Short stories....2

Sorrows ... 

     To travelers in flight (331) through (Yemen) bound to each of the Jeddah .. Oman .. Damascus .. Them to rise. 
     His colleagues know the date of arrival, standing in the waiting room's (Yemen) in the Sana'a International Airport and next to him dozens of passengers, rose to all through peace, remained in place looking forward to the floor of the hall, for the first time, resolve to travel outside the home, gym-free, saw them as they step up peace , aspiration of the clock, rushed towards peace, he turned back, and called for his views in front of the visible part of the city of Sana'a, widened his eyes as if trying to turn the scene to the inside, covered the red cheeks, as he headed towards the entrance .. Taking its next window. Call of the crew: the connecting passenger belts in preparation for takeoff .. Homeless mind, cautioned him against the host to seat belt, moved the plane on the apron, took off, leaving the country .. Sana .. Parents .. WOW ... 
     Sana moved away from the window, tried to capture the final image to memory, prevented withdrawal without it, steady gaze, wandering among the clouds and the wide space, is still immersed in his thinking. 
     Do you fellows remember when I arrived? 
Bandar and Ines .. Their mother. My mother .. Family, words scattered on the back of heartbreak Gelgelt ears around it. 
     We are now in the sky of his grandfather .. In the Jeddah International Airport, is still (Walid) in the fugue body is not moving. 
     Launched after the plane stopped for fuel and landing .. 
     Two decades of time since that I feel (Walid) himself in society, war eat everything and everybody, sadness accumulates between today and the other, the blood of men bleed because of the war, which is unaware of all causes, families displaced, men lack in the prime of life, children rupture disemboweled, tens Baghtthm fire weapons between their children ... , Qualifying in their virulence. 
     Three years ago he saw his father killed before his eyes, and nearly a year when one of them towards the crater (Kalashnikov) to the chest (sound) - the younger brother - the day did not exceed seven. 
     Provided to host some of the refreshments and fruit, parents in distress .. The only ones still groping their condition .. Unable or drained of life, the wife had not left one of her relatives, Bandar and Ines, who did not mind Evarqa. 
     Pope .. Pope surely take us Khaivan your neighborhood, please do not Tqtena of your news and your visit ... 
     Probably will not come back, I might die ... Who does not believe the extent?! Latest dialogue before closing the door behind him. 
     Led evening prayers, blessings of plates, and his wife gave the dinner table next to the carpet, lit a light bulb, I sat down neighborhood and on her right hand (Bandar and Ines), looks sneak from his eyes and so on, silence to the room, sat his mother, his wife monitors his looks, I tried to explain what is going on, Bnzerath felt the children were inflicted. 
     Why do not you eat? Did you receive anything? - Asked by his mother. Towards his views about his wife, trying to figure out the secret Almtefi it. 
     Extended their hands to the table, extended his hand, remained Goff table. 
     I seek refuge with Allah from Satan the accursed .. Is he hated? You are not normal. His wife answered: 
- I was dismayed at his looks, his eyes happening to Takbrani .. God forbid. 
- Walid .. Walid, why are you built on this case? I had not known about you before!! Is he hated? 
- It's fate and destiny .. It is the will of God, I have decided ... 
- Why did you decide not understand what you mean? 
     Amal looks to (Bender and Ines), his eyes filled with tears, reciprocated Nzeradtha, fired weekend bemoaned .. 
- Bseveri they were aware of the study, and have vowed to kill me this before and not after my return .. 
- Why all this?! Pain satisfied with the blood of your father and your brother? 
- These ruthless mother, his wife broke into tears. 
- What is the solution? Not afraid of God?! .. We are one of us?? What sin to rob all dear?! 
- Do not be afraid, God is with us, Mom, I've decided to travel to study in Jordan. 
- Will not let you out of the house to spend all of us. 
Rose (Bandar) to his lap, followed by (Ines) 
- Walid please (Bandar and Ines) in need of you. 
- I'll be back, God willing, after the completion of the study. 
     Shed tears, exchanging looks bleak. 
- I have booked a ticket a week ago, before your flight tomorrow morning. Turn (Bandar and Ines) to sleep, promising travel bag, and stood next to the door, the silence is applied to the house, stepping up from one of the rooms mixed prayers of crying, sorrow squeezed her chest cavity. 
- Where are you? Take it easy, I did not know about you never fear. 
     Voice intermittently pale: At this time, almost fear compares all before. 
     Astelkie on the bed, sorrow slaughtered around the house, clock with worn, supplications mixed with tears make their silence, the reproach and talk a painful issue for their room, rang at a strong, fully-second after midnight, got up quickly, stood up to the sound (Bandar and Ines): ( Baba Baba take us .. We are your neighborhood fear). 
     Look to the picture hanging on the wall, his father and brother as if they were trying to prevent him from traveling, consuming his mother in her prayers, tears wetting the carpet. 
- Thou my God .. 
- Thou God who does not lose its deposit, please do not lose sight of the lot, tried to deliver your news to us .. 
- I advise you to (Bandar and Ines) and my wife. Continued prayers and crying, took the bag, left the vicinity of the door, he returned to his wife, crying and look at the (Bandar and Ines). 
- With a safety late time. Hot paste already on the Gardens Bandar and Ines, he felt tears of his father, he stood up to him saying: Baba .. Baba, please take us We Khaivan your neighborhood. A warm hug, tears. 
- I advise my mother, Bandar and Ines. Open the door slowly and stood next to him, took out the bag, saying: 
- Baby Please Do not be afraid, probably will not come back .. I might die .. Maybe ... Launched a loud cry ... 
- Hello to you in we are now in Amman Airport (Queen Alia International). 
     Was waiting outside the airport next to the sidewalk, took out the picture again so as not to be erased from memory .. Yes (OLED) have saved your picture, approached the taxi from the gate, charging his pistol, went to all independent private cars while out bewildered, his bag in his right hand, a glance through the mirrors, a swaying north and right, is knocked out quickly. 
- Yes .. Yes, he (Walid) last of the remaining. Out of the taxi, saying: Where do you want to go? 
- Confused .. For the first time I visit Amman. 
- Are you Yemen? 
- Yes. 
- Welcome, I am a Yemeni, and I work ten years ago there. 
- Hello Do you know your one of the Yemeni students here? 
- Yes a lot, go up and will Oouselk to their home. 
- Well. Off the taxi on the way quickly, dialogue exchange between them, a taxi heading towards the desert, towards the pistol to his chest, three consecutive shots off, settled in his gut. 
- Please do not do, I have two small children, I beg of my kids .. Please Bandar and Ina ... 
   Shed blood, disappeared between the sands of the desert ... 

The return of old 

        Two decades ago that called for school life, moving - then - to the married life which did not last, back today from the same place that I have left deposited colleagues, teachers, times have changed, the faces changed, the deterioration of the case, I went boyhood days, Bred in the Bone ... 
 Did not find anything alleviate their hardship, only returning to school, which left it the last time accompanied by her father day and agreed to her marriage to that young man who robbed ... 
I stood before the gate of the school remember those days, the days of the study .. And with a smile painted on her lips Albraiitin, those days in her childhood Zhou, Tfattt north and right to see the faces, which were accompanied by a patent, pushed her body forward, calling on the past heartbreak ... 
 Not benefited from only a lonely child obtained before declaring her husband - who were not tolerate his vision - separation and end the link, looking for her son, taken by her father's bosom warm and go to the home last lost by traffic sprawling city, I stopped into the crowd, made her heartbreak chest deprived of his passions sunk in the schedules of sadness, sported a tear to her eyes Alamiqtin, rolled her feet forward, searched for the seat allocated to the performance of the exam, commuted her colleagues looks and greetings, only shook her head, tears soaked veil, threw her body on the seat put him No. capacity, test scores, dropped looked at the ground - while directed the gaze of her classmates, colleagues talk about it .. For her body, which bore traces of a lifetime ... 
Date of the beginning of the certification exam of the basic approaches to access, Nzeradtha surround the earth, her eyes such as the withdrawal summer laden with tears, remember the tragedies suffered since the crossover called the classroom to the housewife next wild man, robbed of innocence, happiness and compassion .. And when it became her son crawling on the ground declared - and time - separation. Attracted breath deep like smell lovely to her psychologically confused, wish to smell her daughter, who does not remember her features, but is determined to breathe smell the real would have the age of a new, trouble Msthoz on their actions, put the painful outcome of the family, entered the supervising Hall declared the beginning of exam, and distributed pamphlets exam and then the questions, I wiped the tears with her fingers slender, attracted the Registry, initiated by typing its name - that finishing bottom is always a question mark - I wrote the rest of the data on the paper's foreign brochure, fell looked at the image installed on the card test scores, did not pay Nzeradtha only when she felt a warm tears ... 
        Proceeded to empty the answer to the folds of pages of the booklet, the supervisory check of the students and match the images of reality, threw Nzeradtha viewfinder on the faces of the students, headed supervisor to disclose the blogger him the names of the students, ordered students to stop to answer even shouts to the audience, I stopped the students to answer, but did not stop tears. Began supervising read the names written on the disclosure according to alphabetical order, still tears in control of her eyes since that revealed the supervisor on her face and told her the existence of match in the photos, I followed the names of the alphabet first, began approaching the character (Al Ain), increased heartbeat heart of Muharraq, fell pen suddenly, still honorable calling the names of the students, the higher the sound of the seat ground, got up quickly, strewn Aqlamha and leaves the vicinity of desk legs, I stopped reading spotlight Nzeradtha acute it is beyond the rows of seats heading to the corner of the hall, preceded by the tears and the deep breaths, the supervisor watching what is happening, and arrived in tears and deep breaths and went to the corner are also attracted to her colleague Almenzuep corner, annexed to her lap, it's successful with kisses and tears ... 
Launched the faint whispers have not heard, delivered to her fellow colleague, I tried feeding it with its threat to supervising the exam, I tried to separate objects, but for some tears paste the objects together, did not know at the outset that the supervising hug between mother and daughter!!! 


     Shed drops of sweat on his beard and light, flowed characters intermittently from the folds of his lips, and rushed away from the shadow of thick Posted Nzeradtha it, choose his or her family instead, were not its relationship to the modern, since it has loaded his legs his body three decades ago began to practice his hobby, calling him from the kitchen - which is still practiced hobby usual - of lack of any attention, as well as neglected, forcing her children to call him, came out after the failure of the kitchen for the provision of children's silence, verbal altercations sky fills the place, overlooked by the ball, stop talking, he heard his children crying, stopped, her eyes rained down tears, turned looked at the wall, realized that his hobbies Ttfelt the food his family, by lifting the ball, fell back, his Rkltha strongly, hit the wall of the house, hastened away, froze his movements, but did not keep his eyes and eyelashes resist atoms dust, landed his desire to continue his career ... 

Hype dying 

The sound of the explosion force, was equipped to go out, began to voice parents rises, invaded atoms aroma noses, pushed in front of women outside the home, the number of heart beat, fired women Zgaridha, began to breathe deeply colored red cheeks, stopped by her father, raised her hands inspect the hemoglobin overlying the surfaces of her hands, fell looked at the tape golden Nahal encircles one with her fingers, see the back packs money again, allowed her to Bzvha to her bridegroom, rushed quickly, it was too late, began the procession quickly, arrived after the arrival of the ambulance, get injured in the car, apparently saw While ascend and clothing wedding covered by blood, rushed towards him, he saw, he tried to speak, dropped her eyes, tears on his face, tried to reward for the struggle, which lasted eight years compared to satisfy the desire of her father's financial, stick to the red color on her lips and benchmarks addressed outstanding .. landed her body to the ground, deposited next to him. 
     Intermittent sound coming out of the rubble, in desperation (Sami), while his mother slaughtered death. 
     Sound disappeared in the rubble of shells and bombs have been on its way!! Sirens warning against the backdrop of silence, darkness covers the city, a deep sleep makes streets are empty but some correspondents and news agencies and members of the security men ... 
Inflamed blocks strewn underground roar of jets patrolling the sky, land-based anti embroidering the sky, and the neighborhood in the center of the city lies a simple cut and compound families, population ... 
     My mother ... Mom, I am here where are you?! Scattered parts of the complex population, clenching the rubble on the residents. 
     While the childlike voice intermittently coming out of the rubble? 
      My mother .. ... .. My mother suddenly disappeared ... 

Leave suddenly 

        Chirp tunes melancholic, the deployment of his views on the horizons, I turn to the branch the other from the tree, watching birds and birds which roam around and above it, and under the branch that cling to its limbs, looks of jungle animals tend to him, still surprised him, from the pub, which distribute it to the corners the forest, not the sun shines only on the note and movements of its wings small, which roamed throughout the forest since the early morning, the deployment of Ogarridh and tunes to every direction and on every high, become aware of birds and birds that injury, suffered what happened to him, settled its note on a brush the top of a tree overlooking the Forest, warble swept strongly about, gathered his side try to alleviate some of the birds Enaih, could not stop thinking that Sdhath strong sweeping the horizon, it did not stop his views on research in the wide space, no telling what will happen, spurred Pachtvaiha, you lose the horizon that extends in front of him, his voice was melodious sadly, try to stay away, his vice-like muscles of the wing, right after that I wore a dress the forest of grief. 


Sweet shop 

     Stopped in front of the entrance to the cafe, had not seen one of those who know him, penetrated to the inside, make sure there is a vacant seat in the corner shear from the looks factor cafe corrected to monitor the pioneers across the screen a small offset, printed the address on the screen, press a button input, the page came, he was consecrated a part of the nude photo of Girl Idaabha man in the prime of life, the other part of the status of the download, disarmament Working his eyes from the screen, lifted his head towards the corner.  
     Insights Group, which is trying to prevent it, did not feel anything, stuck a warning message on the page telling him to leave the site, the message disappeared after that towards the mouse arrow to one of the bases ... 
     Download the complete picture on the page, deliberately enlarge the middle, move your mouse to show the middle to fill the screen, looks Working Termgah, messages disturb the enjoyment of intractable, he began searching for the limbs, looking for members ... 
      Refer worn on the back of his fingers (the mouse) is almost dunks his face inner screen, the Parties to the volatility of mid left hand, caressed its members ... 
      Sigh deeply, Beast (love blue) to the hotbeds of internal mouth, around the density of hair color Nested flowing to the middle of the chest. 
     Swallowed quickly, there have been recent letter, towards the mouse arrow so, the message disappeared and turned the page, and contact was lost and the back of the desktop before for pleasure ... 
Volcano rabbit 

When the companion star and the desolation of the moon, leaning back in piles waiting for dark to withdraw access to the rays of the sun breaking Tnaoppe specter hanging over the dark forest Almertdip spring dress. Forest resigned to the rays moon dim, came to a halt except for the cave sloping at the base of the hill that separates the forest from a tributary of the river, the cave bubbling than being the center, and throw the members of the convoy wedding component of the groom and his bride, and they have a constellation of relatives, rays of the moon paint them the way while continuing her mother Bnzeradtha urgent to move towards breast allocated to Arzaatha, members of the procession stop at the trunks of trees that used to spending by its fruit, crop and abundant, with sleep throughout the forest, trying to catch up with her mother when she remembers the breast on its own, think of her mind questions about the meaning of marriage being her, the volcano had subsided in the cave while supervised Vanguards of the procession on the trunk of the tree that hides between the veins delicate cave that is trying to blast, brothers of the groom are looking for the breasts of their mother, signed the procession terrifying as he approached the mouth of the cave, went to the brothers when they emitted the smell of their mother, lined everyone around the tree trunk, bolted siblings about their mother's breasts, did not slow the groom, rushed from the vicinity of the bride to absorb its share of the pool in the breast for him, for its part, the bride searching for her mother, amid the hustle ... 
 Rays of the moon, paving the way for penetrating rays of the sun while the birds started singing music, pop heights of trees while turning the wedding to a funeral when the news of the death of common large rabbit out of fear of the explosion ... 


     Voice of Silky flavored console (1) surprised me Ptsreeth acute, inhaled some of which is spreading around the cave my mobile phone to quiet background music made my right thumb, insisted that I seek him next to the communications center of the street where the wait. 
     She asked around me a voice breaking with emotion and looks catch the ground and red - from both sides of the cold - fell interruption of looks and smiles. 
     On the pavement of the street, which seemed to me a race-free when my feet are competing carriers Almsthi my body to the end point, blink of an eye-awaited end, I stopped my feet gradually approached Kgely steps, left two girls Tqterpa Tsgranha. 
     The sound Almtahedj - Himself - Orbaktni greeted her with her fingers and cooler Almenzuep each other, attached to my hand-licking soaking Bhabrha and exquisite carvings made from her wrist to the most talented studio genius creativity. 
     Astelt wrist of my hand when she felt Bafattatin Tzjeranha Bnzerathma I read distance from the edge of an outlet for the veil on Aenahma. 
    Boycotted my looks to Basoltha repeated for a solution to the problem of their newspaper not be distributed and the sources can be derived, including news, how to market their ads .. 
     Liquefied boycotted a question about the relations which Bafattatin Travgahma. 
- They are just friends. 
- Phil move .. 
     Confident reeling beside me, to continue to liquefied convergence that have not an answer, rub Hawwava some of our steps through the worn-out, Trsdna from behind, her friends. Ohmlni Ghafooti driver in the passenger after the urgency of it, the car left the road and suck away the village. 
     Approaching me to approach a bird from a tree between the ribs looking for a place to nest, stared into grace, Tkurat stand out, attract my fingers, eyes to Ozian, surround my eyes is almost swallowed up from the pavement and her friends. 
     Launched a deep breath - has been shaken out of her breasts and my body - to Vhani Bhrarth despite cold and if the oven that makes Bruising Bomtar fired from his breath. 
     Heavily from her eyes caught a glimpse of people wash between Ohaddagaha, Tuareh eyelashes Kaargeon swastikas hanging from it yellowish pills with Diabetes ... 
     The car stopped next to gas station, came down around me passengers to spend their needs, ignored her friends, penetrated through the fragrance, you skip Atmarha to her skin where the solution sailboat, the smell of spring mist Chdhu of Azgalha and Ohrachha, climate nested, the chapters do not let the winter place Iqasmha, dive between Hdqatha which Termgueni them, her hair with a summary Otmarg Brace, to seek to dedicate sees something no one calls - sought her breasts Asamaruwan Ktefah Qtafh wait ... 
     Shyly, expressed .. Interlocking fingers held eyebrows .. .. Leaked Hmsp pink to my ears the next deadline. 
     Regurgitate my breath and rummage through scraps papers scattered - between our feet - all are part of an impeccable suit to have a panel paste a picture of wrung out of the cave Ohaddaki to dry before my eyes or hidden, to Kzatni looks of her friends which extracts the words are scattered - in front of Smte speechless - a declared end to our steps director List price ads in the newspaper, and Bahtra, moved away towards the street Turabi extracted image before I find a piece of paper. 
     And the sound of the engine car and passengers chuckling neighborhood gas station, promoted from Ghafooti looking for a piece of paper Mbtala salivary prior to nominate my body sweat ... 

Groom cats 

Rays of the sun began to infiltrate the corridors of the hospital, it was dark, leaving the raised have been resolved, the last days of the twentieth century, winters in the prime of his youth, rob frost trees greenery, groans emitted from the overlapping sections of lying down, and cats sounds interfere with the groans of patients, taking their cats are flocking to the familiar waiting for the arrival of odor emanating from the kitchen, rushed smell pervasive in quarters, and stood cats lined crane hands right parallel heads, closed cats back to the hideout after running out of smell, ending the permanence of the morning - when you start halls hospital packed with patients - taking patients their usual work begins upon the arrival of doctors, take their positions moving beds next to the operating room - the landscape suggests that the position of the internal transport - Wearing Kamamathm doctors, wearing green clothes, a nurse pushed the family to the inner room operations.  
 Was on board the bed patient appears that his condition was an emergency - they did not hesitate to the operating room, only three days only - starting anesthesiologist put intravenous injection on the right arm, added by the drugs, he entered the patient in a coma, move his body to the bed of another, stand under the light intensive, the nurses, sterile instruments next to the patient, the doctor came into the room wearing a green, attracting a scalpel after shaving the hair around the location of the remains of the operation, the scalpel began to dive into the meat, makes his way, everything goes a corresponding .. Rush of blood to resist what is happening, the scalpel is still on track, ask the doctor the rest of the tools, re-look at the face of a patient placed under strong lighting, remember that he had not seen the picture of the patient before, try searching for Public .. His name .. Showed signs of confusion on his features - he learned that his patient suffering from appendicitis and not of kidney damage - dominated the confusion of his actions, draws the right and left, lifting the scalpel, string wound which was created by a scalpel, the search for excess, and her grandfather on the verge of explosion, uprooted the Bulge, he threw it - after wrapping a piece of white gauze - next to the patient's head, completed its work efficiently after the ligature wounds, transfer the patient to his bed, and quoted him blown, push the bed to the outside, he was met by nurses in the men's section, taking the bed it snaps into position next to the window, injection veins on the stand, and its vicinity, bladders, blood runs through the blood vessels, integrated into pellets with cells of the patient, almost an act of worship blood running out, the memory back to the patient, began searching for his wounds, awareness is absent, does not know what happened and is happening around him, calling his sons, looking for his wife .. For his father and mother .. All brothers, from A Link to this hospital? Did not answer him one of only cats that are lined up next to the bed mobile Ohazejeha echoing loud in the Elements section, stepped up next to his head .. Neighborhood feet .. The vicinity of his body blown and torn, he went to him like voices telling them what happened. I arrived the smell coming from the kitchen, the walls strongly pushed, hit Panov when patients did not receive a welcome cats - as usual - there is something that affects cats .. May be placed on the bed groom cats? 
She smell what is happening to the cats and asked patients who eat a meal, take a patient their condition after returned to the smell to their source, take the silence part of the time, shed its sights on a patient who stands beside him, confirmed that the situation is suitable for hunting, attracted one of the two pieces of gauze - delivered in the vicinity of the patient's head , rushed out of the section, camped in the corridor leading to the women's section, showing drops of blood on the parts of the gauze, gauze attract each other, unearthed what's inside the camp, taking advantage of calm on the tarmac, I felt the impact of foot, pulled out lined on both sides of the corridor - clearing the way for the feet Director of the hospital - Move head left and right, and expressed his thanks for this respect, landed his looks to the ground, suddenly caught a glimpse of his eyes Faculty truncated to the next piece of gauze, remove his glasses, bowed to the ground, drew his right college after that, wrapped in gauze, he went to the home, a club in Patients looking for a patient who has stolen cats kidney without the feel, you lose the patients body, did not answer him one of only nurse on duty in the department, told him that people were alone he underwent surgery for a trailing only went to the vicinity of the patient, look for Raidth cleared, he found lying next to his head, he went to the women's section - an inspector for the College, to no avail - followed by a claim catch, he returned to the men's section, back behind him, threw the college to the ground, entered the surprise to his mind, been watching the scene and monitored the patient as well, he appeared never wild among the cats to attract the white gauze and erect in his mouth, stood cats confused, ascended to the vicinity of the patient, brought him his kidney, he gave them over to the next excess cleared, he went up to the window, stepped up his eyes, rushed director of the hospital next to the patient, began to stir Ogtith, remove the bandage on patient who has been the rest of the Ahath, appeared subtleties and clear, the Director looks at the cat to thank him for his position, he ran to receive thanks, jumped out, followed the sight, but he disappeared into the darkness. 

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