Dealing with different personalities

We meet
Different characters every day and deal with it whether we agree or disagree with them .. As Nank
Through our process or social figures in the shadows around us, and in
All cases, we have to deal with it tactfully so as not drift behind in these
Behaviors, but without losing the good impression we have of others.

Jabber person .

Many speech and talk about everything, and everything, always believed that most importantly, speak
For everything except the subject matter, and because of talking too much is much mistaken
Located in the numerous errors ..
As for how to deal with it, you interrupt him in mid-speech, and when trying to
Restore the thread to talk mentioned that you've moved away from the basic issue that you talk
Him, but if much talk even if it is with respect to the main point you
Ask permission before for some reason you have a date for the phone is necessary or when action must be attached
Tags, though you are in a social gathering can be to draw attention to the importance of mixing
Others or that you feel thirsty and going to bring a drink or you are in need of
Urgent to go to the bathroom.

Arrogant person ..

Finds himself is always better, and also trying to hunt the negatives of others, shall receive
Condescension of others to his belief that he is above all ..

Do not give him the opportunity to prey on your mistakes, let him talk more than you, but do not give a sense of
Full attention, but never try to convince him that it was not the best, and that there
And other points of view better, you just have to give the impression that you are convinced the opinion of another,
And you are not interested in whether to accept it or not .. Also do not differ with him all the time,
And if you and him instabilmente personal use only Method: Yes, I agree with you, but, here
Presented different models of views or to other persons deserve appreciation
And respect, without focusing on a particular person all the time.

The person nervous and aggressive ..

Is aggressive and causes problems may be brought up easily, and stick to that opinion, and is used
Method of attack on the personal aspects, as a lot of shouting whenever raised
The best way to deal with him to listen to him to absorb his anger with self-control
Not to lose patience with the stick to your opinion, and defend, but the argument and reason
And logic, does not show any hostility to him, do not be emotionally as well, but were balanced
While maintaining a smile.

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