Political system, a royal population 25720000
Military movement Date of Independence August 31, 1957
Main religion of Islam civilization Asian civilizations


Geographical location
Is a country in Asia, is located on the Indian Ocean and adjacent to the north of Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore to the south.

Communications and Mobile
Internet code:. My
Calling code: +60

Cultural Belonging
The Malays are the indigenous people of Malaysia, and the rest of the population to understand the words on immigrants from China, India, Indonesia and the rest of the world.
Also led the Portuguese and Dutch occupation, then the British, respectively, to the fusion of different ethnicities and its union.
And began the spread of Islam in Malaysia at the beginning of the thirteenth century as a result of mating between the Arabs and Malays, especially in major coastal cities, North Sumatra and Malacca in Malaysia so.

Malaysian army is more neutral armies in Southeast Asia at all.

Malaysian economy is based primarily on the electronic industries.

It is well known that the history of Malaysia initiated the establishment of the city of Malaga at the hands of Prince Sumatran Baramesuara 1440. Since then, the state flourished under the rule of the Sultanate of Malacca to become the primary commercial center in the region and attracted merchants from all nearby or remote, such as China, India and Arab countries and Europe. Malaga and underwent several stages of the colonial has been occupied by the Portuguese in 1511 and then occupied by the Dutch in 1641, and followed by the British in 1824. Until Malaysia gained its independence on 31 - 8 - 1957.

Islam is the official state religion
The proportion of Muslims, 57% of the total population
And the rest distributed among the doctrines of Christianity, Buddhism and others.

Malaysia consists of a number of diverse ethnic groups, and groups is essential
Malaysian Malays and complain 57%, and 26% Chinese, and Indians 7%, and also by primitive peoples, namely the morning and Alsaraok.

International relations

Of the leading parties in Malaysia:
Party - "the United Malay National Organization," a ruling party.
Party - "the national justice", which is chaired by Dr "Wan Azizah Wan Ismail," the wife of political prisoner "Anwar Ibrahim," a leading opposition parties.

Based on the legislative power in Parliament, which consists of two houses: House of Representatives of 192 members, and the length of the work of the House of Representatives five years.
The Senate is a legislative body is smaller and less powerful than the House of Representatives, and includes the seventy-one members.

Was last updated on September 16, 1963.

Federation of Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy election. Nominally headed by the Governor of the highest and is referred to as the "king". Kings are chosen for a period of five years from among the nine sultans of the Malay ethnic territories. The other four regions headed by "the rulers of procurators" do not enter in the box.

Internal conditions

The influence of Zionist
Kmtheltha of Islamic countries, Malaysia is taking a stand, rejecting normalization with the Zionist entity, but there is an economic relationship share in the shadows.

Christianization in Malaysia is through the revival of nationalisms among the different races constituting the fabric of Malaysian and exploitation in order to make cracks between the different groups of society.

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