he promised Osanj "39 years" to resist the attacks that target location by the United States.

"The threats to our lives become an open question, but we take the necessary measures so that we are able to deal with a superpower."

And soon announced that the British lawyer Mark Stephens Osanj that his client has some serious documents that may be published in case he or location of any threat.

Stevens added that his client will resist all attempts to deport him to Sweden to face charges of rape there, "The site retains other confidential documents, and would raise the content will be like a thermonuclear device to the Internet age."
He pointed out that the rape case filed against Osanj in Sweden were politically motivated, a link between the publication of documents in the Wikileaks site and the launch of the charges and publicly through the media against Osanj.

Stevens also stressed in remarks to the BBC, "BBC" on December 5 that an arrest warrant on suspicion of involvement Osanj in the process of rape and sexual assault against two women in Sweden in August last year.

And went on "the case against Osanj as a whole dropped by the chief prosecutor in Sweden in September, but after the intervention of Swedish politicians They can move the new Attorney-General in Gothenburg, not Stockholm, where the case began between his client and two girls."

It is interesting to the attention of the Stevens Tip retention Wikileaks documents serious came after he called former Republican candidate for the U.S. presidential election Mike Huckabee to the execution of Osanj who was born in Australia and holds a passport of Australia.

The threats came after Stevens announced that the Australian Attorney-General Robert McClelland is considering the possibility that the government cancel the passport Osanj in an effort to arrest him.

The site Wikileaks also had on December 3 to change the Internet domain name tags and moved to Switzerland after the close the site American Giant "Amazon", which was hosted in the past, and on 7 December, peace Osanj himself to the British police on the arrest warrant issued by Sweden against .

In general, the "Wikileaks" is a modern morning and evening in all countries of the world seems to be the coming days will reveal many surprises about the fact that the site's controversial ..

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