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It must be recognized that the word globalization first word is misleading, because it may mean making the world one village, interacting, or be affected by some nations together and interact, and share cultural models. This is not true at all, it is the only form of globalization. This was inevitable when talking about the types of globalization that is sweeping our countries to replace it with the word "weird", ie, Americanization or Westernization, especially at the cultural level. If we take the Arab child in particular, we find that it has not globalized but Tgorb. Where is the impact of Chinese or Indian or Japanese or Russian or Thai for our children? There is never. Has become a new Arab youth, especially those who are learning English in schools, and most of them, a replica of the American and British students, not only in language but also in the interests and behavior, thinking and even identity
Who is the ideal of Arab children? Who is the hero? Who is the singer or is Mtrepetth or his or her representative Favorites? Seldom do you find between the Arab character of these, but rarely. All cartoon characters or movie or Altelovesewenp attached to the characters of our children are Western. Do you know our children are not "Superman" and "Batman" and "Super Zorro" and "Superman" and "Fantastic Four" and "Kim Bospl" and "Tarzan" and "Lion King" and "Action Man" and "The Inkredabalz" and "Ananja Turtles" and "Bekomon" and "Hulk" and "Tom & Jerry" and "Popeye" and others? Try to enter any game store, do not see any Arab Games.The dangerous thing is that companies that release these icons, film and television animation and American subtle to the extreme in their design and promotion, so that the child Bhbailha rapidly. If you purchased for your child to the game "Spider-Man" every day for Mlha, has been asked more of them.Even very young children who are over the age of two are often interested in unrivaled games released by companies to promote their movie heroes such as "Batman" and "Spiderman." Often wondered: What makes a child in his second year Itola those figures, film and television in this terrible shape? You may notice that the child starts screaming and moving his hands, he does not speak yet, to draw the attention of his mother or his father comes to his game in major shopping malls. Has reached a passion for these characters to the extent that our children are trying to emulate in the house, ascend on the couch and land on the way "Spiderman," or trying to imitate him in flight.I was surprised how much for a child not more than year and a half year old to sit down to watch movies "Batman" and "Spiderman" from the beginning to the most recent, and then tries to release voices and fly like her. I do not know how our cultures have to compete with those companies on the horrible minds of our children, particularly as it is included in the alliance also with food and drink companies, known as Bank which provides meals for children and gifts are attached to a games and replicas of famous American art figures?
If we take games that are of interest to young Arab girls, we find that most of them related to an obsessive game of "Prats" and "Barbie" and "My Sin" famous. It is a modern, beautiful girls selling companies producing millions of pieces a day and at exorbitant prices. It is true that one of the Arab companies launched the game an Arab wearing hijab as "Fella" to compete with the models of America and succeeded to some extent, but how much I was surprised when I saw some female students of Arab Iskharen from "Fella" Arab and rushing for the acquisition of western models, which makes companies from every one of them dozens of models and different formats. Through the preview Dolls procured by the Arab friends of my daughter for example, found that they are Western, not the existence of the "Fella," one Arab among them.
Not only excited by the new generations cartoon characters and puppets of America but extends to all components of American culture from the singers, artists and representatives. The period before Tjazpt chatted with a group of Arab students and pupils in a school, and asked one of them to sing the song is fast, Vgnt immediately to the song American singer Lindsay Lohan. I asked her, do not know the songs of Arab singers, she said: I do not care, I'm not interested in them.The same applies to the actresses, movies and television programs being pursued by girls. Please do not tell me that there a many Arab singers on their Arab girls. This is true, but they are more dangerous to the rising generation of Western singers in terms of "Algorbp" and alienation, they Izaidn to American singers in all, to the extent you're Taatrahm to Britney Spears and Shakira.If we look at television channels aimed at children on satellite or cable, we find that it was mostly American, and also watched children eagerly unrivaled. The Arab channels for children, she does not have a good chance of viewing, especially since some of the translation of films and serials and programs of America to the Arab and Idbalijha.What's the point if the channels of our child in the process of "Algorbp" on behalf of the Westerners, do not try to create a culture of Arab television special to attract the Arab children? Not to mention the children who prefer to follow-up to Western programs without translation, especially since most of them fluent in English than Arabic
The programs for children in our media Arabic is no different from the rest of the programs, if the news programs, artistic and entertainment that sweeps our television all derived from the culture media and programmatic Bank, can not be for children's programs that deviate from the rule, especially as it is not our heritage programmatic Telovesi reliable , let alone that the attempts to establish a splendid ancient culture of Arab television for children has evaporated, with the knowledge that some of the series as "Open Sesame" of interest was unprecedented from the masses of children from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf. But it seems that we tend to Alastshal tradition and creativity of it to the media.
With the proliferation of devices electronic games as "PlayStation" and "Haze Boy" and other dedicated attention of our children to Western culture, all games heroes and personalities Western, especially the manufacturers of those games took advantage of the characters, symbols, television and film America and turned them into Gadgets such as "Batman" and " Spiderman "and" Fantastic Four "and" Star and rice "and" Superman. " Show me your Lord, the electronic toy and an Arab one! There is never, so how can we design and manufacture of electronic games if we were still in the era before industrialization?
Even more serious is that a significant portion of Arab children who are studying in Western schools in our country are barred from the study of history the Arab and Muslim world, and learn instead of western history, and thus do not have the opportunity to learn the symbols of civilizations, Arab, Islamic and their abrogation and Mkunathma. This graduate of our tens of millions of young men and women ignorant of Arab history and the realities of the Islamic and therefore alienated from their roots of origin. Adding to the risk that some Arab countries are no longer interested in the teaching of Arab history and Islamic year, even in schools Arabic, and replaced it with the teaching of local history of each country, which would deprive millions of pupils and students to identify the forms of Arab and Islamic bright and emulate them and be inspired by characters instead of inspired by historical figures Western or modern cinematic techniques such as "Super Zorro" and "Batman." Taatvajwoa not if you read soon that the personal great historical Saladin major terrorist.
Is it possible to build communities of Arab foreign Bulbnat?


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