Present with no past has no future

Youth half of the present and all future ... Young people are the backbone of any society ... promote them and make Pferhm .. and meet Bmjhodathm ... Present with no past, no future!! On people who aspire to change the past to look to the past, and benefit from past experiences .. And turn those experiences to benefit their skills in the present and future ... There is a famous Chinese story says ...: That there is a young man he went to Czykm Chinese, and asked him to give him positive energy will help him to implement all what he wishes in his life .. gave Wise his three bottles .. and filled one of them with pure water, leaving two o'clock empty, and filled three o'clock water turbid (dirty) .. He then asked the wise man to be able to drink purified water through a bottle of murky water!! What was the young man, but he emptied the bottle III consists of the water was turbid, and then try to clean purified water through the existing bottle .. the first and the remaining clean water, the young man stands in the past three drink bottle!! Then he went to al-Hakim and asked him what the significance of it all!? Hakim replied, and told him: that the first bottle of purified water, is what expresses your hopes and dreams and ambitions and all that seeks to achieve in the future ... The bottle filled with water turbidity is what reflects what inside you from the experience and previous experience .. and told him; he has to rearrange its priorities and correct to seek to achieve his ambitions in the proper form .. and they will able to achieve its goals!! He used Altheron us to live either within the past separate from the present is indifferent to the future, either to shave in the prospects for the future without link between their past and present, and then their future .. Does not mean that a person has failed to try his predecessor, he will repeat his failure over again if the same experience .. but on the contrary!! This person to be seen the reasons which led to the failure, and tries to avoid those causes in the future shall be past his assistant to avoid the failure again ...  

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  1. الله ياخذكم يال...ك.. لاب

  2. مافية كنيسة ولا فيها الله يالكذابين الله تعالى واحد احد واحد صمد ما احد يشوفة يالخ ....ونة

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