How do you make the girl mad Thabk

1 - Girls love to exaggerate the responses of all their actions, for this opportunity to demonstrate your girl Give angry just because you were delayed half an hour.
2 - jealousy hate pay for girls to listen to your memories about your sweetheart earlier.
3 - usually what you enjoy provoking other girls her boyfriend.
4 - more things that draws the attention of any child is a girl in his teeth and his hair and neck.
5 - the girl feel happy when you accept her hand.
6 - prefer the girl child who speaks a lot.
7 - When the girl admire the young man does not stop his hands from touching her.
8 - girls generally do not like the child emotionally.
9 - Do not say never to any phone that weighs a plus.
10 - Looking for girls born combines the strength of character and lightness of the blood.
11 - boy hates girl smoker.
12 - Always open the door for her.
13 - Do not dictated by the orders and tell her what to do.
14 - love watching the boy, a girl fights for it.
15 - hate the young man he was talking about the same length of time.
16 - when you know that the young man loved and ignored when ignored falls in love.
17 - do not like the boy who takes a long time to wear his clothes.
18 - Do not tell her it's never not understanding.
19 - Girl loves inherently courtesy.
20 - love notes that young any change in shape.
21 - Girl forgive those who love once.
22 - hate the young man who uses words outside.
23 - hate to talk to the young people present with him during her talk with him on the phone.
24 - at least never to have her hair or her clothes did not fit.
25 - talking a lot about the young girl who loves him.
26 - the girl can love one person, but a thousand exclamation point.
27 - Do not leave a girl waiting for you.
28 - is not never recognize the love for her lover unless he admitted at the outset.
29 - apologized to her even if she were at fault.
30 - Never open her purse.
31 - to behave politely in front of her boyfriend.
32 - love gossip.
33 - hate the boy who thinks he understands everything.
34 - If you hurt the feelings of any girl you forget that back to you again.
35 - Girl hates boy that does not meet his promises.
36 - hate the boy who deliberately touched.
37 - boy hates the weak.
38 - hate the boy, who mocks them in front of his friends.
39 - hate the boy who does not take her words seriously

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