When women like

A woman's life a series of emotions, love and pain and sacrifice
Book a luxury woman's life ... written on every page of a word I like
Women like men to the same woman crazy or weak
Coolest crazy mad woman in love
We like women at face value and dear to Alatna Without this Alat what we know with love never
Does not invalidate the love only a woman arrogant
Paid woman in the world is that you love or hate very very
If Ohpetk woman gave you life and if Ltk burned your world
If Ohpetk women have made and if you Tawus Ltk Holtk to ostrich
If the love of the woman herself found it difficult to love a man
If you said I love you women know they are your Rafat
Avoid the love of women is not afraid to hate men
Do not ask women who you like, but those who hate
If a man is like the fox: warned elusive, but if a woman loved and sacrificed a sincere "She was dedicated
Women and love twins
Love story of the lives of women which stage of the life of man
If a woman she loved was a decent angel ... If cropped up jealousy in her heart changed demon Rgima
Women do not like the only child and loves her husband if it was so
Women to live happy love, a man likes to be happy in life
Women's ability to love once the man is not upon his ability at all
The most brilliant men than women in friendship, but the most brilliant than in love
Love of women for the flower Krahiq
Women like men who serve them, and worship the man who loved
Women prefer to live with a thief nice taste of life with many a saint criticism
Everything for love all this love is the theme of women
Women like her husband to remember her on the condition that she forgets
Women like what you hear, and a man loves what he sees
If the love of women has become inclined to do good
If only love women just did not Icharkhn men to spread happiness in the land
Not looking for a man who loved women, but about a man who love Ibadelha
Love and a way for men and for women too
Women altar of love
When you love in the hearts of women, while men in the stomach
Woman without love is dead
Women's lover: a candle burning on both sides

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