The story of the red rose legend

Once upon a place at the same time a poor man once went to a party in one of the shortcomings of high hinted impressed by the beautiful girl and I love it went to a sitting and asked them to allow him to dance with her refused unless brought her a red rose.

He said to her: How do you get you a red rose from here now, we are in autumn there are no red roses in the garden or in the town said to him: not to me like this if you want to dance with me, bring me a red rose, went out poor young man is a very sad and saw him Chippy beautiful form he loves the young man, said to him: Why do you, my friend ..

He said to him: I want a red rose

He said to him: How there is no red rose in the town now

The young man said: I am very impressed with the girl and I want to bring her what was needed by me, but how? I do not know

He said the bird: Do not be sad I will try to find you a red rose in the garden and the bird flew away too until he reached the grove by the many flowers and taking forward the right and left did not find any red flower, and sat on the ground crying Froth tree with some flowers, she said to him: Why do you cry beautiful little one?

He was looking for a red rose for my friend I can not find any thing

She said: "We are now in the autumn and did not find any red rose in the garden or outside

He said: I know, but I need too I love this young man does not want to be sad

She said: "Do you want flowers actually whatever the price; just want her even dedicate to him?

She said: "Hear what I say you do .. Cut the part of the branch dry Bovraei Ogersh in your heart and blood on the flowers Ozicqt Vthmr and reap the flower of them and take them to a friend .. Did the bird what she said to him the tree on the spot and took the branch and take Egrsh in his heart so badly loss of blood on the flowers Vohmrt flowers took the rose which he took flying and blood flowing from him severely until he reached the young man gave him a red rose, and the intensity of joy did not remember the young man even to thank him for what done, and flew the young pregnant girl red rose to remember without the bird, when he arrived .. He said to her: the red rose to you, O you beautiful to me now that the dance Meki?

Said to him: too late Hey this came better you beautiful and richest you money and came out, and left the young man and fell into the red rose his hand to passers-by stamping on them .. Without the bird remembers what he did to him ..

The bird died of severe wounds, and people remember the day the red rose on it
A symbol of love

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