The body changes with pregnancy and offset ..

Although the past decade and numerous among the nearly 90% of women, as science says, but the changes of pregnancy stretch the skin of the abdomen and the appearance of veins and spots on the skin, or the so-called «mask of pregnancy», remains a concern frightening to the female which is the beauty essential in her life, simply hand the keys to many after the birth to get rid of this problem, which Twrqk, and many of these signs away on their own after a few months of the birth of your child, may leave traces a simple white or purple color.
Logical to expand the skin in different parts of your body significantly during pregnancy, the existence of the body in the uterus, which is working to increase body weight and abdominal distension and affected the skin around the breasts, buttocks, thighs, and may also show patches tend to brown on the forehead, cheeks and neck, especially When skinned wheat cultivated and light, while women with darker skin the probability of patches with less, due to increased production of melanin to have, and there are types of skin tend to be more sensitive with the pregnancy, and irritation to just use any of the detergents and washing powders.
In addition, you may be cases such as eczema worse during pregnancy, and exposure to the sun without the use of creams protection would have been more influential on your skin, and from time to time, may appear rash, temporary, or itching in some areas, including the genital areas. Some of the women notice a pregnancy varies in the form of moles and birthmarks, size, color, or a change in skin color to red, or dark areas of the skin may become darker, it is important for you, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor if it appears you have something more exotic, such as inflammation of the skin, blisters, or skin irritation or rash that lasts for more than 5 days.
So as not to racing stunned after the birth of your beautiful child, you should be serious in following some important tips for you during and after childbirth, and avoid rumors and solutions that have not proven effective in medical science, such as the use of moisturizing creams containing vitamin E, or do some exercise , however, if these things were not harmful to you, there is no objection to the experience and waiting for results, and the most important actions that are beneficial during pregnancy:
- Stay away from fatty foods and fried foods, which naturally led to the aggravation of skin problems during labor. Choose in your diet lean meat whenever possible.
- Make sure to drink large quantities of pure water a day, because that will moisturize your skin and your skin in all areas and save you from the toxins in your body.
- Akhldi to relax whenever you get the opportunity, many of the ladies do not worry about this matter. Look for styles that will help you to relax, like listening to quiet music, do deep breathing exercises, and massage the feet and body, do not forget to get a premium and a multitude of deep sleep at night.
- You should choose skin care products are good, some of them may affect your health and have implications is calculated on your skin, ask your doctor about products that are suited to you and components. - Use creams to protect the sun on your skin, and whenever you want to get out of the house, and was keen to contain a protection factor of at least 30% that it will actually protect you from the mask of pregnancy, which appears as spots dark on the face, forehead and cheeks, as the sun above the likelihood of the emergence of these spots.
- Use a cleanser on your skin free of fat, so if I felt an increase of sebum on your face during pregnancy. The Tstgrbin of freshness excess of nine months, but you have to know that the reason for this is to increase the production of blood and rotation in the body during pregnancy, making the face brighter, while the sebaceous glands Taathvz For more secretion, which gives your face brighter and temporary.
- Discard the warts may appear during pregnancy, and that by cleaning the face regularly, use the Gsola nice every morning and evening, and frequentative so as to avoid dehydration in your skin, avoid use of scented soap so as not to cause you nausea.
- Tmhli in the use of drugs and creams for the treatment of acne, if it is exposed to this problem, what you were using during the period of adolescence, may not be suitable for use during pregnancy. It is our good luck that the duration of pregnancy, much less from the stage of adolescence, and soon go the grain after birth, however, know what suits you, and ask your doctor about the treatment of acne, which does not affect you.
- During pregnancy, you should take some preventive measures to reduce the incidence of varicose veins, and the appearance of blue veins Mtnfajp them, but it is not unusual during pregnancy, especially if there is a history in the family to this disease. Wear compression stockings which reduce the appearance of those blue veins, and try to raise your feet on some pillows for 30 minutes a day, and raising them whenever I sat on the chair. It should also be your walking whenever made available to you, while avoiding standing for long periods, and make sure that this will stimulate blood circulation in the legs.
- Use special creams to help relieve itching and moisturize the abdominal skin in this area, but avoid scratching Bozafrck so as not to hurt your skin and Zbbi its crevasses.
• black line, which is the shape and extends longitudinally between the navel and the pubic area, and during pregnancy have a dark color, but there is something you're doing to prevent it, they often go away after the birth of your child.
• The appearance of freckles and moles and dark spots and a darker color of the lips and nipples and breasts, of the problems that there is nothing in science to prevent her, however, make your doctor aware of the matter, especially if you notice a change in the form of moles and freckles.
• If you see your veins, precise and clear beneath the surface of the skin especially on the face, neck and upper chest and arms with red or blue or purple, this so-called veins spider, do not worry, they are harmless and usually disappear shortly after birth, but if left none of them, you can remove them by laser treatment

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