Wars everyday citizen

What citizen would open his eyes in the morning and closed them up in the evening ... and is at war with everything ....* The first war with the bakery .... to win the big booty bread ... a war that drains third day, and the result is the content and consequences of unsafe .. either to win or Ppalargvh Ivoz Aoevkd
His or quarrel and spend the rest of his day and night in Altkhchibh if he's lucky
* War of Transportation ..
* War in the work with colleagues for trivial reasons, no one bears one and lawlessness and insulting because of the absence of morality ...* War when you return to the house with his wife and children because of the expense and the cost of private lessons that have become the duty of each parent the result of poor educational process
• war or if the disease is one of the members of his family ... There is no remedy hosting service and only received the General Hospital without any service remember• a losing battle if it wants to Apartment from the government as it inevitably will come out of retirement to God without Etovah or get it, but if the apartment of the people, it is the fourth impossible to get them under the
These prices (millions of ..) under the salary (Mlaliyn ..)
• war, phone bills, electricity, water and cleaning fee .... etc.

• One of the most deadly wars, citizens are mad prices ... especially prices of meat, Meat and realize .. (there are some poor families do not approach them only for the treatment of ... every 6 months!!)• foods and drinks with Gloha amounts which have either expired or corrupt or carcinogenic or actually caused the disease to countless
• medicines with high prices, many of which are out of date or not is the Ministry of Health and some of them are manufactured under the unlicensed and sold it to the pavements

• Clothing mess other two shops in the same raw materials and each Mjaurien price, not to mention the ugliness of manufacture and the low level of taste, either good check clothing industry Vlaigdr purchase only a limited layer

• saying what can we say the clothes are also on electrical devices, which stormed the market and industry Alsnet of the remarkable pieces of a lower quality and older than her counterparts from the Japanese industries

• iron, cement and other materials for construction, where embarrassed enough to approach tons of iron now to 6000 pounds per ton .. but I wonder what happened after the de possible prices fall iron!!!?
• Fertilizers are also stories of a particular tale of chaos it is the other and thus suffocated the farmer and the citizen both a result of the global costs of production and hence higher prices
• can not be separated from each of these wars ... they are all a mess and all are in Heb citizen orthopedist to deal with it and bear come to an end the chaos in the markets and services is extremely low
Must move the government, including its powers to stop the unjustified price rises and preventing monopoly

* Maehmna really is to find food and drink clean and Transportation subhuman and good services at reasonable prices suited to the various entry to find ..... Well educated and medicine to our children safe in the hand, but give us
Government sworn to take him north in the form of taxes and bills of electricity, water, telephone charges, etc. .. ..... that goes for any citizen oven bought and needs to live and return with dignity to
.......... That his family bought vegetables and fruits is sure it's clean and free of chemicals which inevitably well the cancer* Dream of the justness of the distribution of income, to dream of social justice prevail among citizens ...
* Seek dignity of the citizen in his country and outside the country ...

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