Poland is a parliamentary republic, whose official name is the Republic of Poland, due to an earlier era to the beginning of the sixteenth century and the national emblem is a white eagle (the symbol that goes back to before the seven years) against the Red Square. Include the national colors of Poland to the White and Red

Poland is located in east-central Europe on the crossroads of ancient trade between the north / south / east and west, and north limits of Poland the Baltic Sea.

Poland from the south limits Karpatten high mountains to the east is bordered by majestic River Burg and the West can sail in the River Oder and the length of the river and about Istoala largest (1047 km in length)

Many parts of Poland is a regular series of magnificent hills and mountains, and the highest Polish mountain to the south of the country's 2499 meters. Attract mountain chain located in the foothills of the mountains, where escape from enjoying the landscape and affecting road and air conditioning excellent for winter sports and family hotels are available, hotels and downs, the vehicles are going to the ski lifts and cable makes the area worth a visit all year round.

Northern Lake District offers different views, but no less charm and usually associated with channels dive in the timber. Tempt in the summer the region of the pilots and long-Bhari boats and itinerant Valmetzhalqon either in the winter ice on the boats.

State of Poland has a temperate climate. Spring Green, where for example, the beginning of the month of April is usually the primitive appearance of buds and leaves and then turn the leaves to yellow and then golden, then red and then fall in the months of October and November. The winter is not cold at particular where temperatures plummet in the north-east only to the lowest of 20 degrees Celsius (recorded the lowest temperature 34 degrees Celsius below zero) and for the summer since recently has become more and more dry and hot, and in some cases, a steady temperature (the highest recorded temperature is 38 degrees Celsius) the average annual snowfall is about 600 mm (24 inches).

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