Couples Adult Age more joy to children

A study addressed the psychological feelings associated with motherhood and fatherhood, that couples who are very young children and well feel that their lives are in fact less pleasure from their counterparts of the same age group who did not Irozkoa after children. 

According to the study, the highest sense of happiness for children is among the couples who are over the fourth decade of life. 

The study, published in the journal "Population and Development" of America, the feeling of joy after the birth of children is at its lowest in couples without third decade of life, the greater the number of children of those couples the greater the sense of "Misery." 

And demonstrated the study under the statistics, which included review of the psychological conditions for more than 200 thousand people from 86 countries, that access to children is not necessarily a cause for happiness in couples in the prime of life, but it turns upside down once provided a tooth towards the fourth decade of life. 

Said Rachel Margulec, a specialist in demography at the University of Pennsylvania: "Maybe this phenomenon is linked to the fact that the couples in the prime of life have a lot of the concerns of life, and therefore there is a lot of children is for them more spending and a little rest." 

The Margulec also to a social worker may play a role in the phenomenon, is that the number of young people who accept the marriage and childbearing at an early age shrink with time, which means that young parents will not find many families of the same age group to share experiences. 

The applicants are older, marry late, the choices become more consistent and more of the general tendency in the communities to delay childbearing age, which means there are a lot of the families of the same age group, which could provide psychological support required for the couple. 

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